Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I know this has started becoming a weekly update of late, I do apologise to all of you reading it...3 at least! I promise to do a bit more!

Firstly congratulations to Jonathan Rhys Myers on picking up a golden globe!

Comiserations to Cillian Murphy, who I really feel should have picked up a GG for Breakfast on Pluto. Roll on the Oscar nomination, for both of them!

Before we rolled onto the Monday night Psychic last night, texts and calls started trickling in regarding Des Bishops Joy in the Hood and about the portrayal of the Northside. I know other talk shows have covered this to death this morning, but we cant ignore it. As Ive said the show is called Cork Talks Back! I Sky +d it and when I finally got home, I took a gary at it. I think the Ballymun version was better, and I found it hard going after the girl pulled out! No disrepect to any of the performers they did a good job, and it takes alot to get up in front of a microphone especially with a TV crew in front of you. The burnt out cars scenario is a bit out of date at this stage though. I know Des since the Triskel days (I even filmed an entire Des gig there at one stage )and he was a regular on the show. Then we started losing touch and I havent talked to him in quite some time, but I really dont think hes trying to cash in on the under priviledged areas. I feel in his heart, hes trying to do the right thing. Whether or not its working is another thing! So, we'll see what happens tonight.

My new healthy outlook (cough cough) is going good. Not great, but good. No shit food, no fizzy drinks until last night. I fell at the Hillbillies hurdle, after a mate rang after the show wondering was I hungry. So in I went and the vision of Karl Spain came into my head. "3 meals a day and either the chips or the breast n a bun". A full meal deal later I felt guilty as hell, which suprised me to be honest. No breakfast this morning as punishment! The dog doesnt know what the fecks going on, as Im walkng his hole every day now. Well for the last 2 days anyway. Going to try and keep it up! Ill have to buy an mp3 player or something for musical motivation!

***UPDATE*** Just for the crack I decided to register with Irish Bloggers. At the right hand side by some of the links youll see one for IrishBloggers. If you want, click there and vote for the blog. Sound!