Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last update till next year

Right. Ill begin with this shite....strangely there was something similar this time last year!!!

Best DVDs
House of Flying Daggers, Taegukgi, Cinderella Man, Star Wars Episode III, Ray

Best Movies at the cinema
King Kong, Broken Flowers, Star Wars Episode III premiere in Dublin, Batman Begins, The Aviator

Best Song

Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx - GoldDigger

Best Album
Greenday - American Idiot

Favourite Interviews of 2005 on the show
Without a second thought, Rick McCallum, Willie Gieger, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker.

Highlights of the show
I guess turning the show on its head and changing the direction competely, which seems to have made everyone happy and will hopefully have the effect I want in Februarys JNLR!!!! The Northside - Southside debate. Yes thats the one with the Fuck You at the end of it. Junior Cert night! Drugs debate and Cork people finally talking openly and freely about sex and porn. Rockin!!!!

Funniest things Ive heard all year
Conversations with Gilbert Gottfried about incest and fuck knows what else. Discovering Karl Spain was doing a bit in his show about my show, and people were actually laughing!Anytime Saddam showed up in Court. Give this guy a microphone at the Comedy Club in City limits...he already has the suit!

TV show of the year
I used always be a Letterman fan, but since we couldnt get Dave over here for years, I started tuning into Leno, who I really like..but this year, and thanks to ITV4, its The Late Show with David Letterman! Honourable mention to American Chopper!

Things Ive got into this year
I started watching the Sopranos from the night More 4 started. I know Im probably the only person in the country who hasnt seen it..but know Im like a junkie...waiting for the next episode!!! Bada Bing!

Book of the year
Nothing really blew me away this year (!) but notable mentions to Heres Johnny and BlockBuster! None of this Harry Potter shite either :)

Moments of the year for me
Part of it must have been clearing the big balance on the credit cards, and then running it back up again. Cooking the second Xmas Dinner in the house amd people are still living. Hosting the 1st ever Red FM appreciation awards. Sitting down in the Savoy in Dublin and watching the last ever Star Wars film, it definitely was a moment!! (sad I know)

Cool thing of the year

For me it has to be either the Xbox 360 or the PSP. Granted I sold me PSP so go figure!!

Video Games of the year
Ridge Racers PSP, King Kong Xbox 360 (really enjoyed it), Project Gotham Racing 3 on Xbox Live - Xbox 360 and Madden 360!

So thats the shite list done and dusted!!! Not that anyone gives a crap, but I said Id throw it in there anyway! Its all over now bar the puking. Managed to take in a few flicks over Xmas!!

Robots - Fell Asleep
Inside Deep Throat - Interesting
Cinderella Man - Outstanding
Billy Connolly in New York - Funny
Wedding Crashers - Shite

There was also some other piece of junk that I cant remember! Xmas was busy though, we seemed to be going out all the bloody time or visiting houses. Little time to sit back and scratch asses! Its been a strange year though. Around the middle of August we done a complete U Turn with the show and it seems to be working for the better. Callers, Texters, Emailers are all up!!! I started doing a bit of VO work which I may do a lot more of in 06. I finally discovered the Sopranos, and as of this moment I have all of season 5 left to watch. Then roll on numero 6. Some other highlights that for no particular reason made the list above would have been discussing weight loss with Karl Spain while eating a Breast n a Bun in Hillbillies! Oh yeah, I got me first 2 points on the licence as well. It feels like I have them 33 years now but I only have them since May! I had a good night out with a few mates and Jonathan Rhys Myers during the year and hosting the Red FM Appreciate awards was pretty cool too. People actually laughed. As the PD and the CEO both said, "Why couldnt I be that funny on air?". Oh well!!!!

As for the plans for tonight, well we've been out in town every year. This year Id prefer to stay in and do nothing. Id say we'll head out for something to eat, come home and enjoy the fireworks in Cobh!

So thats more or less it. 12 hours to go, exactly till next year. Hope you have a good night, and for fuck sake dont puke on Pana. Happy New Year

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hope Santy came to you all. Willy Wonka is on the feckin TV, the Turkey is coming up me throat and the tin of quality street has yet to be opened!!

Christ, dont ya love Christmas. Thanks Jesus!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Well kids everywhere are shitting themselves about now. Town is closing down, parents are trying the get the little feckers home. 4 or 5 hours from now they'll be hitting the oul leaba and trying to get to sleep. Which of course they cant. But as the magic of Christmas happens, they'll wake up without ever thinking they fell asleep. The last 2 days, Ive been in a very festive mood. The comments on the blog really helped the mood along. I was going to do a Twas the night before Christmas, but I cant be arsed to be honest! So to fill that void, heres a few bits from the last show of the year

Late N Live Top 5 ways, I Vic, will be enjoying the Xmas holidays (22/12/05)

5 – Making tough decisions like Blue Stratos, Old Spice or Hi Karate

4 – Christmas morning is the one day a year I manage to get up

3 – Sitting down with a glass of wine…staring in the neighbors bedroom window

2 – Wondering if the P45 I got at the Xmas party was a joke

1 – Ill be driving around sampling the Xmas spirit at Gate 6 in the airport

Does anyone else think Xmas is a sexual time of year. Yeah, I know that’s worrying, sounds like something Michael Jackson would say before he busts out a six pack of Jesus juice. But seriously all this talk of stuffing the ass of a plump bird with meat and bread crumbs its worrying isnt it. Guys, just think of all the boxes youll have to unwrap over the Xmas holidays. Some of you will be opening 10+ boxes on Christmas morning alone, and to that I salute you.

Does anybody else enjoy relatives coming for Xmas dinner. Its great isnt it. People you only see at funerals and the occasional wedding turn up on your door Xmas morning. Which is a right pain if you’re a kid. Your trying to open your presents and Aunty Bridy is moaning about her next door neighbour, the price of bread…..or her piles. Then the actual dinner is another ordeal, they all seem to pick at the mountain of a dinner that your mother spent the last 3 days trying to get ready, and their moaning that the brussel sprouts are too hard, the spuds are lumpy and the turkeys too dry. What is it with this whole the Turkeys very dry. It’s a meat, its supposed to be dry. God, just lick the damn thing to moisten it up or dip it in your glass of water. Then when the dinner is over and done with, they all crawl into the front room, light the fire and gradually all fall asleep. Then aunty bridy wakes up and tries to tell you about her next door neighbor, the price of bread…or her piles.

Ya gotta love the oul Aunty Bridy! As it stands right now, herself is in town with her Dad and sister. Ive got the bits and pieces wrapped. I have six discs left to watch out of the Sopranos season 4 and 5. The fridge and cupboards are full of junk and drink. Well the drink is in the fridge. Wedding Crashers, Tim Burtons Nightmare before Xmas, The Island, Cinderella man, King Kong production diaries and something else are all on the schedule over the next few days. Im promising myself to stay away from the net and work..although I do have to work for a small bit on Tuesday. So I think thats about it folks.

If anyone gets an Xbox360 me gamertag is vicbarry. Ill be project gotahmin' it over the holidays, so look me up.

On a final note, thank YOU for reading this piece of drivel. I do apoligise about the lack of updates recently, but that should return to normal in 06 (Yeah, I know Ive said that before). Hope Santy squeezes his big fat hole down yer chimneys and fills up all yer stockings.....with presents. One last thank you, and that goes to YOU for listening to the show in 2005. I hope youll join me again from January 3rd 2006.
Be safe and careful this holiday season and have a great time!
Morning all. There will be a proper blogged up Xmas entry later on today at some stage. If you have absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing to do, drop by later on ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz. Isnt it? People are absolutely feckin mad in town at the moment. Frenzied shoppers, like pirhanas! I have most of mine thank fuck, but I still have one or 2 more bits to get. Ill try and give a decent blog update before Xmas as Im up the walls work wise. Dont forget, some tales from the Xmas party still to come

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Im absolutely shagged (No not that way!) from this week. Lots and lots going on, which will be revealed on Sunday or Monday, well Ill type about it!

Went to see King Kong today, great movie. If theres one movie you should see this year this is it, after Star Wars of course. Big epic flick, great effects, great acting and at times quite touching! I took me Dad today, and Ill drag herself to it on Saturday Id say!

Anyway, gotta go..need more coffee!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It was a weird one last night. As like last year, Im helping out with the company Xmas card again this year. After the show I trucked in town with the oul Digi cam. First stop the lough, on me hands in knees when the paddy wagon drives slowly by. Then into Pana, again same paddy wagon drives slowly by. Then decided to go down to Connolly Hall area for a nice shot of the City Hall. I know, 2am in the morning and theres some guy walking around a hooker pick up area, with a digital camera. Guess what kiddies, the SAME paddy wagon drives by again. Im suprised I wasnt picked up for soliciting with a digital feckin camera!

As for a comment (yes I get them now and again) on yesterdays blog, I hope I wont be running around on Xmas eve...itll probably be the day or 3 before hand. Thats more or less it for now. Again short and sour I know, but what you gonna do!

Monday, December 12, 2005

2 Updates in 2 days...god whats goin on? There was a nice reaction last night to my Richard Pryor tribute, if you didnt hear it, I will play it again at the start of the show tonight.

I was quite sad putting it together as Richard was an absolute legend. He will be missed!

I finished King Kong on the 360 half an hour ago. Nice gaming experience, had me shitting in me pants once or twice. Played the monkey off it since Friday! Not much else going on really, except I am up the walls work wise.
Xmas shopping isnt done, although the tree is still standing!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

It was very sad for me to discover last night, that my favourite comedian Richard Pryor has passed away. I will have a special little tribute to the greatest comedian ever on the show later on tonight!

Dont know if God will give you a break with the Fuck word, but youll have the angels laughing!!!

Rich - RIP!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Friday morning saw the Xbox 360 arrive into me little hands. I picked up Project Gotham Racing and Madden 06 as well as the Wireless internet adapter. Looks like the money for Xmas is gone now...oh well.

The games have blown me away, Xbox live has blown me away and trying to get my pc and xbox 360 to see each other over the network nearly caused me to blow up. Anyways, all is sorted now. Theres not a great deal I can say about it

a) Its 2.36 am

b) Im feckin tired

c) Its rather bloody fantastic!

Mobile phones up for grabs on the show all week so you've been told!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I was dreading making a particular phone call this morning. As some of you will know, I pre ordered an Xbox360 a while back. A week ago I was told theres a good chance I wont have it on Friday. Rang the store in question, and lo and be-feckin-hold they have one for me tomorrow morning. So roll on an afternoon of Project Gotham 3 Racing. Besides that, Ill hopefully be hooking it into the wireless network in the gaff so that explains why my gamercard is on the right.

Plans for Xmas are non-existent. It took 2 attempts to get the right Xmas tree, and with all the lugging and pulling Id say I need a bit of traction to sort me back out. Loads of KY given away last night on the show, and hopefully some more this evening. I was suprised the amount of people who wouldnt come on air. God, its not as if Im going to ask them how to apply it or anything :)

So that be that. Ill be on here over the weekend to give my impressions of the Xbox 360. I know I have hyped the thing up in my head something savage, but Im sure it wont disappoint!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Here we go again

I need a good dose of epsom salts to keep this blog regular. Truth be told, Im getting lazy in me ould age and Im really busy with the show to boot! The countdown begins for the Xbox 360. I have one preordered for quite some time now, but I have been told I may not get it on the release date (Friday). This will annoy seven bells of shit outta me, considering I was told "€20 deposit guarantees your console". Well all Ill say is we'll have a "special" Xbox 360 show next week if I dont get it.

Got to see Mr and Mrs Smith over the weekend. While its not great, its not shite either. 5 / 10

The decision on a Xmas tree has been made, thankfully. After much roaring and shouting we're going to buy a decent artificial one. At least it wont stink the house up and fall apart, well not until it has to be squeezed into that attic. Thats it for now, me brain is bothered (more than usual) so I wont hold ye up any more.

Xmas lights on the show tonight!

Monday, November 14, 2005


As previously mentioned we have set up a bank account in aid of one of our listeners. For anybody wanting to donate whatever they can, the quickist way is to mail your cheques OR money orders / bank drafts to

Red FM Donations
Red FM

All cheques, money orders and bank drafts to be made payable to

Thank you for your assistance on all this.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I was like Tom Cruise himself over the weekend, with one exception. He was running away from the Aliens, while I was chasing them. All the video shops kept the release date for War of the Worlds, which suprised me to be fair. Normally I get most of my DVDs from the states, but some titles recently are coming out here first.

You know your getting old when your in of a Friday night waiting to see whats on the Late Late and now you know your sad running around the place after a feckin DVD.

As for our caller Jane who needed a bit of help, from Thursday nights show I will be announcing in just under 30 minutes what we will be doing.

Thats it for now kiddie winks. Laters

Friday, November 11, 2005

Ok, Im gonna keep this short. Hopefully by Sunday or Monday at the very latest I will be able to announce what we can do for one of our callers last night. I was blown away by the genrosity of Red FM listeners last night. Absoultely amazing. Im not sure what we can do yet, as I have to get the go ahead from the head honchos but one of the main suggestions last night was to open a bank account and people can lodge money into that.

So thank YOU for all your support and genorisity. Heres hoping by this time next week we can ALL bring a little happiness to someone who is so, so deserving.

If ANYONE thinks they can help out this situation with ANYTHING, please email me over the weekend


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

PSP on Ebay

Like a clown, I never posted the link yesterday for my PSP on ebay

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

PSP for sale

Yes folks, Im selling my PSP and all belong to it. Its on ebay if anyones interested

Monday, November 07, 2005

Is there much point apologising, for the delay in updating. Probably not! To those of you whos lives were deeply affected by this delay, I do apologise. Its been another busy ol week. Obviously with Risteard on holidays for a few days, theres alot more to do. I got to take in Broken Flowers over the weekend. Nice film, enjoyable and of course it has Bill Murray....not to mention a bit of nudity. I quote from a friend of mine who said "I was in the cinema with me oul doll boy, and when the lolita one came out in the buff, I nearly blow me load in me pants" Its a true quote, but I wont go naming and shaming.

Every year I get excited about a few movies. This year has been Star Wars Episode III, War of the Worlds and something that makes Christmas worth while...Peter Jacksons King Kong. I dont know how many times Ive watched the new trailer, but it is bordering on sad. It does look spectacular and Im hoping they'll be some preview in Dublin before it comes out, ala Star Wars 3. Whatever about the big gorilla, we havent had dinosaurs running around eating and trampelling since Speilberg brough them to life with the Jurassic Park trilogy. I guess Im a sucker for big special effects movies.

Im also remotely thrilled that ITV4 has gone up on Sky. For the first time in years, The Late Show with David Letterman will be back on Irish TV. Writing this Im thinking to myself "God what kind of Sad bastard are ya". Keeping with TV, my Sopranos addiction is growing stronger. I ordered the first 3 seasons on DVD from Australia, and postal strike depending they should be here during the week.

Ive had a couple of emails regarding and its back up and running as of this morning. The domain was just being renewed. Im also finished Blockbuster, very good book all about! Granted the type was a bit hard on the eyes. As soon as thats finished, Ive got Heres Johnny to get through!

So thats it, back to the grind stone...the Top 5 has yet to be wrote and the dishwasher must be unloaded. The joys of it!!!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another Halloween over. Unlike last year, we had plenty of little monsters breaking the door down. Its amazing the look on their face when you say Trick. Maybe its me just been me, but I got a kick out of it last night. Granted, all little monsters and 2 batman got a good oul munch! Halloween is one of the few nights of the year, actually its the only night of the year that I can get away with getting the missus to watch a scary movie. Her sister called over last night, so it was double the screaming. Rated 15s, The Ring Two was the DVD of choice last night. Im lucky to be alive at all. With enough jumping and screaming, it felt like a Westlife concert, to be fair to the two ladies I nearly shit me pants on more than one occasion. Speaking of shit, we watched Are We There Yet after the horror onslaught!

As most of you know, I collect DVDs and am a big Star Wars fan. I buy most of my DVDs online, and from one or two sites in particular, who send the DVDs as they get them in stock. So, I broke the usual Star Wars routine (which involves driving around every video shop in the land, and I always find one that breaks the release date) and ordered it online, thinking Id have it a week before. The force certainly wasnt with me on this one. It only arrived in the door this morning, TYPICAL. My cravings would not stop, and on Saturday night I rented the damn thing. Saturday was a bad day, we had our annual Halloween bash on the Friday night and Saturday as mentioned, was a bad, bad, bad day!

Theres not much else going on right now, so check the show tonight!! Follow up to Halloween violence and the likes!!!


Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween - Have a frightenly good time (Sorry)

Monday, October 24, 2005

What a weekend!!! I spent most of Friday morning wrestling with a TV bracket, and most of Friday afternoon in a doctors waiting room. For the last couple of days, Ive been suffering with a sore throat on one side or something to that effect. A mild redness is what the doctor called it! So he tells me to drink shit loads of lemsip before I go off and get the prescription. Its clearing a bit, but still very sore and annoying at this stage. Not sure what caused it, could be run down etc.etc.etc.etc.etc. To be fair, the Lemsip has made a difference.

Thats about it really! Just not in the mood for much at the moment, with this bloody throat yoke.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Its been a busy week. 2 cinema screenings, A speech course, floods, arrested. Well one of those isnt true. I was announcing Into The Blue to a packed Reel Cinema Tuesday night and it went down very well, same for Nanny McPhee at the Gate last night. Although Im sure some of the 2 and 3 year olds had no idea who I was or what was going on :)

Yesterday was a disaster when it came to the weather. Im living on a bloody Island literally so that didnt help. I had to leave the show at around 11:50 last night to make the cross river ferry. I wasnt taken my chances with the fota road. Made the ferry (just) and got home in one peace. I also had 2 hours with a chap called Eric Dixon yesterday as did plenty of other presenters from Red and other radio stations. He does voice coaching for the BBC and other places to boot. It was quite interesting, and not as tedious as youd think.

Plans are at foot for a follow up to last years Halloween party, although this time I wont be getting anywhere near as bolloxed as I was last year...probably!

Im waiting for Batman Begins to drop through the letterbox tomorrow and roll on Star Wars Episode III next week. Thats it for now kiddies, but we will be following up the off licence controversary from last night, and me good mate Karl Spain will be on the show around 11ish.


Monday, October 17, 2005

God Im Lazy

Yes, God Im Lazy of late. I dont know whats wrong with me (besides being lazy with this blog). I think like alot of things blogging is a form of OCD. It has to be done every day at a certain time, in a certain way. Looks like Im cured then!
Another week goes by and the show seems to be holding its own at the moment. We are extremely busy, so thats a good sign. Although at times, for me personally when a topic doesnt work the way you'd think it would, it makes me feel the whole thing is crashing down on top of me. Which of course it isnt!

People have been asking are we going to do anything for Halloween like we have in the past. Well at this stage, we're not going to be sending any of the listeners to haunted pubs or the likes, but we will be sending Risteard out and about to some haunted locations. This will more than likely happen on the Thursday before Halloween. It should be interesting to say the least!

I got to see Kinsey over the weekend. Yes I know its been out a while, but I never got round to it. Good show. I also managed to take in Ong Bak as well. I finally used that Virgin Voucher I had :) As a movie its your typical kick shit flick, at times very cheesy. But to see Tony Jaa do his thing, no wires, stunt men, CGI is breath taking. Ive been talking about this movie and Tony Jaa for the last year and a bit now, and hes definitely one to watch.

Im after getting really hooked on the Sopranos and its the first thing I look for when I get home after the show. Im after finding the box sets at a cheap price online, so no doubt that will be my Xmas pressie to meself. Anyway, thats it for now. Bada Bing!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Laziness and a busy time are me excuses! First off I did not get nominated in either the documentary category (for Star Wars) or Spoken Word programme for the Radio awards. Am I gutted? A bit yeah, but theres always next year!!!

I must be the last person on the planet to get into the Sopranos, but I watched my first ever episode on More 4 the other night. Its also great to see The Daily Show with Jon Stewart finally arrive on these shores. Keeping with things all TV, Karl Spain wants a woman wrapped up last night. I have to say I really enjoyed it, great show. Respect to Mr.Spain!

Its been a long week and its only Wednesday. I was also gutted to see the Aristrocrats also got its Cork screening at the kick off for the Film Festival. Look out for it soon, and of course my classic Gilbert Gottfried interview. Thats it for now, up to me nipples and all that!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

F You

Well, nearly a week on Ive finally got a few minutes to update this. Down to business, at the moment I think the price of a pound of butter is absolutely over the top. Id nearly buy a cow and make me own. Yeah, thats it, one of those talking cows on tv. Ebay here I come.

Right "Fuck You Asshole" echoed around the city and county last week. It richoched from New York to LA if the emails I got were anything to go by. In hindsight, it wasnt the most professional thing to do. Granted I did announce that I was throwing the professionalism out the window. Why did it happen, simple! For once I let a guest get the better of me and the temper just reached critical mass. I have a pretty short fuse off the air, but never before on the air. Shit happens I guess. Again, Im not making excuses, and for anyone that got offended I apologise again. I have to say I really appreciated the extremely large quantity of texts, emails and even voicemails left on our 1850 number. Those words are something that every caller wanted to say over 2 nights, but had the decency not to lower to yer mans level. Maybe people like him only understand one level, the gutter level. Some people were wondering did I get into trouble, yes to a point. I had a few chats, shall we say. But the postive fair outweighs the negative in all of this. I was at a wedding on Friday last and it was the talk of the whole thing. As we were leaving the wedding, a guy came up to me and asked me was I Victor Barry from Red FM, to which I replied yes. He said "Thanks for standing up for the northside" which again was a very nice comment! So there, I dont know what people were expecting me to say about Fuckgate (!) on here. There have been more hits than usual to the blog since Fuckgate. Maybe people were expecting me to write some mad, delierious, losing my mind shit. Not this time, that happened years ago!

Right so, the blog shall hopefully return to normal updates (again!!!!) from now on in. Other than that, all is good. Im about to preorder the Xbox 360 over the next day or so. Ill keep you posted!!!


Monday, October 03, 2005


Apologies for the delay in updating. But Im up the walls and an extended bit of DIYing with 2 bastards of shelves hasnt helped. Either way, Im not going to delve into what happened with the infamous "Fuck You" comments last week for another day or 2...tops!!! Sorry again!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hey how. Hundreds of emails and texts from last night. Its been a long day and I dont have time to give the full story on here till Sunday or Monday at the latest. I have a wedding at 1.30 tomorrow and a tonne of stuff to get done on Saturday. So drop by Sunday or Monday ;)


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Late Late

Yup, a bit late today (again). Few personal things to take care of this morning. What a show last night. All I can say is if you missed it, shame on you. Tears, screaming it was amazing listening. I did feel very sorry for the girl who rang in and was reduced to tears by another caller, who said she was as common as muck and not the brightest bulb in the box among many other insults.
At times I just wanted to tell the guy go fuck himself, but the show isnt called Cork Talks Back for nothing. His whole the northside is full of scum was way out of line. Considering the woman Im going out with for the last 5 and half years is from the northside herself. But!!!! I kept the head. We have no choice but to follow it up tonight as so many people wanted to get on, but again I just didnt have the time!

My humming and hawning about getting an Xbox 360 is still on going. I know I probably will get one, but theres some mad debate going on inside me head about it for the moment!

Ill try and get another update in later, but Im off now. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some very big news coming very soon....possibly!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Finally I get around to updating. Just couldnt fit it in yesterday, or some bullshit like that! We got a pretty good response last night to finding love online with 75% of people having a good experience. Twas certainly an eye opener, or a mouse clicker! Just a quick few snippets from last night!

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard at the Asthon Kutcher and Demi Moore wedding (26/9/05)

5 – Maybe Im wrong, but isnt that Victor Barry over there, getting kicked out

4 – I know her son is getting married but will the Moore women ever just stop crying

3 – So this would make Asthon Bruces son in law would it?

2 – Mother and son married, there gonna have some freaky kids

1 – Do you Asthon take your mother

The Asthon Kutcher and Demi Moore wedding was a low quay affair and Demi was crying through out the whole ceremony. Well, what do you expect. Her eldest son was getting married

THE Progressive Democrats have gone to outer space to preach their election manifesto, with Mary Harney battling as a Jedi knight against Darth Maul Pat Rabbitte in an innovative new leaflet being distributed to third level students this week. Ya know I never pictured Mary as a Jedi Knight…but more of a Jabba the Hutt.

The newest season of American Chopper kicked off last night on Discovery, so it was +d. Came home around 1, watched one episode, Chris Rock on Leno, Corrie and I made some plain awful sandwiches. Im sure some of you will know Im a huge fan of American Chopper and find it one of the most enjoyable programs on the TV at the moment. Ive been watching it since the get go, and have never got bored with it.

I must also say well done to, to very close friends Dave and Joanne who had a bouncing baby boy this morning at around 11am. Its great news! So what else is going on, well I started hitting my latest project (which is going to hopefully be revealed very soon) yesterday with a bag of nails and pens. It took alot more time than I thought.

PPI Radio Awards (Irish Radio Oscars) are almost here. The shortlist of nominations will be announced sometime next week I would imagine and the the ceremony (!) itself will take place later on in the month. Im in 2 categories, Documentary and Spoken Word programme. Cork Talks Star Wars and Cork Talks Back. Heres hoping at least one will make the short list! Anyway, thats it. Oh yeah, Im also thinking of reintroducing the forums on the site, so keep yer eyes peeled!
Sorry, full updates later on. 2:30am, too tired...long day, yadda yadda moan moan...laters!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Tis all gone mad. I will do my very best later on to give a full update. Try back between 8 and 9pm. If not it will be after the show!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last show of the week

Last show of the week, and what a weeks it been. I was astonished at the balls of this small time coke dealer to ring up yesterday and say he didn’t get a fair go the night before. He came back on last night and used every line under the sun. It made for riveting listening. The whole thing exploded when a recovering drug addict rang in. She was in recovery for the last 4 months, and took no prisoners with the dealer. I’m sure some of you might have heard some of it on the CTB promo today!

It’s going to be a busy weekend as I have a few projects on the boil that need a lot of work over the next few days. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get out of the bed this morning and fell back to sleep with the dog, who conked out for hours!

I wouldn’t consider myself a petrol head or anything, but I do have a soft spot for certain cars, Hummers and The Ford GT 40 to name 2. Just out of curiosity I took a look at the car buyer’s guide last night and got a price of €112,000 for a second hand hummer. I’m off to pick it up at the weekend. It’s true; I’ve got enough money to buy a Hummer hubcap!

When I did manage to get out of the leaba I caught an edition of Top Gear. Low and behold they had Mr. Clarkson driving around the place in a Ford GT 40, valued at £112,000. Note the STERLING!!!!
Some day Im saying to myself, some day.
The weather is fairly feckin depressing today. The price of bread is terrible, and don’t even get me going on the cost of a bag of coal.

On a different note, I must say a big up to all at the whove been pming me and giving great feedback over the last few days. If anyones on there, my registered user name is corktalksback. That’s about it for now kids, so have a good weekend. If theres anything of note Ill be on here over the weekend, but if not…Ill be back on Monday!

What follows, is last nights liners and the Top 5! Your getting an exclusive now, as I didn’t get to use these last night. They might turn up this evening with todays, ya never know!!!

BEATLES legend Sir Paul McCartney fell down a hole while performing live on stage in the US. The music icon, who is currently on tour, was in concert at Tampa Bay when he slipped through the hole his piano was supposed to emerge from. But hes alright, luckily his better half , Heather Mills, was there to give him a leg up

THE Government has spent €100m on reports by outside consultants since 1997. Figures compiled by Fine Gael chief whip Paul Kehoe show the Coalition has spent €99.94m on 1,044 reports since coming into power in 1997. The government have said they’ll get to the bottom of this once and for all, but we’ll have to wait 3 weeks for the report to come back!

A NASAL spray could at last provide the answer to the common cold. Makers Procter & Gamble don't claim to have found a cure but believe their product can stop the cold in its tracks It will market the spray under the name of Vicks First Defence, claiming it will reduce the chance of developing a full-blown cold by up to 5pc if taken at the first sign of symptoms, even cutting symptoms themselves by up to 40pc. 5pc, still though its something not to be sneezed at

A leading Dublin children's hospital is recognising the power of humour and its patients will now be able to benefit from a prescribed dose of the giggles just like the good doctor ordered. That’s all well and good till Michael Jackson appears wearing a huge pants, giant shoes and a red nose

Late N Live Top 5 signs your after getting into a Cork Taxi (20/9/05)

5 – By the time 4 euros is up on the meter, the driver has told you his life story…twice

4 – The drivers ID photo looks like it was taken at Puck Fair in 1973

3 – By the time 8 Euros is up on the meter the driver has told you their life story a staggering 9 times and that theres no guards on the road at this time of night

2 – You ask “Is it busy tonight?”

1 – Elvis is driving the cab

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Better Late than Never

Way behind today, and getting 2 tyres for the car didnt help. Wednesdays arent one of my better days. Lots of feedback from the drug topics last night, in particular on the PROC, The Gaff and radiowaves. Also thanks for all the calls and texts. We had so much calls last night, that we've decided to continue tonight and get some more comments.

The porn also seemed to ignite, but my mother has almost disowned me because of it. Im sure she thought I led a very sheltered life :) I felt it was only fair that I spoke the truth when I was asked if I had any porn in my collection. Whats good for the listeners is good for the talk show host.

I still havent got around to watching Crash or The Hitchhikers Guide, but roll on this weekend, as for next weekend I have a bloody wedding to go to. Im just not a big fan of weddings period, maybe thats why I havent walked down the aisle yet. I hate all the fuss, and Im sure people are saying "Sure, Fuck it, dont go". I wish. Its a family wedding so I have no choice, and anyway they're a really sound couple. If I can get out of the designated driver role, it mightnt be so bad :)

The online poker continues, and Ive now won over €1000!!!!!! Not bad for a beginner. Pity its only Play money :(

I got home last night, and watched my Sky + (doesnt have the same ring as Tivoed) Karl Spain wants a woman and Gaybo. Im really happy the Karls show is doing so well, its very funny. I have to say the Gaybo series has been brilliant. Both intriguing and inspirational! Thats it for now!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Looks like some of the family have been dropping by the blog. Big up the down under crew.

Lots of people were having a go off each other (not that way, dirty fecker) on air last night, all about pornography. It made for entertaining listening, but there was very little female listener participation. Looks like the statistics were true then!

What a disaster on the way home last night. The car is leaking or was just low on coolant so I had to stop every 15 mins to let her cool down. I don my mechanic outfit this morning and fill her up with 2 litres and not a leak in far. Other than that I get home from the show early last night, around 12:55. I set up some Pitta in the toaster, and watch The Coronation Street wedding on Sky +. It keeps me interested till the Toaster pops. Corrie keeps me there till the cliff hanger NOOOOOO and then thats it. Im on the net checking email and having another round of online poker (which reminds me :) ) and hit the bed at around 3.

Thats it for now, Im not feeling very bloggy today. I need to jump in the shower and have a shave, because at this stage I look like Grizzly Adams.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Another weekend bites the dust! A quiet one for me until I decided to purchase a poker set. The remainder of the weekend was spend playing online (for Play money) and Im up a grand. If only it was real. I just played a real game and am down €5 so thats it for now. None the less, it provides me with another avenue to stop going bonkers altogether!

Nothing else going on what so ever, and to tell one the truth, one isnt really up for much blogging today. Movie wise, got to see The Bourne Supremacy (eventually) on Friday, not too jumpy though. The thing that annoyed me the most, no intro credits or anything...weird. Also took in The Longest Yard (which is available in the states on DVD) with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. As some of you may know Im a fan of these two and the movie, while it doesnt dissappoint, it doesnt go many places either. It was good to see the Bandit back on the screen though in a nice homage to the original. Where they got some of the players is beyond me, real big ass guys who looked like they could go into a zoo and eat the place out of animals!

From a show perspective, Im sure many will have noticed the changes we've been implementing over the last few weeks. Id love some feedback so mail me or post a comment!!!! Thats it for now kids. Im going off to do a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen and turn empty cupboards into something delicious....possibly..............Happy Days

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Righto. Again, a really up the walls day yesterday.

Alot of the time our switchboard gets jammed up with callers, be it with whatever topic . Last night was Junior Cert night in the city and for a solid 2 hours we could get an outside line on the Cork Talks Back number. Absolutely jammers. I was really angry last night coming off air. After hearing tales of old men hawking around town, I wanted to get sick. One caller rang in to say she had witnessed a guy about 30 holding up a 15 year old with his hand up her skirt. I was boiling when I heard it, fucking assholes. Earlier on in the evening my producer and I (sounds like a film title doesnt it) went in to get some audio. Even at 8pm last night, there were some very seedy characters around.

Risteard went back into town for 11pm and at one stage he chased down a Dad who was trying to carry his son home. The Dad came on the phone to me, with his son was roaring in the background "Victor, Victor, I got ten honors Victor". The poor youngfella sounded destroyed. It was very sad to hear someone so young in that state, but again as Ive said on the show from time to time when it comes to this kinda thing, its the world we live in! Loads of other Junior Certs came on the phone live in Pana and some of them were FUBAR, completely. Then when you hear other callers on the air who went out with family or had a laugh in the well organised discos that were on, it really makes you wonder!

On a lighter note, the Tokyo Game Show is kicking off fairly soon with all the next gen consoles and shit on the go. Managed to see a sneak preview of some Xbox 360 games earlier today and I cant help feeling a bit disappointed. So we'll see. When will people ever realise when we want to see a new game, we dont give a shit about the prerendered intros and what nots, we want to see ACTUAL game footage. I have soms serious movie watching to do over the next few days...Crash, Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy, Bourne Supremacy and the Longest Yard. All arrived in the last few days as did the Jalepeno popcorn, which Im told is a serious hole burner!!! Speaking of hot things, my credit card is absoultely scalding at the moment, so roll on pay day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Well better late than never. As for the person that said Ill slide into once a month updates...cmon...those days are gone....arent they?

Bad couch related day. We bought an L shaped couch and a matching two seater about a year ago. Problem, 2 seater wrong colour. Solution "Era hang on to it till we get in the new one" Year later new couch arrives. Great. But now the new one looks slightly darker than the L shaped bastard. Could it ware and tear and some fading. I dont fuckin know and at this stage I dont care. I think the differences are non existent, but the mother in law to be will cast her opinion later on tonight. As will more people. Where is Magnum when you need him. Christ at this stage Id settle for the Dulux dog to come in and just go woof!

One of my favourite comedians on the entire planet, Gilbert Gottfried is on the show tonight, so make sure you check it out. Gilbert is one of the many comedians in the new movie, The Aristocrats! We'll also have some hot topics thats got Cork yapping as particular Ill take some calls on petrol costs. Now that I think of it, things aren’t too bad when it comes to buying petrol. To be fair though it only cost me €70 to fill up my lawnmower.

I have to announce the Pride and Predjudice screening at 7 tonight, so let it rain sweets in the Gate later on. In particular those bastards with the couch woke me up at 9.30.

Anyway, I have to go as the face needs a shave and that bolognase I had for dinner is going through my insides quicker than expected!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Hey all. Tough weekend. Extremely busy today, so no proper blogging. Apologies to all 2 readers. Hopefully Ill get in an update after the show!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Only getting around to it now, but as promised by Rip Taylor here is one of the photos he got signed by Johnny Knoxville, Jessica Simpson, Himself and Sean William Scott. Its taking pride of place on my photo wall. He also sent another one of himself signed and thanked and one signed from Jessica as well. Well cool. From time to time people always promise these kinds of things but they never happen. So Nice wan Rip!

Im really looking forward to the movie, The Aristocrats which opens tomorrow. Ive heard a few things that its not opening tomorrow but all the web sites are saying it is. A mate who works in the cinema says its not out tommorrow, so I dont know. I should also have on (hopefully) one of my favourite comedians in the whole world over the next few tonights, who incidentally stars in The Aristocrats as well. So fingers crossed.

I couldnt believe the amount of money people were spending on their Debs outfits and accessories last night. IMO - Crazy. But thats the way of the world.
I get home last night early for a change and fire up Namco Arcade Classics on the Xbox at about 1. Happy days going back for a round of Pacman and Pole Position. 3 Hours later Ive swallowed enough pills to kill me, God Pacman is great! I have an aim to buy an original Pacman machine some day!

Sometime else I spotted on the comments on the blog, Fucking SPAM!!!! Can you believe it, people are spamming blogs these days. Christ, I get enough Viagra offers by email as it is. As of right now (yes this exact moment) there will be a word verification system on the comments. Basically you type in what you see to make sure your not some mad spammer.

Anyway, Im off for another round of pill muching before I head off to the station!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Im Back

Firstly to the regular readers of this blog (There are a few Im told) I apologise, but Im sure my web people kept you in the loop. To someone whos just discovered this, you couldnt give a shite could ya.

Where have I been, what have I been doing (I hear at least 1 person asking). Work, Work , Work. In Star Wars lingo, We're doubling our efforts on the show to make it better, period. So thats taken up alot of time lately, but its all good and hopefully you'll enjoy the show more.

So for anyone reading this, drop me an email or leave a comment on here for topics you would like to a) partake in on the show OR b) hear discussed. Again, or leave a comment on here. I cant go into any great detail about things at the moment, but I really feel in the last few weeks there has never been a better buzz about the show and our callers and texts are through the roof. Some "places" have Cork Talking, but We have Cork REALLY Talking. Its amazing the callers we got. Take last night for example, guy came on said hed use a service to "cover up" his exploits when he goes away on lads nights, from his wife. Basically he admitted to having loads of affairs and flings. The abuse the guy got from aload of lady callers was savage.

Not much else going on, except I atteneded a 30th Bday party last Saturday night and a fair few people were quite complimentary to the show. Its a nice boost now and then to get those compliments. For the remainder of that evening, which ended up in the Brog (where else), I had Uncle Jack for company among many others ;)

Karl Spain Wants A Woman hit the TV last night. Im sure many of you heard Karl on the night before (or the millions of past appearances hes had on the show) and I just got finished with my Sky +d version of it. I really enjoyed it and I wish Karl the very best. Roll on those ratings figures. Lots of feedback trickled in throughout the show as well for him, so Im really delighted for him! Someone else pointed out that meself and Karl are look like long lost brothers. Whatever :)

Dictionary Dilemma will make its first appearance on Thursday night I hope and I do belive we will have some movie star of sorts on as well. So thats it, Im going to bed.

Remember, any suggestions or comments - mail me or leave a comment on here!

Friday, September 02, 2005

We have recieved a few emails about the lack of updates, so we feel its our duty to come on here and address these emails.

John from Ballincollig wrote:
Cmere to me like, Im sick to shit of coming on here everyday and nothing from yer man on the talk show. I like the show and in particular I like this blog. Its funny to hear the words Fuck on this blog. So whats the story

Our Reply:
Thanks for the email John, but to be quite honest we know as much as you do. Please accept our apologies and keep checking back.

Susan from Carrigaline wrote:
Hi. Just wondering if I could book a spot for the Monday night Psychic on here

Our Reply:
Email your details to

Jimmy from Ballydehob wrote:
I spend most of my days wandering around the countryside doing the occasional bit of birdwatching and dogging. Im just wondering does Vic ever park up in dodgy lane ways or even partake in some dogging, ala Stan Collymore

Our Reply:
We're not sure Jimmy. To be perfectly honest, we're not sure if we should even be entertaining this email.

Helen from Dublin Hill wrote:
Is this actually Vic pretending to someone else updating this page

Our Reply:
Trust us (all 3 of us anyway) we couldnt impersonate Mr.Barry if we tried

Carmel from Rochestown wrote:
Hi, just saying I love the site and I hope the rumours arent true

Our Reply:
We're not sure what rumours your on about, but at this time, we believe that Vics involvement in the Tijuana Donkey show to be false

Ok, hope this has answered some of your questions. We will keep you posted about Mr.Barry over the weekend.

Thanks for the support - All @

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Morning all. Just another little update. We do believe that Vic will be making an appearance on here today at some stage. Again we do not have any more details than that, we only do his website. His people havent been forwarding any more info than that!

Thanks - All @

Monday, August 29, 2005

Normal updates of this blog will resume in the next day or 2. Mr.Barry will be returning from his mysterious abscence. We're not sure where he went or what happened, but it wasnt good. Thats all we know....honest.

Thanks for the support and thanks for reading

All @

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

After much anticipation, the legend that is Rip Taylor made it on the show last night. Again I say legend, great interview and lots and lots of fun. Hope ya enjoyed it!
The Dukes of Hazzard opens on Friday so check Rip out in the movie. Its been a slow day so far. Not much happening news wise in the way of the monologues.

The Rose of Tralee has finished and alls that left now is some mad Americans wandering around Tralee. No doubt telling everyone that they're related to the irish by means of their great grand uncle named Dinny Byrne, who once recieved a letter from someone who claimed to be irish which was delievered by Irish carrier pigeon.

For those of you driving around the Dunkettle area I do sympathise. I got caught there last night for around 30 minutes. I wouldnt mind but theres one of these big ass signs up that say Road Works until February 2006. For feck sake, Feb 2006. It wouldnt be so bad if it said Road Works until Friday or even if that sign started reading out jokes. I dont know something along the lines of "Drive slowly, because trust us, you dont want him to rear end you. We've seen him on the cameras!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Really late today. Its been a mental morning and afternoon so far.Been preparing my submissions for the PPI Radio Awards today. Hollywood legend and The King of Confetti, Rip Taylor will be joining me later on this evening. You can check Rip out in the new Dukes of Hazzard movie from Friday. Im really looking forward to having Rip on.

Some highlights from last nights show!

Late N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from a guy standing in a q in a chipper (22//08/05)

5 – Sorry to interrupt love birds, but Im just wondering what are the chances for a 3 some

4 – I used to work here and trust me, it might look like curry, but its not

3 – Ya, give me a quarter pounder of dog there boss when ur ready

2 – Chances are Ill throw this up in an alley on the way home

1 – I like my women like my chips. Hot and greasy!

A website selling the special county color g-strings has revealed that 90pc of those buying the sexy gear are men. I dunno, but some of the men that bought their county colors in a g-string say they just bought them for a bit of crack.

ANGRY bosses at Real Madrid have ordered their arrogant stars: “Be ambassadors for the club — like David Beckham. So now all of the Real team are gone off to have affairs.

I really have to run, theres something burning in the oven and Im fresh outta time.

Monday, August 22, 2005

My apologies to those of you who check this every day, as Ive not updated since last Wednesday.

First things first. I got quite abit of abuse last night about some of my comments relating to Mark from Westlife. For Christs sake people, lighten up will ya. I have nothing against Mark or anyone thats gay for that matter. My producer is gay and he couldnt stop laughing at the jokes last night. My idol DJ, Junior Vasquez is gay. I have alot of time for Graham Norton, hes gay. Ive spent a lot of time on the show promoting gay events and gay health issues. So for God sake get a sense of humor. Please!

Queer Eye for the Westlife guy airs tonight, exclusively.

For those of you that are still offended, I do apologise but Im extremely comfortable with peoples sexuality and do not make judgements on ones preferences. I also think fair play to Mark for coming out. A mate of mine came out only recently and says its the best thing he ever done.

I had a pleasant oul weekend with a very nice BBQ at a mates house. Too much beef and booze led me to a lazy Sunday, which basically had me stretched out on the couch drifting in and out of my Johnny Carson book and the Kilkenny / Galway match.
Keeping with the weekend I also got news of a huge guest who WILL be coming on the show in the next few weeks. Im not saying who it is, but I do believe its the first time he will be on Irish radio. So stay tuned to find out who it is!

Thats it for today kids!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Im suprised this blog has fallen into my daily routine. I know some of you doubted my capability of regular updates. Shame on you...Bastards!

Late N Live Top 5 reasons P Diddy changed his name to Diddy (16/8/05)

5 – His other choice was Big Diddy P P

4 – Nobody wanted to buy his new aftershave, essence of P

3 – His new line of t-shirts which read “I Love The P” didn’t sell as well as he hoped

2 – Diddy sounds a lot less gay than P Diddy

1 –It really pissed him off the time he fell overboard
On his yacht and people started yelling P Overboard

A NEW medical device that claims to shift cellulite is set to become the latest weapon for the ladies. Lotions, potions and creams which promise to transform the dimpled cottage-cheesy skin that affects the thighs and backsides of women are now being challenged by a new remedy on the block - a laser-like device which uses heat, deep tissue massage and suction to reduce the cellulite look. Sounds good, finally looks like the scientists have got to the bottom of cellulite mystery.

BUZZARDS and nightjars are among long-threatened species of birds making a comeback in this country, to the delight of birdwatchers and environmentalists. Its bad news for the dogging community as the more birdwatchers that show up in an area, the less likely someone is to have sex on the top of their bonnet. Some doggers have been voicing their opinions on this saying the last time they saw a tit was when it stopped to eat some nuts.

Now that most of you have read the above, you've probably gone back to googling your name or something.
Anyway, Im still waiting on the price of the Xbox 360 to be released in Euro. I know its starting at 209.99 Sterling, which isnt bad. Ive kinda half promised my Xbox to me Dad if I get the new 360. Why do I get these mad notions to get one of these things, like everything else itll end up gathering dust.
The Late Night Midnight Munchie recipes have returned with a bang last night. Just outta the blue, like a hot piece of toast. We are going to run this for a few weeks, with a winner being selected each week. Basically I will go and purchase said ingredients, cook and eat whatever on the show. Theres some really bizarre shit coming in that people are eating. I might die or choke on air. I guess that would be preferable to getting a really bad case of the shits.

I managed to take in about an hour of day time TV today and had the misfortune of watching Extreme Home Makeover (Im sure you know that one). Whatever about the europeans doing crazy tv shows, our American friends really pile it on thick. Besides pimping the shite out this familys house, they also bought the Dad a Ford F 250 Truck and one of the daughters a Mustang. Good god almighty, they're ratings must be savage to say they can do all this. I cant see RTE doing the same over here can you. Alright maybe an oul 2nd hand Toyota Hilux and a 95 Honda civic maybe. Oh and some new non floral wallpaper.

Leaving Cert results come out today. For most, its the best excuse they can give to their parents for coming home covered in puke and smelling like a pub. I hope all goes well for does who got their results today. I remember getting mine first time round, and lying to my slightly naive parents about the results. When they found out I had to go back and repeat. Repeating was a nightmare with some guys coming from other schools to repeat. Granted some of them looked like they were 34 and had done some hard time in Cork prison. It was around this time that I first started to grow hair on my face and the oul Dean gave me serious shit over it. In fact I had to shave it off or face expulsion. When one of the new "boys" grew a full beard, what happened to him. Shag all, thats what. The Dean was probably afraid, that this guy could have cut him to shreds with a rusty spoon. Apparently the rusty spoon shredding technique was quite popular in prisons back in those days.

Anyways, I must go off now and cook something called dinner. Dinner for 1 today only. God love me.

*************NOT A HOPE - Signed GOD***************

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another week is here, hip hip hor-feckin-ray. Not much going on today to be honest, feeling a bit groggy for some reason. Must have been that pot noodle at 2 this morning. For the wrestling fans out there, I hope you didnt miss King Harley Race last night. It was a real last minute booking (see keeping with the rasslin lingo) and at times he was playing the heel card (even more rasslin speak). I was honored though to talk to such a legend as Harley. Harley is old school, and things got off to a rollickin shit start when his actual WWE bio that I had was wrong. Yeah, I picked up his bio on and some of the stats were incorrect on it. So Harley took great pleasure in pointing out the correct version.

Tis nice to see the ould sunshine make an appearance again today. Im so thrilled Ive picked the scab off me leg and donned a pair of shorts. Thank christ the neighbours are on holidays. Danny The Dog (Or Unleashed as its called here) arrived yesterday, and being a big Jet Li fan I was not disappointed. Jet actually acts at times in this flick, but the fight scenes. Christ almighty are they brutal. The last time I saw fights so violent was the time I saw a fella go head first through the window of Burgerland on Oliver Plunkett St, back in the day. So check it out, its released this week I do believe.

So thats it, but keep in mind a certain Playboy may be on with us in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot (Sorry I know most of you were happy to coming to the end of todays bullshit). Era feck it, Ill do it tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Cheers and Tears

For those of you that are reading this, who atteneded the preview screening of the Island last night, I trust none of you got injured as it rained sweets again. It was a packed house and by all accounts the movie was rockin. Looks like Ill have to get along to see it during the weekend. Its also nice when people come up to you and say that they enjoy the show. I appreciate that. God only knows what they thought last night though. Dressed in a suit (no tie mind) with 400 % humidity might not have been one of brighter ideas. At least the lights were dimmed in the actual cinema itself. After an oul bit of banter, shouting and so on, I made a hasty yet sweaty exit.

I didnt get off to the best possible start on the show last night, due to a minor technical glitch which resulted in no phone system. But our loving engineer promptly sorted it out. Granted I had to drag forward some bits from later on to keep things moving. What about Vincent Foley and The Red FM Casio Cabaret Orchestra last night. I cant remember the last time I heard such such an arrousing selection of melodies. Hang on, maybe that should just be rousing!

Im heading in that bit earlier today, so Ill leave it at this. By the way, later on I will be giving away a very cool prize for the Cobh Regatta. Check!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Morning, Afternoon, Evening. This is going to be a short update today as Im up to me nipples in meetings and what nots for the afternoon and I have to leg it to the Gate cinema to announce the Island movie at 7. Loads of emails this morning regarding our big debate last night on the boy racers. Look for this on a rewind in the very near future.

Also make sure you check out the show tonight as for the first time ever, we will have our very own house band. Well, Vince and a keyboard. Letterman, Leno, O Brien, Ross all have their own bands so tonight, its my turn. We should be opening the show with a stirring live rendition of chopsticks or amazing grace. Deadly serious, well not so much about the chopsticks or amazing grace.

Late N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from someone making your breakfast roll (9/8/05)

5 – God, are you sure you should be eating a large roll, you look like your going to get a heart attack

4 – Yes my hands are clean, I just washed them last week

3 – Look we’re out of ketchup, I could cut myself and bleed into your roll if you’d like

2 – Yes Sir, we gurantee these sausages were alive 3 days ago

1 – God I hate working here, they don’t have bog roll in the jacks

Right, Im laters!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

After a long week off (believe me it was long) I came back on air last night. What a relief. It beats doing the house work anyway!

Late N Live Top 5 things I done over my holidays (8/8/05)

5 – Snuck back into the station in the middle of the night to steal coffee and bog roll

4 – Rang RTE and thanked them for putting my tv licence money to good use

3 – Stopped wearing pants

2 – Shot a photographer at a party hosted by Britney Spears

1 – Like everyone else, Paris Hilton

At this point hes fucked off to lunch (Ed)

Right, back from lunch and what a shit lunch it was too. Well hold on, maybe shit is too strong a word. I do like to eat out (ladies take note) from time to time and today we decided to go off for a lunch. Burger didnt taste like beef to me, more like deep fried pony. Of course deep fried pony is a delicacy in some countries....isnt it? With a nice side of an army of ants and crying bloody kids, it was a wonderful dining experience. Seriously though, I can appreciate parents have to go out for lunch from time to time and bring the little carpet crawlers, but for christs sake...shut them up. Or there should be a special section for them or something. So now thats my (un)interesting tale for today.

So thats it for today kids, but now a special treat. The following may or may not be used later on in the show

I read today that Michael Jackson flew a Ferrari to Bahrain. I know a lot of you listeing think hes crazy but cmon, if the guy can fly a Ferrari out to Bahrain give him so credit. I mean howd he get the wings on?

Chances are its the funniest thing Ive written all year, so no doubt it will make an appearance!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Holidaze are over

Well the sun is shining, and that can mean only one thing. No, its not a spell of good weather. No it doesnt mean time to lie out in the garden with yer tits ahoy. Its time for the outdoor shower system I invented with a watering can and a can of Lynx. Oh yeah, tis back to work time too. I wake this morning at 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am (you get the picture) and at 10am I decide to crawl out of bed. Being the lazy hulk that I am, I think about asking one of the neighbours to run up to the shop for a breakfast roll...but the bastards are on holidays. So I do it myself, and man is it disgusting. Its so disgusting that I eat all of it.

Finally at around 11am I open up the much loved Microsoft product, Word. 12pm comes, and nothing is written or even typed. My head hurts and my copy of Sin City hasnt arrived. By 2pm we're done..kind of. I have a skit to record when I get in, put together a show reel, and Vince is stepping into the other fellas shoes for the week so Ill be offering him my hand in assistance.......NO, not like bloody perverts.

I am looking forward to getting back on the air tonight as some people have said to me that they missed my amazing interview skills and stupendous humour. Part of what you have read may well be a lie.

Anyway, tis now time for lunch and a round of golf...on the psp. Then Ill be trawling around the net for other interesting tidbits, that will be of interest to my audience.

So, talk to y'all at 9pm!!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Well the highlight of this week off so far has been winning 100 squids on a roulette wheel online. The cheque arrived and was lodged this morning faster than Jude Law getting caught on top of another nanny.

What a night I had in the bedroom last night. 2 hours I was at it, if not more. Balls all over the place, and no matter how hard I tried...I still couldnt get a hole in one. That Hot Shots golf is pretty good alright.

I always enjoy getting back on the air after a break. Theres a great feeling of refreshment. I think! Back to writing Top 5s and my ever so "humorous" monologues as well. I do stress the word humourous!!

New ratings are out near the end of August, so Im waiting with great anticapation. Cork Talks Star Wars will be going in for the irish radio oscars and probably the show as well...but more on that as I get it.

Anyway for those of you who have read these miserable lines of shit text, thanks....!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Holidaze clearing now

Well the oul holiers are almost done. Although as someone said to me today, "Stop your fucking moaning, you have another four days left". Tis true ya know. So Vic, tell us how the holidaze have been so far.

Well today for example we got the stairs carpeted as well as the landing. My copy of Hot Shots Golf has been teeded off on my PSP, so yes its really riveting shit altogether. Those of you who felt I was going off on some drunken binge with hookers and a donkey in some far flung part of Mexico, well no doubt, now, be feeling very, very, disappointed.

I feel I must address the Vibes And Scribes Wrestler or the ex-wrestler (whatever). May I just say, Sir, many the night you made me laugh with your texts to the show. With that, I say...Thank you. I yearn for the day to see a piledriver off the stairs in V&S. To everybody else thats left comments, Thank you too. God Im sounding very emotional today, for some reason. Maybe its because theres carpet under me feet.

So thats it kids, thanks for reading. Ill be here tomorrow again, no doubt. Filling you up with tales of hookers, drunkeness and donkeys...hang on theres only one donkey......Sorry!

Anyways..Ill leave you all with a picture I spotted today....

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Holidaze Day 2

Yes Im still alive and all that jazz. I feel that for once I got value for time yesterday. Got alot done ie went on a cleaning spree around the house, had some serious Fifa action on the Xbox at 1 in the morning which was precedeed by some breasts in buns.

I also managed to take a quick paddle down in Garryvoe. Tis the rock n roll lifestyle all right. So nathing else going!

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Before I get going, Ive noticed a few comments or 3 on the blog. If enough of you let me know that you want a forum then Ill get on the case. If not, feck it!

Anyways, holiday time is here again. No sunshine trips for me. Nah, just going to take it easy and to be honest Im only using up holiday time anyway. After endless of hours of fucking around I finally updated my PSP and as you've seen from a previous post, its online. As of tonight, Ive finished Ridge Racers. Break out the bloody champagne! Summer, well its officially Autumn in a few hours, always brings out the crazyiness in drinks companies. Fanta Green? 7-UP Ice, I shit you not. The 7-UP Ice wasnt bad, but as for the concoction that made up Fanta Green (Lemon, Apple and Lime) that run through me faster than Ben Johnsons steriod breaking world record. Im a sucker for trying these new things...and sure what!

Im going to head off the see Charlie and The Chocoalte factory later on and then home to bed....possibly. Ill begin the rock n roll holiday lifestyle on Monday. Hang on, thats a bank holiday. Best wait till Tuesday then.

Although I will have to hit the work place tomorrow for a weeeeeee while to get some bits done. Other than that its plain sailing of doing absolutely nothing.

I arrived in the Brog Thursday night post show, and for the first time ever I was absolutely shattered and more or less went in to turn. Post Brog visit called for a breast in a bun and to be honest it tasted like some body blew their load in it, or maybe twas the mircowaving when I came home.

I dont know if there were any of the readers there, but I announced the screening of The Perfect Catch on Thursday @ Mahon Point. All went well, not as full as I thought it would be. It rained packets of sweets for a good 4 minutes, Im sure I took someones eye out. So thats it, time to put on my cinema going clothes!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hey all.Just updating through my psp for the heck of it.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The weekend of dog sitting and shitting is nearly over..thank god. Anyone want to clean up dog shit for a day. Im really intolerant these days. All I can hear in the background is bark, bark, bark, fuckin bark. Im a grumpy so and so.

Im up early and the monologue flows like a laxative, as does the top 5. Its a good day. For those of you that might have missed it, theres a brand new movie coming to Cork cinemas in August. Its called The Fantastic Whore. I played the trailer last night, and will more than likely lash it out again be warned. Im still reeling at how bad The Fantastic Four movie was. Roll on Wonka this weekend. I know it was promised last week but some of the newer bits for the show should hopefully, be on air this week. More than likely the first one to kick things off will be "Just Junk, or is it?" where I'll be taking a look at Ebay in the only way that I can. As well as that we have a nice little "slew" of high profilers who will hopefully be in the show this week as well. Im toying with the idea of hosting audio on the site as well. If theres enough people interested, maybe I will.

Some of you (alright, probably none of you) will remember I bought a PSP a while back. Well its being gathering dust for the last month or so. Its been dusted down over the weekend and is keeping me off the streets for a while. It might have something to do with the fact that from Wednesday, I can update the thing to go online wirelessly.

From Sunday on Im going to be on a weeks holidays and Im going to be doing absolutely nathin!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fantasic Sore

Went off to see a Late show of The Fantastic Four last night. Being one of the oldest Marvel franchises, I was expecting something decent. The cast were ok, but god almighty who wrote this. It was absolutely shocking. There are 2 set pieces, the bridge scene and at the end. The rest of it is spent with the four moaning about why they're like the way they are and trying to reverse the process.

The special effects at times leave alot to be desired at times. Check the space scenes, in particular where the shuttle is docking. I was doing that kinda thing back in my Lightwave 3D days. Although....The Thing; does look quite good, and thats prostetics. When you look at Spiderman, Hellboy, Sin City, Batman Begins and even the Hulk (to a lesser extent) you ask yourself "How did they release this thing?".

Im sorry, Id love to say this is worth your while, but its not. Even the most ardent Fantastic Four fans will be disappointed at this! At least me drink was cold and my ice cream was frozen


Other than that, Im going to be a Daddy.......................
...........................................................kinda of. One of my catfish have been doing some baby making things and has laid eggs. Chances are they wont survive, but we'll wait and see. I picked up a copy of Hostage yesterday and looking at the weather today, its going to be a movie day. Dont forget if theres any of you going to the Red FM screening in Mahon Point on the 27th, Im going to be introducing it.

We're going to be minding the in laws dog again this weekend, so that should be a bag of cats...........
Right, Im off for an oul bit of Pezo pan and some more pointless surfing!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

As requested!!!!!

LOUTS who swiped 20 hanging baskets of flowers from a bridge have cost the council more than €10,000. The pretty floral display on Sarsfield Bridge in Limerick city was destroyed by vandals early yesterday morning. Theres been outrage at whats happened, but its not said to be a hanging offence

AN ALL-STAR hurler lashed out with a pint glass in his hand when he was taunted and abused during a game of pool in a Waterford city pub. I don’t know, apparently he was taking to long to get his balls off the table

The controversial Olympic gold medal swimmer Michelle De Brun was among those called to the Bar yesterday and she plans to begin 'devilling' in October - the term for serving your time as an apprentice barrister. So shell be dressing up in a big wig and robes, almost in disguise. Well it wouldn’t be the first time she fooled people

Late N Live Top 5 ways irish prisons are different to the abu gharaib prison (19/7/05)

5 – President Bush said he thought it was the color schemes

4 –Its too cold for the prisoners to be going around naked 24 hours a day

3 – Cmon, irish prisoners can get DVDs and takeaway food, the abu gharaib prisoners get an old betamax vcr and a dead camel

2 – It’s the inmates that want to have sex with the guards

1 – Instead of been brought for a walk on a lead, Irish prisoners get to play fetch instead

Happy now? Cheers for the comments. I know its an ould cliched saying, but what is the world coming to. Looking at Sky News around lunch time and being glued to it for the last few hours, it does pop up the question, What is the world coming to?
Thankfully no fatalities.

Our Kerry team bus audio 2 went to air last night and it got a nice ol "fuck it, thats funny" alls well. I didnt get home till late and let me tell ya eating a ham sandwich, watching Coronation St at 3am is no fun. But, it has to be done...doesnt it.

Im going to try and make fantastic four in the morning, and speaking of the cinema, Im going to be introducing The Perfect Catch screening at Mahon Point next week. God help the people that are there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thanks for the comments and feedback by the way. Isnt sarcasim great. Im up fairly early this morning for some reason. I cook breakfast and watch a bit of Conan O Brien that Ive Sky +d from last night. 2 sausages later Im back up stairs and into the thing that resembles a little bedroom...hang on, that should be office. Its just now that I finish writing for the show tonight. Still 1 or 2 things to do, but its looking good. Well Im hardly going to say its looking shit now am I.

Harry Potter and whatever book is it now, is still amazing me. Nobody could convince me to buy the book on the way home last night. With all the hype I feel like Im missing something. But I need convincing, and that might happen later on. I seriously doubt it though. Im just after spotting a wee drop of ketchup on the t-shirt that just came off the line yesterday. Christ life is difficult. Sometimes I wonder should I be wearing a bib. Then they'll be a nappy. Id better quit while Im ahead here!

Monday, July 18, 2005

No doubt some of you will have spotted some of the pics going up here last night and noticed we were running a best of. Herself is a big Christy Moore fan so part of her birthday pressie were tickets. Off we went and theres the pics. I wasnt a fan of the man at all to be perfectly honest and I probably still wont be running out and buying all his albums...but fuck it...I really enjoyed the gig last night. Although sometimes I wonder when people, Cork people especially, are told not to something, they go ahead and do it anyway. Clapping reference to last night! The whole Live at the Marquee seems to be a roaring success and the venue itself is stunning. Heres hoping it will be a regular occurance in Cork.

Hopefully this is the week where we roll out some new features to the show, so stay tuned. No other news going on really. Im at the very, very early stages of doing a Cork Talks The Blues Brothers (working title) special for August. Watch this space, thats all I can say. I should hopefully have some more news on this before the end of the week. We hit the beach on Saturday evening for a little bit of a paddle. I was amazed at how warm the water was, even so late in the evening, and nothing beats the felling of dry sand scraping off bits of skin.

Anyways thats it for now. If you listen to the show or read this thing, by all means leave me some feedback. I was going to reopen the forum, but I think it could be pointless.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Another week gone, thank god. Solid week of shows with some great moments on air from arguments and of course the audio that was recorded from the Kerry team bus. Louis Walsh explaining what he was eating and Liam Hefernan talking about a 3 some with Miley and Biddy.

The next Cork Talks Special could well be here in August. Ill really have the BLUES if this doesnt happen, LOL. Nothing going on what so ever. In absolute shit form, but fuck it. Its the weekend and Im going to forget everything and enjoy it. If theres Blue skies in the morning Ill hit the beach and flail around like a big fish for an hour.

Enjoy the weekend. More regular updates (like a month ago) will be back from Monday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Post Number 99

Believe it or not this is my 99th entry into this blog. Amazing. Who knows what will happen for post 100. More than likely nothing!

Another night of the windows open and a fan on for 12 hours. Feckin nightmare altogether. I cant stand it anymore come 8am and decide to get up and hit the couch downstairs. Thats not much better as herselfs mobile alarm goes off and wakes me up. Fuck it says I, and up I get. I wander outside to the car and get my diary and head back upstairs and start writing for the show. Hours later a McLunch hits the spot and here I am. A shower is calling me and who knows what else.

Good funny reaction to our piece of audio that was "recorded" from the munster champions team bus on Sunday. I might lash it out again a little later on if I get a chance.

Im looking around the room here and the place is like a dump. Pads, books and clothes everywhere. God I wish I were outside. If we have another good ratings book, Ill buy a laptop so I can write outside. Granted thats in August and no doubt the weather will be shit then.

I do apologise, but Im leaving now. I gave my keyboard a thump the other day and the space bar isnt working as well as it should (the bastard is tempting me to thump it again) and its too hot.

And I need a shower. Ive just spotted a voucher for Virgin, I need to spend that too, not before I hit the showers though. I hope no one throws their soap in front of me and asks to pick it up.............................................

Monday, July 11, 2005

God its still hot

Check out the pic earlier today, from me phone. Savage heat...too

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

God its Hot

Jesus too. I have no idea what the temperture is but I would reckon from my years fantasising about those weather people, its 28 outside. If not more. Been another busy week so thats my excuse for not posting here, and Im sticking to it. Just came out of the biggest water fight in my life, with the missus. She had the pressure hose (I only have one eye left) and I had the bucket and empty 2 liters. Bucket beats hose any day .So Im sitting here after a shower bloggin'...Ah yeah..........Ahem

Im about half way through Pryor convictions by Richard Pryor which is an amazing look into Richards life. We're going to be introducing some new bits to the show over the next couple of weeks. Given the amount of weird shit that I buy on Ebay, its provided some inspiration for one segment.

Fuck its still hot, nine towels and a hairdryer later. Im sweating like a big salmon here.

I was deeply saddened to hear what happened in London during the week. I covered it on the show for the first 40 minutes and it was difficult enough to do. I didnt want to over do it as the news team done some good coverage as did Philip. But I think I done an alright job of cheering people up, even if it was only for a minute or 2. Its good to laugh. These fucking gutless terrorists really need get a life. Can someone please explain the point of what happened in London or New York. The benefits to them is what exactly.

Life goes on, and it goes on stronger than ever!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th Of July to any of you that are celebrating Independence Day today. No doubt they'll be many a Guinness sank tonight to all the biys and beours that are in the U S of A. More power to em. I was even thinking of busting out the BBQs, but to be honest Ive started today, with a new look on life. Kind of. Im on a little old health kick that involves no more shit food (almost) and a workout every day. Ill see how it goes for the next few weeks. Its time to look after meself cos no doubt some night on air, my heart will just go wallop and Ill hit the floor. Granted it would make great radio.

"TALK SHOW HOST DIES ON AIR" I can see the headlines already. Thats about it for now. Sorry.........I guess its those Monday blues

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Home sweet home

Took the better half away for the weekend. Things get off to a flying start when we're half an hour into our journey to Wicklow and I realise something. Did I or did I not turn off the light in the fish tank. We go back and of course the fuckin thing is switched off. We get to Bray, Co.Wicklow mid afternoon after a 4 hour drive through rain and shit. Bray is hot and sunny so things are off to a good start. We wander around the town and discover an Eddie Rockets and get fed. Later that night we retire to the bar for a few drinks and hit the hay watching Jonathan Ross. Day one began at 8 in the morning and ends around 2am. Fuck Im wrecked. Thank god for air con, the room is humid as hell. Another early start on Saturday morning. Looking at a map we end up in the middle of nowhere trying to get to the big ass Dundrum town centre shopping gaf. We arrive after an hour and a bit on a journey that should take 20 minutes. Technology abounds as we are guided to empty car spaces by green lights, red lights showing spaces that are already taken. Im impressed. We wander around the place for hours with credit cards melting as time goes by.

We decide to get a panini in the food court and hit the road back. We stop off at Powerscourt Waterfall (see photo) and the place is stunning. Granted theres a few wans running around the place in Bikinis but no one complains. At one stage there seems to be a posing competition with a digital camera, but I stroll by keeping my head down and my pants on. We hang by the tallest waterfall in the country for a while, take some pics and got a 99. The bikini posers are still there with the camera when we leave. More shopping takes place in bray town and we kick back for dinner in the hotel. Im not impressed with the dinner and decline starters and dessert.

More drinks later we retire early to bed at around 11ish. There was some singer with a radio mic doing the rounds like he was Frank Sinatra or somebody. Bit of a tool. We watch some Live 8 and crash out, completely knackered from shopping and waterfalling and shit.

I arrive home an hour ago and type this shit up. Im not back on the air till tomorrow night so a night of relaxation is ahead!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Powerscourt Waterfall
90m High

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Bray Seafront

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Foodcourt in Dundrum Town Centre Shopping Centre

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

Food Court looking down @ Dundrum Town Centre

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
Originally uploaded by vicbarry.

A VW van kitted out, full size, real thing in House Of Fraiser @ Dundrum Town Centre

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Just got to see War of the Worlds this morning. Without going into detail, great movie. Go see it. Lack of updates continues until monday. Im playing the good boyfriend now so off I go. Im back on the air on Monday night. Talk to ya then. I should be posting here throughout the weekend from my camera phone, I will blog it on Sunday!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

B 2 N

Week of hell over, another one not to far away from beginning. We had a week of minding the inlaws puppy. Jesus Christ, never and I mean never have I heard anything whinge and bark so fucking much. To be honest, one of the few things I cant tolerate is a dog, puppy or otherwise, barking non stop until its hoarse. Who knows what the neighbours think, fuck em, I dont. Ill regret saying that I know. The pup came with a little dog house and now hes locked up in the thing. I couldnt take no more. He goes home tomorrow, yeah Ill miss him, but not the barking. My head is wrecked. Weekends are supposed to be full of relaxation and drinking and so on and so forth.

Been a solid week on the show and one lucky listener won himself a few days aboard one of the tall ships. He sets sail on the 9th of July from Waterford to France. Nice little break. Not sure how he gets back though :). I cant help but wonder what happens aboard these mammoth vessels each night. Are the crews sex starved maniacs going from cabin to cabin, in search of an open hole, glory or otherwise. Maybe they just sit down and play cards and drink rum all night. Either way its an amazing prize.

Ive had Hotel Rwanda on DVD for about a month now, and we finally got around to watching it. Fantastic movie, really makes you think. As I keep saying to the missus, theres alot lot more to film than big budgets and special effects.

So thats it, Im sitting here alone of a Saturday night. Herself is gone out to a girlie night, with only one other girl. Not sure what thats about. Im debating in my mind whether or not to go watch the Asasination of Richard Nixon or just surf the net aimlessly for hours. At the moment neither is appealing. Maybe I should finish off the bottle of Tia Maria.....................or maybe not...........or maybe..................

For those of you that are reading this on a Saturday night, rejoice we're as sad as each other :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Apologies to all of my 2 readers. Im very short on time this week, too much to do and too little time and all that bullshit. Should be back to normal by the weekend or Monday at the latest!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Still alive

Still alive, but up the walls @ the minute. Will be back later on

Friday, June 17, 2005

See, I told you Id be back when I got bored. And Im bored already..............

This is what happens when things don't go my way. I bought one of them indestructible keyboards, maybe I should have bought an indestructible desk as well (Oh for Christs sake, humor). Came across this after hauling me arse outta bed this morning....On the internet. The earlier part of this text was a joke people....a joke. Although many moons ago I put my fist through a window playing Kick Off on the Amiga. I've broken countless joypads and joysticks (Them Cheetah 125+'s were never made of anything decent, and always exploded off the wall) and lets not forget when I first made shit of a tape recorder for the Spectrum 48K.

Yeah the rubber keyed one. If I recall correctly I was playing something called Wheelie (Cmon I was about 8 at the time) and thing was incredibly difficult for a child. So after hours of frustration I gave the tape recorder a thump.........and broke the fecking play button. So after being roared at by everyone, I had to load up the games by holding down the play button. For those of you that had speccies this could haven't taken 3 days. I eventually discovered a better way by jamming a knife into the tape recorder.

Tabby made an appearance on the show last night. Sound as a trout. I'm always a bit dubious of these people who appear, in particular, on musical reality TV shows. But going back in time, Mickey Harte, Chris Doran and George Murphy were all well up for the crack and we're decent folk. Tabby is no different. The conversation went from 3 sums with the Osbournes to shagging sheep and something about putting the hooves into the wellies! Great crack. There was a Red FM screening earlier in the week called Headrush and Wuzza Conlon from the movie also was on. Yet another sound bloke with no pretensions, that can sometimes be associated with certain celebs. Come to think of it, all the celebs that have joined me over the years were great with one exception. Brian McFadden. Just completely not interested. But who gives a shit now, well maybe his bank manager does! God I'm bitter this morning. Feck, its afternoon now.

Most Thursday nights I had out for a drink to wind down after the show. Normally as I'm driving its the soft stuff. Most Thursday nights after socializing with a few mates I grab a bit of breast and some buns, with a nice oul curried chips. Take it home, veg it in front of shit TV and promise myself to get up extremely late on Friday morning. Never happens. Tried it today, what happened, same ol shit. Cant sleep anything after 10. The house is like a furnace

I'm attempting to sleep in a puddle of sweat (not quite, but!!!!) so I have no choice but to get up!

Just looking at some stats for the blog, and its been read everywhere from the US to Taiwan. There's even a country "Unknown" there, which is worrying...almost. Granted these countries aren't coming back every 2 seconds, but its nice to know. So if you are reading this thing, go leave me a comment. I'm starved for love, affection and feck knows what leave me a comment..................................

Go on so, Ill go. Everyone have a great weekend, and Ill be back on here during the weekend when I get bored.