Friday, March 24, 2006

Im sticking these up on the bebo page, so I said why not fire em up here too. These are from my days doin 3d animation and film etc.! all using Lightwave 3D. The Whos on Top now Punk? one was featured in a full page spread in the international 3D World Magazine! Todays update down below as well!

A section of our own Air Studio

The joys of the Southlink, Roll on that Flyover

As I usually start a Friday blog, another week goes by! Above, 2 random pics from my phone. Great show (again! modesty) last night! Lots of concerned people about the Wedding Dress Store, although the solicitor representing them gave plenty of reassurances that all the brides to be will be ok! Some brides to be came on last night and they all made the same point "Why havent we got any phone calls". As any one with half a brain will tell you, a business doesnt go bust over night. Ive seen it happen a few years ago and the writings on the wall for some time. Either way, there seems to be a genuine drive to sort out the would be brides! Hopefully everyone will make it down the aisle! Relationships and suchlike are always a popular topic on the show. Jenny Rodgers from The Irish Examiner was on last night recounting her tales of the various forms of dating, from dating agencys to dating weekends away. €500 for a dating agency, and you get 3 calls from other singletons. €1500 is the price in Dublin. This knocked me for six, I know desperate times call for desperate mesaures but for that kind of mone, you'd probably get better satisfaction in a strip club. Which might be a bit harsh I hear some of you think to yourself, but I really dont think you can buy true love. You'll find it when your not looking for it. Think about it, go out planning to get your hole and most of the time the only thing you'll get close to is scratching your hole. Dont go looking for it and you end up buying new bed springs! I remember a couple of years ago being inside Nite Owls (thats now gone) and the same group of guys would do laps of the club, week after week. Maybe they were training for a marathon or something, but I never saw them pick up anyone. The whole place would stare at em. Funny shit!

The bebo stuff is off the chart all together. It must be overtaking the myspace scene. There more or less the same, but bebo is kinda like the puppets on Sesame St, everyone loves em young and old. Myspace is like the adults on Sesame St. serious, funny at times but not for everyone! Welcome to the worlds worst analagy. I spent a fair bit last night, after the show, replying to lots of bebo messages. Once again, the bebo page is linked on the right of the screen or just go to

When I finally leave, the rain is coming down like theres a pissing contest in heaven! I contemplate for about 30 seconds, town or home. Home wins and I get in after one. By 3am Im being pinned down by some serious bad ass mo fos. Bullets are whizzing by my head. I start lobbing a few smoke grenades to cause a distraction, but it doesnt help. The feckers are still coming. Then an armoured car ploughs into the place and all hell is breaking loose. I get a message on the radio, that air support is on the way, but it cant arrive fast enough. Finally a chopper comes in and radios for me to point out the targets. The big Armoured Car and those fuckin tanks Im yellin!. After more bullets and explosions, I finally get the Mexican president to an extraction zone, but a bug in the game means I have to do the whole thing again! Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is something else, bar the bugs! I get into bed for around 415am and Im still awake at 5! Most be the flashbacks from the firefight!

As they say in Jarhead "Welcome to the Suck" and so it is. Im off back to the suck now so have a good weekend, and drop by the blog and the bebo page over Saturday and Sunday, ya never know theres probably gonna be some more updating!

Nice wan for reading and an even nicer wan for listening

- V

From Bebo

Jennie from Bebo came up with this rather good likeness (minus the hair on me face) on the whiteboard on Bebo :) Anyone else have a go for the crack and Ill stick em up here!

Nitey Nite!