Friday, April 30, 2010


It wasn’t so long ago that I was in a hotel suite with a bunch of radio folk where a close colleague of Gerry was singing his praises. Little did I think I’d be typing about Gerry’s death a few short weeks later.

It’s been an incredibly sad day for the country as Gerry Ryan has moved onto the big radio show in the sky. Working in the institution that is radio, it’s even more painful to lose a fellow broadcaster. And not any old broadcaster. Personally I think Gerry was at the top of his game, and was at the peak for quite some time. Audience’s come and go and figures peak and dip, but the Ryan Line for most of the country was like an extended member of the family that normally sat on a shelf in the corner of a kitchen or on top of the fridge.

As I type this, I still can’t believe it. This wasn’t his time! And I’ve shed a few tears today as I sat in the car, outside my front door in the belting rain staring at the whole thing unfolding on Twitter. From my own perspective, doing a talk show, I take inspiration from only a very small handful of people. And Gerry was one of that few that I ever took inspiration from. His style, his wit and his grasp on an audience were second to none and it’s something I have tried to take on board and use as a source of inspiration.

I will sorely miss the man who has done so much for broadcasting in this country. And it brings a tear to the eye that I’ll never again hear the infamous G Ryan toned “Good morning”!

My thoughts are with his family and friends!

The Ryan Line may now be closed on the radio, but the line to Ryan is now open 24/7!

I’ll miss you Gerry!! RIP!!!!!!!!