Monday, November 15, 2004

Believe it or not I actually got my other producer Vince to do this on air one night. Its not Vince in the photo, but its an impressive feat none the less
Today is Monday, or in my case its my Tuesday. Ive been woken up early this morning by one the neighbours kids running up and down my drive. Anyone remember that episode of the Osbournes where ozzy through a ham through the neighbours window. Well........

My top 5 is done and most of the monologues so its a good start to the afternoon to say the least. Its amazing we're in the house since the middle of july and the amount of junk mail that arrives on a daily basis never fails to impress me. Between an inbox full of increase your size and a mailbox full of lose a dress size isnt life wonderful. Cork talks movies could be coming very soon to the show, so keep an ear tuned. Just finished my proposal, or rather rewrote it. Should be good. Not much else going on, the dog is in bed or maybe stuck in the couch in the front room....Im not entirely sure.

As its Monday, heres a treat

ZOO visitors watched in horror as a man leapt into a pond full of alligators, stripped off — then tried to stroke the animals. I thought steve Irwin was off the booze

Might turn up in the show tonight, you never know.

I can hear Halo 2 calling me so I better be going. That kid is out on my drive where'd I put that ham
Home at last. Well been home for about an hour now and decided to drop by. I was watching DC 9/11 and gave up on it. It didnt seem very accurate and left out intricate details. Maybe Id be better off playing Halo 2.

Got to update my other site right now so drop by there as well