Thursday, September 08, 2005

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
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Only getting around to it now, but as promised by Rip Taylor here is one of the photos he got signed by Johnny Knoxville, Jessica Simpson, Himself and Sean William Scott. Its taking pride of place on my photo wall. He also sent another one of himself signed and thanked and one signed from Jessica as well. Well cool. From time to time people always promise these kinds of things but they never happen. So Nice wan Rip!

Im really looking forward to the movie, The Aristocrats which opens tomorrow. Ive heard a few things that its not opening tomorrow but all the web sites are saying it is. A mate who works in the cinema says its not out tommorrow, so I dont know. I should also have on (hopefully) one of my favourite comedians in the whole world over the next few tonights, who incidentally stars in The Aristocrats as well. So fingers crossed.

I couldnt believe the amount of money people were spending on their Debs outfits and accessories last night. IMO - Crazy. But thats the way of the world.
I get home last night early for a change and fire up Namco Arcade Classics on the Xbox at about 1. Happy days going back for a round of Pacman and Pole Position. 3 Hours later Ive swallowed enough pills to kill me, God Pacman is great! I have an aim to buy an original Pacman machine some day!

Sometime else I spotted on the comments on the blog, Fucking SPAM!!!! Can you believe it, people are spamming blogs these days. Christ, I get enough Viagra offers by email as it is. As of right now (yes this exact moment) there will be a word verification system on the comments. Basically you type in what you see to make sure your not some mad spammer.

Anyway, Im off for another round of pill muching before I head off to the station!