Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The one with...ah who gives a shit

A wise individual said to me earlier on that my body is probably telling me something! Yet again, Im feeling a little bit shitty. I'm now struggling to fight off either a sore throat, flu or tonsilitis. I had a few tablets left over from the apsis thing 2 weeks ago and have decided to take them to try and fix the damn thing. With all this self medication, I should be a doctor. Also, the toot that popped up after I got another one yanked out, is now deciding to kick me ass again. So another trip to the dentist is in order! Which no doubt will happen, around March next year! As for what my body is telling me, well who knows. I was never good at body language. I have come to the conclusion though, that Im pretty bust up. 31 years of constant abuse, shit food and extremely brief moments of exercise are now taking their toll. God, Im such a whiny bitch when Im sick! I will be on the air tonight though.

The weekend went by like all the other ones. Quick and painfulish! Saturday was spent scratching my arse and other parts. Project Gotham Racing 4, got some love as did the new Simpsons demo over on Xbox Live. As mentioned earlier, we got fed on Saturday night and Sunday morning, was spent debating whether to hit my mother up for a decent Sunday roast. Alas we decided not to. Most of the day was then spent with a few snipey comments about the lack of a decent roast. So, we ended up getting KFC. Well at least I got some chicken.

All week long we're giving away tickets for Death at a funeral. A special preview screening in fact. Check out the trailer here. It looks really good and has been well recieved in the states.

Till 9pm......