Monday, September 19, 2005

Another weekend bites the dust! A quiet one for me until I decided to purchase a poker set. The remainder of the weekend was spend playing online (for Play money) and Im up a grand. If only it was real. I just played a real game and am down €5 so thats it for now. None the less, it provides me with another avenue to stop going bonkers altogether!

Nothing else going on what so ever, and to tell one the truth, one isnt really up for much blogging today. Movie wise, got to see The Bourne Supremacy (eventually) on Friday, not too jumpy though. The thing that annoyed me the most, no intro credits or anything...weird. Also took in The Longest Yard (which is available in the states on DVD) with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. As some of you may know Im a fan of these two and the movie, while it doesnt dissappoint, it doesnt go many places either. It was good to see the Bandit back on the screen though in a nice homage to the original. Where they got some of the players is beyond me, real big ass guys who looked like they could go into a zoo and eat the place out of animals!

From a show perspective, Im sure many will have noticed the changes we've been implementing over the last few weeks. Id love some feedback so mail me or post a comment!!!! Thats it for now kids. Im going off to do a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen and turn empty cupboards into something delicious....possibly..............Happy Days