Monday, April 03, 2006

Im a bit late today with the oul update. I know some of you have gotten into the habit at reading this at lunch time! Well its dinner time reading now almost! Penalty Points are making headlines again, and this time theres 30 odd new ones. Some of them are way off the mark, some are rewritten twice in my estimation. I took the dog out for a spin and a walk today and people dont seem to be aware at all of the new points! If things dont pick up, it wont be cheaper car insurance we'll be looking for but better public transport, cos none of us will be driving. We briefly touched on the PP's last night and will do a bigger follow up later on tonight!
Theres also new poll up my bebo page regarding the penalty points and its going to run for the next few days so if you think there good or!

I discovered a new spot today for walkies with the hound! Somewhere I never even new existed!

I seemed to be the only one that understood the Keep Dogs on a Leash sign! The next time I get down there will probably be August when we get another day of sunshine!

I had a few emails this morning regarding Wrestlemania. It was the first time in years that I didnt watch a Mania Live. Im not a wrestling fan so to speak, anymore, but Ill still watch Wrestlemania! I just couldnt justify €21.95 for the thing! I figure I give Sky enough! I got the results this morning at that was about it. It would have been nice to see Bret Hart make an appearance, after being at the hall of fame presentation..but such is life!

Its a short week this week as Im starting to shift a wee bit of holiday time, so Im off Thursday and Sunday night! Theres an Ann Summers party going on in the house Friday night, so Im gonna have to hit the trail for the night! Hopefully nobody will "injure" themselves! I guess us men dont care about these A.S. parties! We're only interested in the who bought what and how many batteries will we buy from the 24 hour garage!