Friday, November 28, 2008

The one with something for the weekend!

Came home last night and woke the house, with Lips on Xbox 360. Karaoke action for the videogame generation. Inevitablty, this will be compared to Singstar on the PS3. More of the same basically, although to me it seems a little slicker. And the wireless mics work a dream. All I need is to able to sing, which I cant. Check it out, its something that will work very well on Xmas night, after you start falling down from too much food and booze!

Gonna be in Club Light in Mallow tonight, from 11.30pm, so pop in and say hi and then go off and shake yer bits!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and dont forget Sunday @ 10pm, CTB with me. Get it Off Your Chest, Gerald Kean on the Late Night Interview and all things movies, with "The Movie Bit"

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The one with Star Trek vs Star Wars

And of course Star Wars wins!

The one with a quick, short observation

Wall-E on Blu-Ray is nothing short of stunning.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The one with Terminator Salvation : The Poster

This is well cool!

The one with €2 Snacks

We all say we read the bill, but do we really??????? Im as guilty as the next person for not reading the thing completely. Yesterday the nephew whos coming up on 3 months called over. Mammy and Aunty went for a walk with himself and left me guarding the house. 20 minutes later my mobile goes and they're gone off for coffee and are wondering would I like to join them. "Sure thing" says I. "Bring the changing bag" says them. So 5 minutes later we make the decision to get dinner as well as the coffees. Im under a bit of pressure, so opt to leave and take care of the bill in the process.

So I hand over the plastic, which for the 3rd time this year, is actually in credit. Im staring at the bill as the fella behind the bar works his magic on the machine that counts the money. Including the food, the whole bill is €50.20. Then I spot 3 blue snacks, €6. After a long pause, I figure out that Im paying €2 for a fuckin tiny chocolate bar. I point this out to the "individual" and he stares at the bill, gets the other copy of the bill and finally says "Oh they're priced wrong on the till, Ill sort that out". Then he hands me back €2. I put the €2 into my pocket along with a €5 tip. I hate this cowboy attitude, where people chance their arm as long as they can get away with it. Or maybe Im wrong and there was a genuine mistake on the till. Maybe the snacks should have been 20cent and opposed to €2. Yeah, that was it. Someone missed a decimal point! Bastards!

The one with Snoop making Mash

I love them Kitchen Aid yokes and someday I'll give in and actually part with the moolah for one. It'll make my "once every few weeks baking tasks easier ". Or maybe I can just make mashed spuds. Either way, its good enough for Snoop!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The one with a big ass squid...or alien

Check out the video here!

I always knew them movies were true stories!!!!

The one with Christmas and sync your google cal with yer itouch, worlds worst beatboxer and something to make you cry

Loooonnngg title. Firstly, lets get the geeky thing out of the way. I use Google calendar religiously. I use my iPod Touch also religiously. Can you sync the google calendar to the actual ipod one? Like feck you can. That was until last night I came across this wonderful site.
Register an account, go to status and setup. Enable the google calender. Fill out the details. Allow it access to google cal (all straight forward, follow onscreen carry on). Then follow the couple of steps here and now all those important google calendar dates magically appear on your ipod calendar. Its amazing what you find when your bored off yer tits at 3 in the morning.

This morning, far more than yesterday morning, I realised Christmas is not too far away. So now the bullshit kicks into full gear. I have a mad notion to start some Xmas shopping (online of course) today, and no doubt the rest of the world does as well. So in 10 minutes time I'll be shopping like a mad thing, yeah right. All these things start with the best of intentions and then your off scratching your hole as opposed to belting in your plastic free money number thing. 

We all know, logically, that its the thing to do. I spoke to someone the other day who said they had all their Christmas shopping done. I don't know do I believe them. We all like a bit of mayhem now and again and what better time of the year to enjoy it! Surely its a turn on for some people to run around the city and county at 4pm on Christmas eve, looking for the last bottle of Old Spice. It must be like paying a hooker to strangle you when they don't have it, or the place is closed. Maybe we do thrive on disaster.

Either way, if you are doing some online carry on, keep an eye out this Friday as loads of American online stores will have their thanks giving black Friday lark. Anyway, I'm off now to do some gardening..or something. What did I say again?

Here la, words worst beatboxer and following him, something that you'll need the tissues for. The B-man should be an inspiration to us all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The one with the marriage course

Being a fairly busy weekend. Was in Club Light on Friday night and had a pretty good gig! Saturday we were heading to a dinner party and Sunday was pencilled in to do nothing! But before any of that I had to endure a marriage course. For years, I  had heard of horror stories about these courses. How they went on for years (slight exaggeration) and people broke up because of them. I wasn't worried about the breaking up part, but I was a little dodgy about how long it would take. 

Either way, my attitude was "Theres no fuckin way some holy joe is gonna tell me how to run our relationship and so on" and I was quite adamant about the whole thing. Contrary to what I'm like on air, I'm a little more reserved in real life (ahem) but close family members felt the wrath of my marriage course rage. So we went down on Saturday afternoon and we spent 2 of best and most inspiring hours with Irene, who's just outside Newtwopothouse. I was blown away. No holy, holy stuff. But so much food for thought and so many questions we asked ourselves. Tiny little things like "Do ye still talk to each other in same tone as ye did when you first started going out?" Stuff like that which makes you think! As I said, I was not looking forward to this, but the whole thing was amazing. I guess it helped, that Irene was a natural charmer and should really be writing books and performing at comedy clubs. I really cant praise her enough. After it was all said and done people were ringing "How'd ye get on?" And none of them could or would believe my reaction to the thing! Anyway, Ive only experience one marriage course and going by what I heard, they should all be like this one!!!!!

Saturday evening was spent with good friends and far too much good food and drink. For the second Sunday running, The Sunday times laid unopened. And I don't know about you, but I cant really read a Sunday paper on any other day of the week. After my culinary skills whipped up a Tabasco infused scrambled egg with bacon, we spent the rest of the day on the couch, in front of feck knows what and a couple of rounds of Buzz on the PS3, before I started sorting shit for the show.

And late last week, won a golden spider award which is feckin brilliant. The actual golden spider looks like something out of a Spielberg flick!

The one with the movie bits from last night

Trailers from last night....


Ice Age 3

4 Xmases

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The one with whats wrong with some of you!!!

Some people are searching for elderly hand jobs and are ending up here. Now we all have our little kinks, but seriously, elderly hand jobs? Are we talking 65 year old ones or ones where the participant is about 97 and 20 minutes away from a coffin?


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The one where Mr.Motivator has an accident and the OAP Hip Hop choir

Great oul effects in this one. Not for everyone, and probably not the one to show the boss.

Funny each time!

And almost forget. Granny and Grandad x 40 doin some of that hip hop music! Stevie G would be proud!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The one with Grand theft Auto IV is the Naked Gun


The one about Irish men and their arses on TV

Today is one of those days! I was up early and the day is dragggggggiiiinnnnngggggggg. As I punch the keys its 14:58. It feels like it should be 22:43; to be exact. Plus, I'm battling some weird alien disease or something at the moment which, now that I think about it, could be something to do with time slowing down!

One of the topics I covered last night was this brothel in Prague, where plane loads of Irish punters are throwing their hairy legs over a hooker and in turn for free sex, their hairy hole is broadcast all over the adult channels. I even spoke to the manager of the place who explained that nearly 10% of the clientele are Irish blokes.  Now, like most normal people I'm not gonna turn off porn if it comes on the TV, or if I find it by accident on the Internet. Which happens to the best of us. Many moons ago, I'm talking back in the days when Burgerland was still in Pana, I even ran a Jenna Jameson fan page. Miss Jameson was a pristine porn star, with immaculate co-stars. Then I discovered amateur porn, which is great. Its normal; and people in the thing actually look like your next door neighbour, or at least someone you might have spotted in the local shop buying a sliced pan.

Whats going on in the Big Sister place, is kinda like amateur porn. But I don't know about the local Corkonian arriving at the door.

"Is this on the telly, girl?"
"Oh right, fuck, I dunno about this"
"Its OK, it only on satellite television"
"Thats alright so, me oul doll only has the aerial on the roof like"
"So, ah, will, ah, I, ah, get me, aaaahhh gear off"
"Even me socks?"
"Right so! You too guuurrrll. Lets see them chats like"
"Ja, what you want to do"
"Errraaahh, whatever like"
"You want on top?"
"Ahh, no like. Herself always lies on her back. Id lurve somethin' different like. Ya know, I always get curry with the chips, but this waaan time they gave me mayo and twas daycent."
"Oh Jesus gurl, I'm not into that kinda thing at all. I thought about it once with a jar of bovril, but didn't bother in the end"

Don't think the lead in conversations from the Irish contingent would float too many boats. Maybe its just as well the majority of porn is watched with the sound turned off!

Out of curiosity, wheres the female equivalent of the above club?????

The one with shirts and stuff

make custom gifts at Zazzle

Came across this the other day on a quest to buy t-shirts! So nothing to serious, just shite for a laugh. Not that you'll off and buy these wonderful items or anything. Or will you????

Monday, November 17, 2008

The one with The Pana Fight Club shirt

The one with the bits from the movie bit

Trailers from The Movie Bit last night...

2012 Teaser

Harry Potter and the half blood prince

Star Trek

Watchmen Trailer 3

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The one with my take on Zack and Miri make a porno

Zack and Miri (Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks) are broke and decide to make a porno. What ensues is my favourite comedy of the year! Its not all tits and cocks though. Kevin Smith has come up with one of his best films and its certainly one of the sweetest movies you will see all year!
Thats all Ive got to say, its fuckin brilliant! Go off and see it!!!! Now!!!!


Poor distribution in Cork for some reason, and the only place Zack and Miri is showing is the Gate, The Reel in Blackpool & Ballincollig and the Parkway in Clon. 

You can hear Kevin Smith talking Zack and Miri tonight after 10 on Corks RedFM.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The one with Tom Clancys End War

I was never a fan of strategy games. I gave Populous some love back in the day on the Amiga, but other than that Ive kept well away from the command and conquer style stuff. That is, up until now. I got a review copy of Tom Clancy's End War yesterday and to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Sure, I saw the videos and while it looked good, it still didn't seem for me. Plus it had what seemed like a gimmick attached. Control the game with your voice and your Xbox headset.

So, I fired up the 360 at around 2am this morning and 2 hours later I was damn well impressed. That voice gimmick, is far from a gimmick. Its downright brilliant. And it works very, very well and nothing beats saying "UNIT 1 ATTACK HOSTILE 1" and watching your Unit 1 go off and kick ass. You can control your entire army via your voice. Get them to retreat. Get them to secure a building. Get them to take cover. The only thing you cant get them do is do a little victory dance and run rampage around the place with a couple of strippers.

Theres a tonne of commands. And its all so easy to execute. Right trigger, and your voice. That its! Brilliant. I had never really experienced voice command until now and its such a different way of playing. Graphically and sonically the game is what it is. Fairly detailed but nothing that'll melt your mind. The presentation is superb with a great story line in the solo mode and over xbox live, well. What can be said! Its bloody superb. You and your mates will be hoarse from roaring commands for days. For something a little bit different, and for something that'll change the minds of the non strategy fans (like me) you could do no wrong by checking out Tom Clancys End War. I genuinely love it! 


That said, its probably not too wise to play it in the early hours of the morning. When I did eventually crawl into bed, she who must be obeyed asked me "Who the hell were you talking to?" I'm not entirely sure she believed I was talking to my Xbox 360.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The one with Corks most annoying phrases

As compiled by my wonderful listeners...


1. I’ll tear ya!

2. Go on ya langer!

3. Chalk it down!

4. How bad biy!

5. Your some gomey mog!

6. I wouldn’t ride her into battle!

7. Whats the crack? / Wats crack-a-lakin?

8. How col kid?

9. Im allergic!

10. I’ll mangle ya!

11. You’re an awful gooowwwwwlllll

12. Hows she cutting?

SPECIAL MENTIONS – Hows your mother for spuds and free gaff?
5 beef burgers, 3 battered sausages and a kebab

The one where its the blogs birthday!

I'm useless. Absolutely useless. I thought it was today, but after a quick nose through the archives, it was yesterday. Ladies, Gentleman and web crawlers, Down with my life is 4 years old!

I cant imagine the thing has lasted this long, but it has grown into a monster that now lives inside me, ala some Ridley Scott film. And to tell you the truth, I cant see it ever bursting out through my chest. I'm a regular reader of the archives and find it amazing at how the blog and yours truly has changed. Methinks I'll have to go back to typing the fuck word more :)

So, for the birthday celebrations, I'm gonna sit at home with a drink and a cake (If I feckin had one) and nose through the archives. Anyway, Ive picked the birth date date November 12th to take a look back at blog postings on that date, from the last 4 years.
So it begins....

Finally crawled out of bed. Does anyone ever notice the longer you stay in bed the shittier you feel. All I know now is I have to bring the washing in off the line and settle down in front of Halo 2. Eircom people have rung saying my broadband is being processed so after 7 years of dial up I'm finally going to have a decent connection.
I'm starting to think about Xmas stuff already, but take alook at Gotta love that turkey and gravy flavour. I might check back later.

Nothing on that date, so I'll go with the date after (13th)
I was like Tom Cruise himself over the weekend, with one exception. He was running away from the Aliens, while I was chasing them. All the video shops kept the release date for War of the Worlds, which surprised me to be fair. Normally I get most of my DVDs from the states, but some titles recently are coming out here first.
You know your getting old when your in of a Friday night waiting to see whats on the Late Late and now you know your sad running around the place after a feckin DVD.
As for our caller Jane who needed a bit of help, from Thursday nights show I will be announcing in just under 30 minutes what we will be doing.
That's it for now kiddie winks. Laters

Same as last time, twas a Sunday, so this one from the 13th...christ
A very later than usual update today. Last night I briefly mentioned "Anybody know what Emergence day is?". Many people responded with a few words..GEARS...OF...WAR... I replied to those who knew telling them about what will be happening on Thursday night!
What will be happening is the following! I have just recorded an interview with Cliffy B (the lead designer on Gears of War) and will be packaging up a whole piece which will run just before midnight on Thursday night! The interview with Cliffy was extremely fun! Lets just say many of you will be expanding your vocab to include "Horstashio". All shall be revealed.
I will ALSO have some copies of the most anticipated game of the year, to giveaway.
In other news, I have a brand spanking new copy of Gears of War on my desk! Roll on midnight!

Nothing on the date again (for fuck sake) but there is something on the 14th
I still have the flu but it seems to be leaving me and going off on holidays for a while. So I shall be back on air tonight!
That is all. Move along!!!!

Well wasn't all that mon-u-fuckin-mental!!!!!! None of my amazing posts seem to fall on that day. Im currently around 50 posts away from 1000 and the goal is to nail that before the year is out!

On a final note, for those of you that read this and have done for quite some time, make this blogger happy and post your birthday wishes in the comments section. It'll make me feel all warm and hard!

The one with the Heavy Metal Farmer

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The one with the Quantum of Bonds

Great oul mash up

The one with bad parenting

Besides the video, todays update is an empty cavern of nothing. So, as your here why not delve into this time last year on the blog, or the year before or before that and so on. The archives are on the right hand side. Scroll down!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The one with the last few days!

Friday - Spend most of the day playing Gears of War 2, after dealing with a whole shit storm about one comment hat was made. Argue with car insurance company over renewal quote. Back to Gears. She who must be obeyed gets odd as Im still chainsawing fuckers up hours after she gets home from work. Decide to go out for food to local new Bar and Brasserie, The Crows Nest. Pub menu is over with and restaurant menu is in full effect. End up in the restaurant and have a decent enough meal. Come back home, dogs rain piss all over the back garden and go upstairs to our bed. Head to Mahon Point with the intention of a major shopping spree. Spend nothing and wander around Next waiting for the traffic to clear at 9. Debate going to W. but decide against it. Get home and the rest of the night is erased from my memory. No recollection at all.

Saturday - Get up. Too late for breakfast, so end up with some shit chicken thing for brunch. Spend most of day playing Gears of War 2 again. Much to dismay of herself, who ends up watching some soccer match in Hi Def. Finally emerge from the cinema and Gears 2 and hit up Eddie Rockets for dinner. Get home. Hit up itunes and beatport for some music. From there on in, hit the shower and get to Mallow for the gig in Club Light. Great night, get home for around 3.30am ish and lie in bed with the ipod rockin out on the web still 5am, as I cant sleep.

Sunday - Get up late again. Hit up the shop to get the Sunday Times. Vedge out in front of Gears of war again! Finish the game and call herself in to witness ending. She's relieved its all over. Decide to light the fire for the first time since January. Use sections of still unopened and unread Sunday times to get a fire log lit, that Ger ruined by attempting to light it the night before. Sunday Times finally assists in getting the fire going. Start sorting shit out for the show. Get to the station for around 8pm. Get home for around 1am ish. Collapse on the couch with Top Gear and go to bed and dont really sleep.

Monday - Get up after 4 hours sleep as lately Im having trouble sleeping. Still wondering whats wrong my lungs and chest. This shits been going on for weeks now. And because Im male, I wont go to the doctor. Car is due for a service and a door cable needs to be sorted. Get to the garage for 10am after a 8am get up time. Call into parents. Get home. Car ready. Collect it. Sort shit for the show. Go to the show. Great show. Home, collapse in front of Kevin Smiths new Q&A.

Tuesday - End up with mank chicken wrap for lunch. Updating blog with Kevin Smiths Q&A, on the TV. Battery in laptop going.

And thats it!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The one with a site that'll keep you occupied

Check this and now go off and waste 5 minutes creating your own.

The one with trailers from the Movie Bit and the Star Wars Accapella tribute to John Williams

Firstly this guy, who has way too much time on his hands, but this is brilliant!!!!!!!!

Anyway, onto the trailers that were mentioned!!!





Sunday, November 09, 2008

The one with Oasis...maybe

See more funny videos at Funny or Die UK

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The one with my take on Gears of War 2


Got hold of GOW2 on Election night and have been trying to put some serious time into it, in between my sinus and lungs exploding. And I cant put the thing down. I don't know how this blog has been updated over the last few days, due to some serious Gearing. 

Gears of War 2 is the sequel to the original Gears of War, obviously enough and if you thought the original was mind blowing, this sequel will melt your mind into dog food. Its that good. The latest edition of the Unreal engine drives the whole Gears 2 universe, which is even bigger and more beautiful that first time round. That's the first thing that hit me. The sheer size of it. The levels are huge and some of the original, big ass bad guys that were an occasional appearance are a regular occurrence this time round. Brumaks wander around like king kong sized chickens with guns. And by the first hour you will have killed at least one of the bastards. 

Like last time round, there is a great story line floating Gears. The Locusts have a new way of sinking cities, which has to be seen to be believed. Dom's wife is also now part of the story line. I don't want to give too much away, but you'll be sucked in from the very start and you'll keep going back to get to the next segment of the story line. Gears has some great voice acting to boot and its full of great lines that'll put a big grin on your face.

"Did you ever see them eat emulsion?"
"I don't care if they eat, shit and die"

Also, another new addition is the executions. Hit a colored button next to a downed enemy and enjoy. Seriously, gore is a big part of the game (you can turn it off if your wimpy) and its never been so enjoyable.

That's just the campaign, which I'm still battling through. As for whats on the multi player over Xbox Live, all the oul favourites are back with some new modes. In particular the Hoarde mode is fantastic. You and some mates battle it out with 50 waves of enemies. Its a phenomenal mode, which brings out the real comradary in ya.

Overall, this is going to be the big one this Xmas and no doubt will sell bucket loads of Xbox 360s.
For me, personally, its one of my games of the year. This will pick up awards left, right and center. If you are going to buy one game this Xmas, this is one helluva a purchase.
"Bigger, Better, More Bad Ass" Damn right!!!!!


And, don't forget, my GOW2 special kicks off tonight after 10.30pm only on Corks RedFM. Cliff Bleszinski will be in the house as well as some cool freebies!!!!! Don't miss it!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The one with Obama as President


Well the Barack brought it home last night and like many I stayed up and watched the events unfold. I'm sure many thought that an African American would never become President, or would have even made for the Democratic nomination. No doubt, there are still thousands, if not ten of thousands of narrow minded individuals who will have trouble accepting a black man for President.
But!!! the color of his skin has nothing to do with his capability of running the country.

If we can learn anything from this Presidential election, which has had the biggest ever voter turnout, we should learn that it is vital to get out and vote when the time comes. Americans who never voted, voted yesterday. Americans who would have preferred to shoot beer bottles off a tree, went out and voted. And we can certainly learn something from that.

History was made last night! History will judge in the years to come. And in my view history will state that Barack Obama is and was the right man for the job and personally, he is nothing but inspirational.

The one with Obama pulling away

Looks like the Barack is pulling well away from Mccain!!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The one where the madness continues at the BBC

Where does this all end? Read this in the Times this morning. If you cant be arsed clicking the link, it basically states that the JOKE made by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear about lorry drivers murdering prostitutes is after receiving hundreds of complaints.

I wonder how long it will be, before the self righteous gobshites all jump on the band wagon and the complaints hit the thousands ala Brand and Ross. This is all getting out of hand if you ask me. People need to climb down off their big fuckin' high horses and take things for what they are, a bloody Joke. For some, no doubt it is in bad taste, but then the color of Clarkson's shirt is also bad taste for some.

When people end up in the media, be it on radio or TV and get to be quite good and entertaining, there is always going to be the love / hate relationship. I wonder out of the 500 odd complainants, how many saw the programme Sunday night and indeed how many are Clarkson haters, who would relish the idea of him losing his job, making no income and him and his family starve and die in that lighthouse he has in the Isle of Man.

Top Gear and Clarkson has a huge audience and is a huge ratings puller for BBC2. So is Ross. In my view, I don't think they can afford to Clarkson or Ross go elsewhere. I'm sure the other networks in the UK, driven by advertising would give their left leg to have Ross or Clarkson on their books and pay alot more than the BBC have forked out for their TALENTS. Yes, these people are talented at what they do. People surely don't think they earn small fortunes for being a talentless hack, do they???

Ive been on the receiving end of complaints over the years and the subsequent "meeting" conversations certainly aren't nice. But its amazing how people will do their very best to try and get you out of a job for something so trivial.

If people want boring television and radio, either here or the UK, that's what they'll get eventually, because the real talent will just say "Fuck this" and go elsewhere. And its the majority of people who enjoy it will suffer! Not the self righteous shower!!!!

Theres a very, very simple rule for radio and tv. If you don't like it, switch it off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quite a number of people have a unique ability to distinguish between a joke and something blatantly malicious. I'm not entirely sure what this ability is called, but Ive a feeling its called intelligence.

The one with John McCain on SNL

So wonderful!

Monday, November 03, 2008

The one with my take on the Quantum of Solace

Last Saturday she who must be obeyed went off on a hen night, for the night to some far flung destination.....25 minutes down the road. So, what was I to do? Ring for a pizza? Ring for an Indian? Or phone some hookers and organise transportation for them down to the house and partake in a wildly expensive orgy? 

I didn't do any of the above! Well, actually I did ring for an Indian, but they said it would take half an hour to deliver it. I decided against that. Instead, I tried for 20 minutes to book a ticket online for the new bond flick. All sold out! I eventually got a ticket for another cinema and resorted to the fact that 11.15 was going to be my appointment with 007. So to kill some time and my credit card I drove off to Mahon point. Walked in and noticed that the Quantum of Solace showing for 6pm was NOT sold out. Bought ticket and went it to a pretty packed cinema. But, as luck would have it there was plenty of seats up the very front. So I spent the first 10 minutes getting motion sickness from an Aston Martin until I could take no more and moved back a row!

Ive always hated the original Bond flicks. Connery, Moore, Dalton and the other fellas, never liked em. They seemed very proper and cucumber sandwichy for my tastes. Then Brosnan came along and started to eat his cucumber sandwiches with out bread. So I remotely enjoyed one or two of Pierces outings. Then Daniel Craig arrived for the Casino Royale remake and not only did he eat the cucumber whole in one go, he ate a whole sliced pan IN wrapping as well, all while getting his balls smashed in with a lump of rope. I like this Craig fella. He was intense, he had balls (albeit small in his little speedo yokes, shrinkage taken into account) and was a sliced pan eating psycho. Brilliant. Just what the Bond franchise needed, in my view. 

So, Quantum of Solace kicks off 19 minutes or whatever it is, after Casino Royale finished. Que Aston Martin chase. With a bloody Alfa 156. I found this part a bit surreal, but none the less it entertains. For the next 20 or so minutes, its non stop action and then the whole movie slows down a tad and then we're off to the races again. This time in boats and planes. The whole thing moves along fairly quickly, all shot together very tightly by Marc Forster. Yes, he of the Kite Runner fame and the wonderful Stranger than Fiction. 

Quantum of Solaces' main story revolves around a very powerful, secretive organisation who are basically after the worlds water supply and manage to get 60% of Bolivia's aqua. And of course, Bonds oul doll that done herself in at the end of Quantum of Solace and he loved apparently, revenge is on Jimmy's mind. Will he find the guy that caused her betrayal in Casino Royale. If he does find him, will he kill him and so on and so forth. Craig, is as last time round, bloody intense. Que plenty of violence and heads going through doors. It'll certainly moisten your appetite for action and puckings.

Overall, its certainly not the movie of the year but it'll keep you entertained for the 1.46 it runs, but It left me slightly disappointed. I cant put my finger on it entirely. But at times it feels like its lacking a small bit. Given a revenge motive for Bond, I felt as intense as he is in this one, it certainly would have benefited from him being even more bonkers. But as previously typed, it'll keep you entertained! And you certainly wont wonder how they made shit of 6-7 Aston Martin DBS's. As for the bond women, well they're as ugly as a pigs arse, as usual.


7.5 /10

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The one with Seth McFarlene and the Cat Staff Meeting

This man can do NO wrong!!!

The one with the Club Light Halloween Fancy Dress

Some seriously savage and sexy costumes all night long!!!! Im the one in the mask and the foose shirt. Improvment I know!