Thursday, May 01, 2008

The one with addiction

Am I addicted to the web? Unfortunately, I think its safe to say I am. I haven't stolen some wifi signals.....yet!

I woke up this morning with the thoughts of a netless world swimming around my extremely large and intelligent brain (!). I broke out in a sweat, started shivering and at one stage I saw a baby crawling across the ceiling. Well....maybe not as bad as that but it did send a little shiver up my spine. If my net disappeared in the middle of the night, where would I be able to get an inbox fix of Russian brides, penis enlargement pills and some fella asking me to hold onto 10 trillion $'s in my bank account and if I do it for a day, he'll give me a spaceship or something.

Movie tickets, CD's (rarer now as itunes and beatport chew my credit card up on nearly a daily basis), Books, Blu-Rays , Water Filters for the fridge, Bar Stools, Flights, Hotels, Empire State Building tickets, Jalapeno Popcorn, a small selection of the endless of shite I've bought over the net. And that's just the buying part of it. I use the thing on a daily basis for emails, research, entertainment and of course the oul blog. I'm a big fan of public forums. The addiction is so bad, that I have my Ipod touch planked permanently next to the bed, much to the dismay of she who must be obeyed. Its used at all times of the night. I use Google Reader on the Ipod and can easily spend an hour or more at 3 in the morning catching up on various shit. I wake up and do the exact same thing, although I normally check the work email first, in case there's grief.

The net also works as a time machine for me. And no it doesn't involve tying the laptop onto the back of the car and driving through a car park at 88mph, or 142kmh!!!!!! If I have something in the Oven and need 30 minutes to kill, I 'll go online. To what seems like 3 minutes to me, in net time that's actually 30 minutes. Amazing.

Another thought has just hit me like a group of rampaging elephants. What would I actually do without the web? How would I get stuff together for the show? Or would I just slump in the couch and watch Oprah? Its not worth thinking about. Internet addiction is comparable to other addictions like gambling. Well, I reckon If this was gambling related I'd be living in a tent after selling the house for a few tips at some race track!

To some reading, you may well say what a sad bollocks. But, how many of you gawk endlessly at youtube or bebo your arse to all your "bebo friends". But, I do have a social life, I do get out, once theres a public wifi signal and I have my Ipod Touch!!!!!

I'm joking....I think!

The one with Dunk The Junk

Righto, as promised heres the link for dunk the junk

My little brainwave of getting Cork chefs to provide some simple recipes so that everyone can cook something decent as opposed to eating at the chipper 7 days a week. Enjoy and if you fancy providing a recipe, make sure you email me!

More recipes to come and a big thanks to Richard and Arthur for getting the ball rolling and to Eimear for doing all the calling!