Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Decided to have dinner in one of the restaurants in Mahon Point yesterday (Lets Face it theres not too many), and not one in the food court. I wont be naming and shaming but twas an absolute joke. Waited 25 minutes for starters which never arrived. I was then brought my main course 10 mins after that. When asked where my starters were the waitress (who had feck all english) said its the kitchens fault. I more aless threw my main course onto her tray and told her to get me the manager. The manager arrived after another ten mins and didnt seem to give a shit. Typical - Only in Cork. Overall though the centre is as mentioned previously great!

Midweek Top 5 Update

Late N Live Top 5 things that George Bush would do if Aliens attacked America (31/01/05)

5 – Thank them for taking the spotlight off iraq

4 – Phone Will Smith and ask can he help out

3 – Send dick cheneys daughter to see if any are gay

2 – Wonder if his foreign policy can deal with it

1 – When the aliens ask, take me to your leader he brings them to his daddy

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard when Michael Jackson arrived in court yesterday (1/2/05)

5 – Don’t look now but the Culkin kid is here with a gun

4 – The prince of pop, more like than queen of pop

3 – Michaels legal defence said they’d so if we done a top 5, so we’re doin a top 4 instead, hence no number 3

2 – Is that a snot hanging off his nose, oh no its just his nose melting

1 – That’s not mike, that’s Diana ross

Theres an ol pussycat around the place lately and here hes trying to communicate with our hobbit

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I decided to take a trip down to the new Mahon Point Shopping Centre around midday today. My main problem was that the traffic lights on the exit for the place were not switched on and it was and absolute disssssaasssttterrrrr. The centre itself is fantastic. Ill say it again, Cork really needed something like this. For some reason it doesnt feel like you're in Cork, its that good. Disappointly some of the shops were'nt open and no Eddie Rockets open either. I do love the Eddie Rockets. I have to take herself down there in a minute so more traffic bedlam. It will be interesting to see how the cinema will fair out as well as the retail park. But overall the whole place is Rockin!

Ive been waiting to hear news about something since November and it finally arrived today, so Id be a happy camper at this moment in time.