Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The one with Galactic Empire State of Mind!

As featured last night!!! Brilliant!!!!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The one with Claudia Winkleman

Since I was a child (some people still think I am) I have watched Film FILL IN THE YEAR on the BBC. Back in the days when Barry Norman used to present it, I wasn’t allowed stay up late to watch it. Instead, my Dad would tape it, firstly on Betamax and then on VHS when we moved up in the world. I would watch it the following day, after putting in the hours getting an education…or something. And then; in 1999, Jonathon Ross took over and I spent the bare bones of another 10 years watching the thing. And then Wossy packed up and left a few weeks ago.

For the last number of years, I watched all Oscar and Golden Globes coverage on Sky Movies. And a woman called Claudia Winkleman hosted the coverage in some makeshift studio in Murdoch land. She would be joined by a number of guests, and with few exceptions most of the guests were about as film friendly as the director of Battlefield Earth. Fuckwittery aside, Winkleman was my biggest problem. She was annoying, couldn’t connect with the guests and most of all came across as having sweet fuck all movie knowledge, let alone having the knowledge how to remotely present a show.

And then yesterday, I learn that she is the new host of Film 2010. Well, fuck me, I didn’t see that coming and neither did anyone else for that matter. Having watched this show for years and years, I will never watch it again, until someone who has a notion is hosting the thing. To put this in movie terms, I have the following akins.

Claudia Winkleman hosting Film 2010 is akin to the big monkey in King Kong on top of the ESB at the end of the movie. Doomed!

Claudia Winkleman hosting Film 2010 is akin to the Ice-berg that hit the Titanic. It sank it!!!

Claudia Winkleman hosting Film 2010 is akin to Battlefield Earth. It should never have happened!

Claudia Winkleman hosting Film 2010 is akin to Colin Farrell’s blonde wig in Alexander! That says it all!

I’m sure she is a lovely woman and all. But, for the life of me, I can’t fathom why somebody that has, for years, giving the perception that she is clueless about film, be hosting something as pivotal as Film 2010. Who, in their right mind decided this would be a good idea? I’m sure if this was Bullshit 2010 as opposed to Film 2010 it might work a little better. I’ve seen this in the past, on a personal level. People doing jobs that they were no more qualified for, than King Kong was qualified to do crosswords.

Would Ferrari hire a bloke that can’t drive to climb into an F1 car and win a race?
Would Aer Lingus hire a 17 year old who played MS Flight Sim a few times to fly across the Atlantic?
Would you hire a plasterer to do triple bypass surgery?
Would the CERN people hire me to operatre the LHC?

The answer is a big FUCK NO!

I am available Mr.BBC!!!!!!! But not for long!!!!!!!!!!! And I wouldn’t swear on the show either!!!!!!!!!
Go on then, I’ll show a bit of leg if I have to. But I’m not shaving!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The one with the Blog Awards winners

Well done to all involved on the night and of course Damien for his organising skills. Rumours about Galway looking like a Roland Emmerich movie are unfounded!

Best Popculture blog

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Best Food/Drink Blog

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Best Arts and Culture Blog

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Best Blog from a Journalist

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Best News/Current Affairs Blog

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Best Political Blog

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Use of the Irish Language in a Blog

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Best Specialist Blog

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Best Youth Blog

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Best Humour Blog

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Best Blog

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The one with the Wildlife


The Wildlife kicked off this morning! Follow it right throughout the day and night on RedFM and on Twitter and Facebook!

This weeks podcast[s]!

It’s readddddddyyyyyy! This weeks Movie Bit podcast features reviews of Perrier’s Bounty, Kick-Ass and Vic bitches about 3D amongst other movie related goodness! Grab it from iTunes here! The Kick-Ass special is ALSO available to download right now as well, And Cork Talks Back rewind is also available to download from here. So WTF are you waiting for… your own time of course…..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The one where you missed the Kick-Ass Special?

If for some reason you missed the Kick-Ass special on Thursday night, you have another opportunity to hear it again tonight! From 10pmGMT – Listen online

Friday, March 26, 2010

The one with some funny on a Friday

Jewish Bad Romance!!! Rock on!!! Don't forget Kick-Ass special on Sunday night, in case you missed it! Then available to download on iTunes. Speaking of iTunes the lastest Cork Talks Back rewind is now available to grab!! So go grab here!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The one that’s Kick-Ass

Red Mist (Christopher Mintz Plasse), Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Kick Ass (Aaron Johnson) will all be on air with yours truly in a kick ass, Kick-Ass Special this Thursday and Sunday! Plenty in the special including from Hit Girls fighting skills to Red Mist sweating and Kick Ass having to listen to stories about balls. That and all the scoop from the greatest movie to grace our screens this year!

You can listen online at or download the podcast from Monday. As for times

From 9pm GMT on the 25th From 10pm GMT on the 28th – The special will air on the 28th around 1030pm GMT and a similar time on the 25th. But tune in before hand as I just might have some very cool stuff, to give away!



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The one with epicness

For today, that is all!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The one with this weeks podcasts

This weeks Movie Bit podcast, that was originally broadcast on Corks RedFM last night, is now available to download from iTunes. Includes audio from the new Predators trailer, reviews of Zonad and I Love you Phillip Morris as well as plenty of movie musings! And the Cork Talks Back podcast is also available!!! Click here to get it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The one with the RedFM iPhone / iTouch App

The RedFM iPhone / iTouch App is now available to download on the App Store. Click here to download!redfmiphoneapp

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The one with the Roaring Forties

As part of our Paddy’s Eve show, the Roaring Forties popped in for a few numbers!!!

IMG_5961IMG_5989 IMG_5963 IMG_5970 IMG_5973 IMG_5977 IMG_5978 IMG_5979 IMG_5980 IMG_5982 IMG_5985 IMG_5987

Happy Saint Patricks Day!!!!

Have a good, safe one! Blog resume’s normal activity on Thursday!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The one with my idea of hell!

The one with GET IN!!!!

Before I hit the bed, I took a look in the News & Politics section on iTunes and noticed that the CTB Podcast has jumped up to 7th place!! Ahead of Pat Kenny, Eamon Dunphy, Newstalk Breakfast and Vincent Browne.GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fullscreen capture 16032010 031511

Monday, March 15, 2010

The one with, well be thankful, there’s one on a Monday

Afternoon all! This weeks Movie Bit podcast is now available to download so hook up your mp3 player on iTunes. Click here

For some reason or another, I’m bloody sick again! Throat knackered and so on. And given its what I do for a living I’ve been thinking. J-Lo has her hole insured for 100 billion or something and Jordan has her tits insured for a large chips and a coke, so maybe I should go insure the voice. Or at least gargle some throat gargling shit!

Anyway, moan over! My brain melted over the weekend, in particular yesterday. One of these things where nothing makes sense and then you go off and stare at a video game for 2 hours. Nothing makes sense after that either! But anyway, just one of those off days! Nothing like something from One Flew Over the cuckoo’s nest, I swear!

Now where’s that sink?


Friday, March 12, 2010

The one with this weeks podcast!!!

Click here – Available to download right now and it’s in 3 parts to make life that little bit easier! Enjoy and have a pleasant weekend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The one with recovery!

Jesus, you’d swear I was at the Oscar’s themselves last Sunday after the week that’s gone by! I clambered into bed Monday morning at a few minutes close to 6am and was up again in a few hours to make a baby scan appointment with Ger, for 10am. So feck all sleep basically! Monday night, show wise, for me was a long one! By the end of the show, I was feckered altogether. Without sounding like a drama queen, I thought I was gonna vomit on the way home! Tired sickness anyone?

Tuesday was another one, but at least I caught up with some sleep and Wednesday and today were spent staring at Matt Damon in Green Zone and Leo the Cap in Shutter Island in between doing other show stuff!

And tomorrow, of course is a day / night off. Except the bastard sunshine has come out and you know what that means. A few continuous days of it means one thing and one thing only! The grass needs to be fuckin cut! I’m threatening this tomorrow. My only real problem is the dog shit in the garden! I can’t stomach to pick the fuckin thing up and normally I stagger around the garden with a shovel and a bag, vomiting like some wino as I go. I believe there is a spray you can buy that “freezes” the dog shit, so it makes it easier to pick up? Anyone any ideas on that one?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The one with a new live stream!

New audio stream to listen live to Corks RedFM. Check it out here

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The one with the most demented thing you will see this week!

In the words of the internet, WTF?

The one with some Podcasts

This weeks Movie Bit podcast is now available to download. Click here to go to iTunes and download it! Featuring reviews of Alice and Wonderland, Ondine and all things Oscars. Also featured as separate downloads are Kirk Jones (director of Everybodys Fine) and Margaret Corkery, writer / director of new Irish flick Eamon!


Monday, March 08, 2010

The one with the Rebel Riders

The one with Pre Oscar coverage pictures at RedFM

Myself and assistant producer Nuala go all things Oscar!!!!


Sunday, March 07, 2010

The one with the Rebel Riders

Just back from the Rebel Riders ride to Dungarvan. Unbelievable turnout and I am genuinely privileged to be involved in some level! Mac and Phil went off on the ride as did they deputy Lord Mayor. In years to come, Hassan and Hussein can look back at this day and think what an absolutely wonderful bunch of people! Well done to John Mc and Jay and everyone who turned out!!!

IMG_5735 IMG_5738 IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG_5756 IMG_5758 IMG_5764 IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5784 IMG_5794 IMG_5797 IMG_5804 IMG_5805 IMG_5809 IMG_5810 IMG_5813 IMG_5815 IMG_5820 IMG_5825 IMG_5851 IMG_5852 IMG_5859 IMG_5861 IMG_5866 IMG_5868