Thursday, May 31, 2007

The one about Big Bollocks

Well not exactly about super large baby factories, but none the less, Big Brother is back on the screens from last night. Oh joy. More nobodies wandering around a pretty manky house. Some will have sex on camera with each other to boost their popularity, some will have sex with each other off camera and some will have sex with themselves. Great, riveting TV.

From a research perspective, I flicked it on earlier on just to have a nose as its going to be a topic on the show later on. Well, the oul wan of the divine. Give me strength. You have 2 twins who are promising to share a man between them, or something along those lines. You some bloke (I think) with pink hair and thats about all I could stomach. But as with any season of Big Brother, the best thing about it, is the wonderful censorship. If I really wanted to hear birds chirping or frogs farting Ill go out in my own garden and sit down, open a slice pan and have instant Big Brother censorship. Can the stuff the superstar contestants are saying be really that bad? Is there a fear that one of them might say something good about David Gest? Is there a fear that one of them might say something bad about the Queen (One is not amused!!!!)? Is there a fear that one of them will say something intelligent? Im sure by now, you've figured out Im not a fan of Big Brother.