Thursday, June 21, 2007

The one with whatever

Feckin' hell. I cant remember the last time I didnt update the blog in so long.

If you search through the archives you'll find a tale of a popcorn kernel smashing out part of my tooth, its roughly nearly a year ago. For the last year its been annoying the hell outta me and as usual I couldnt be bothered to do anything about it. So last Saturday I woke up with the thing pounding away like a 800 pound gorilla. Ger booked me into her dentist and I arrived in there on Tuesday morning. Numerous doses of anesthetic and I was due for an extraction. So, lovely dentist has a yank at the tooth and the pain is immense. "You felt that?" she said. So more does of anesthetic and she has another go. This time, less pain but she cant get a proper grip on the tooth so, much to my delight she tells me she has to cut the roots out, pop it and then pull it. It was at about this time I thought to myself why did I bother. So drill in hand she proceeded to cut the roots and then got something that looked like a fancy screwdriver, called an elevator. Using all her weight she eventually popped and pulled 3 pieces of tooth and the ordeal was over. In fairness she done a brilliant job and Im waiting for it to heal properly. Now, if truth be told, the tooth would more than likely still be there if I wasnt going to the big apple next month. Im a ghoul when it comes to these things, an absolute langer. Im not afraid of dentists or anything, but its just I cant be bothered. And its thanks to this frame of mind that I have about another 5 extractions and a root canal to be done. Lucky me. Who says Ill go back :)

Theres lots of things happening in Red that I cant say much about really, except you really would want to tuning in from Monday morning! I may give a clue at the end of the show on Sunday night! Actually I will give out a clue then!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The one with a little Bada Bing!

Sunday night in the U.S. saw the last ever episode of the Sopranos. Classed as one of the greatest television series of all time, Tony and co will never see the light of day again. Last night on the show I played an "exclusive" piece of audio featuring the last scene of the episode in question. Unfortunately, anytime I played this audio it seemed to have some static interference at the most inappropriate time...cough...cough. Incidentally, Cork Talks Back ended last night the same way as the Sopranos ended. I wont say no more, as I know theres lots of fans out there waiting to see the finale for themselves! It is going to be hard to avoid the ending as its allover the net, with every blogger, journalist and serial porn down loader rabbiting on about it. But, there is no denying that the Sopranos will long be unchallenged as the greatest tv show of all time. Even better than Glenroe and dare I say it, even better than Bracken. I only got into the show about 2-3 years ago after KC and Colm kept harping on about it. It became an addiction, watching 3, 4, 5 even 6 episodes a night after getting home from the show. You couldnt ask for any more from a tv show as far as Im concerned. It had everything, granted 1 or 2 seasons werent as hot as they could have been, but no one cared because Tony, Sil, Chrissy, Paulie, Bobby and everyone else became extended members of the family!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The one where we should all spare a thought for Paris

As mentioned in the title, please spare a thought for poor Paris.....................yeah, right. Just in case the weather takes a dive for the worst, the above pic should brighten your day!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The one with nothing in the title

Well, the exams are off to their usual start. Egg frying temperatures. Even if you woke up from a coma and looked out the window, you'd realize it's exam time. Something Im going to be playing out later on, will be the exam experiences of some of the Red crew.

Personally, for me I absolutely hated it. I hated the atmosphere, I hated the examiners, I hated the way the place smelt. I understand what everyone is going through. I see where the hundreds of callers and texters are coming from, when its a topic on the show. The one thing I did figure out though, was, and I say this every year, DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE. Dont get sucked into the whole thing and I know its hard not to. But if you do and start believing the hype thats when mistakes and panic kicks in. Its an exam, its a public exam. Yes they're important and No, they're not the be all to end all. That said, it doesnt mean you scratch your arse for 5 or 6 years. I screwed up my Leaving first time round. I think at the time you needed to pass 5 subjects, Im sure its the same now but Im open to correction. Anyway, I managed to scrape 4 and that was it. To anyone that wasnt in the know ie parents I told them I passed it. But you can only pull the wool over peoples eyes for so long. So I repeated and dj'd through the whole thing. While not the best move, I did occasionally open a book and on the second attempt I done alright. I didnt get enough to go to college, but I had no aspirations to go to college at that time. I hadnt a notion of what I wanted. I was veering toward computer science for a long time but in the end I just couldnt motivate myself enough to do it.
The point Im making here, is if all goes pear shaped over the next 2 weeks, theres plenty of options open to you, repeating being one of many. So best of luck to everyone!

The one with Diet Water

Yup, as mentioned last night....

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The one with Halo 3 and its Irish connection

As most of you know Ive been getting me hole kicked with the Halo 3 beta for the last while, as many others have as well. Roll on release date!!!! Theres an Irish connection to boot as well, something the music fans can appreciate to boot.

Check what Im on about here

Anyway, have a nice Saturday. Im off to get some bullets in me arse again.......................YES!!! in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!