Thursday, September 24, 2009

The one with brown shoes

Men of Cork.....are you there???? Do you have brown shoes???? You do??? Oh mother of Jesus. Throw them out now. Quite a number of ladies have came out of the wood work since a topic the other night regarding Corkonian women have too high standards. And one of the prevalent issues was brown shoes. Men who wear brown shoes are too grandad like and it's a major no no. What follows is a selection of comments we received.

"Vic, brown shoes on a man is like eating a fist of lemons. It just doesn't happen"

"Vic, Brown shoes on men is the most disgusting thing ever. You have more chance of getting into my pants than a bloke wearing brown shoes."

"Vic my boyfriend once came home with a pair of brown shoes. I slept in the spare bedroom until he promised to take them back. And theres nothing wrong with having a little standard, after all we are human"

"I've been listening there for the last half hour and would someone ever take these stuck up, brown shoe hating bitches outside and shoot them"

"Vic I've 1 pair of brown shoes and I normally only wear them to weddings or something formal. I've been single since the day I bought the first pair, a year ago. You don't think its connected do you?"

"Victor, any man that comes up to me looking for a jump has less of a chance if he wearing shit colored shoes"

I know in the past we've had bizarre topics on, but never before have we encountered such hatred and disgust for blokes who wear brown shoes. Personally I have a pair of tan hush puppies which I will now go off and hide!
Otherwise, I can always put in a call to the council and see can we organise a mass, legal burning of brown shoes in Pana.