Friday, November 12, 2010


Today, the blog hits the ripe old age of 6 years old. Or if you want to work it out in baby time, it’s 72 months old.

I probably say this every year around this time (too lazy to go back on the archives) but I never thought it would last this long. Since I set this blog up all those moons ago, another few blogs have come on stream, mainly my photoblog and of course the Irish Web Award finalist, The Movie Bit. If anything, this year has probably been the worst year for the blog as I’ve horsed most of my time into The Movie Bit. So a sporadic lack of updates has been the result of all things movies.

Ironically, The Movie Bit blog was originally only supposed to cater for my reviews, which were ending up here on a regular basis, so I felt it was a better idea to keep them separate altogether. Little did I know the monster that would grow into!

Earlier this year I contemplated putting down this blog and doing the right thing due to lack of time for updates. But I couldn’t. For better for worse this blog has become a part of me that I can’t let go. It’s catalogued some of the most pivotal moments in my life, including my wedding (which had a scheduled blog posting on the big day) and the birth of my son, Cameron. A few times a month I have a nose through the archives (when I’m not feeling lazy) and spend ages reading at what I was doing or what was going on way back when. Even now I wonder is it time to say goodbye, but for somebody that gets attached to things like televisions, it’s will be the blog that will say goodbye to me, not the other way round!

So while the updates may be a little sporadic over the last few months, part of me will eventually get around to doing something less sporadic.On an almost final note the Twitter box has grown like a disease in size so there’s still regular activity here…kinda.

And on the final note, thank YOU for dropping by here over the years and reading this mundane shit I type from time to time. THANK YOU!

Happy B-Day blog…you motherfucker, you!!!