Monday, March 06, 2006

Well the Oscars are said and done. Did I win any money? Did I shit! For one of the few times in living memory I stayed up for the complete thing. Not once did I began to get a dose of the nods, well maybe when Sky Movies cut back to that extremely boring and sullen presenter of theirs. I cant even remember her name, but christ she was awful. Where is Ross when you need him. I had money on Capote to win Best Picture and pick up Best Director as well. Why? I dont actually know to be honest. I guess the odds looked favourable. After Clooney won BSA, I ran upstairs..ok I walked upstairs, and put a few bob on him for other things. As I predicted on the show for the last few weeks, Bareback mountain would not win Best Picture. Deep in the bowels of my heart, I knew Capote had no chance and Crash was an outside runner. Even Jack Nic. sounded suprised when Crash won. The Oscars are getting a bit cooler with some of the skits and parodies that were on last nights show. Jon Stewart was pretty cool, but like Chris Rock I cant see him coming back next year. Its not that he was bad, he was really good but I think the Oscars have diseased us all with Whoopi, Billy and Steve. There expected, and thats what we're conditioned with!

I did cover the Oscars for a short while last night, and around 99% of Cork seemed to think that Bareback mountain was going to win for best picture. Well they were wrong, and so was I! I havent had much chance to update this thing over the last few days as we've been really busy with the show. Lots response to our discussion on Prostitution in Cork. In researching it, myself and Risteard spent some time in the Red Light Districts of Cork. It did look a bit dodge, Ill admit...2 guys driving around in a car at 1 in the morning. None the less, it was fascinating. Granted telling the better half "I spent half the night looking for whores" didnt go down too well!

I managed to take in quite a few movies over the weekend, The Weather Man and Jarhead being 2, as I cant for the life of me remember the other ones. The 2 listed are really good with some nice dialogue in The Weather Man, and Jarhead being extremely enjoyable from start to finish!

Thats about it for now. Some vouchers for Wagamamas up for grabs tonight, amongst other things!