Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Morning, Afternoon, Evening. This is going to be a short update today as Im up to me nipples in meetings and what nots for the afternoon and I have to leg it to the Gate cinema to announce the Island movie at 7. Loads of emails this morning regarding our big debate last night on the boy racers. Look for this on a rewind in the very near future.

Also make sure you check out the show tonight as for the first time ever, we will have our very own house band. Well, Vince and a keyboard. Letterman, Leno, O Brien, Ross all have their own bands so tonight, its my turn. We should be opening the show with a stirring live rendition of chopsticks or amazing grace. Deadly serious, well not so much about the chopsticks or amazing grace.

Late N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from someone making your breakfast roll (9/8/05)

5 – God, are you sure you should be eating a large roll, you look like your going to get a heart attack

4 – Yes my hands are clean, I just washed them last week

3 – Look we’re out of ketchup, I could cut myself and bleed into your roll if you’d like

2 – Yes Sir, we gurantee these sausages were alive 3 days ago

1 – God I hate working here, they don’t have bog roll in the jacks

Right, Im laters!