Monday, October 13, 2008

The one with the jingle creator

Almost as good as the real thing :) :) :) :) :)

The one with the Movie Bit

Gonna be a permanent feature on the show every Sunday

The one with some Blu Ray recommendations

The Movie Bit kicked off last night and as promised, those of you who have just started bursting your Hi-Def cherry,
this post is for you.

The following are what I reckon are a pretty damn fine example of High Definition video and audio

RAMBO - The latest one, Ramob 4 if you like. Turn it up and all you need is an automatic weapon.

SHOOT EM UP - Clive Owen delivers babies in another "Who give a shit what the neighbours think". Turn it up!!

CLOVERFIELD - Looks great and sounds even better.

AVP REQUIEM - While the movie may have been a little shite, this looks and sounds pristine!

IRONMAN - Great looking Hi Def movie with a pretty vigorous soundtrack to boot

I-ROBOT - Looks amazing

RATATOUILLE - Any of Pixars stuff looks and sounds amazing in HiDef and the cooking Rat is no exception!

There only a small selection and some have been imported from the states. Given the ridiculous high street prices
for BR's at the moment in Cork, I find online the best places to buy. The following are 2 sites I use quite a bit, Im
not associated with them in anyway, but have been using them for a long time, in particular movietyme, Also keep an
eye on for 3 for 2 offers

If you are importing from the states, make sure to check this site
It'll let you know whats region free or not!