Friday, June 20, 2008

The one with Super Sweet 16's

I had no 16th, I had no 18th and I had no 21st. Besides a few mates around and going out in town, that was it. I spent my 21st with a girlfriend at the time and that was it. No obligatory hiring of a GAA hall or anything. All I wanted for any of these birthdays was a couple of quid to feed the CD and VHS addiction with the occasional purchase of a pair of jeans, black leather fingerless gloves or a new back patch for the manky denim jacket. I never had the notion of asking the parents for a party. When I was younger they provided plenty of bday parties. You know the ones where you hand out invites in class (or in my case the teacher would hand em out) to which you had no say in it anyway. "Your mother knows best who to invite" translated into "I wont be inviting that shower of stuck up bastards that I cant stand at the school gates".

When it came to the milestone birthdays (check above) I never looked for ponies, BMW's or to be carried into a GAA hall atop a seat carried by half naked, buffed up blokes. Nor did I look for the hot band of the day to turn up and play. Granted, the idea of Guns n Roses turning up to play at my 16th would have been nuts. Slash would have been strung out, on the ground covered in chocolate rice crispy cakes and TK lemonade. Axl wouldn't have turned up and the rest of em probably would have arrived with a few hookers.

I cant understand what the f$%k is wrong with these kids on the Super shite 16 thing on MTV. They are spoilt little shits for the best part. I know I've probably ranted about this in the past, but the parents should be brought out to the Serengeti, covered in BBQ sauce and left fend for themselves. Lions, Cheetahs, hell even a few zebras might take pleasure in removing their ribs through their arse. The ego's are similar to that of Val Kilmer in his "I'm Val fuckin Kilmer" days. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Shut up already! They never get second hand cars and if a second hand car is even mentioned, then the parents may as well have a peek out the window for the dudes and their apocalypse ponies.

I'm all for; if you have it spend it, but some of it is ridiculous. I wonder how much behind the scenes stuff actually goes on? The majority of the kids either get a BMW or a Merc. Given the huge audience this show pulls in, its great product placement for BMW or Mercedes. Does Daddy get a huge discount on the car, or even get it for free. I'd hazard a guess that there is some deal struck up. Same goes for the big stars. Got a new single coming out, hey go on the 16 show. Its watched by millions of teenagers, lets get more of an audience! Ka-ching!!!!!!!

I'm sure some of these kids are nice and polite (I'm sure there was one episode) but for the best part, they are jumped up little shits, who think they've got it all going on. What they should do is take there brand new X5, drive that to the Serengeti, cover it in BBQ sauce and run out of petrol.

On a final note...not for everybody I'd imagine, but hilarious.

Anyway , have a nice weekend. Im in Club Light, Mallow tonight and back on the air Sunday night where Jean Elliot will be in the house!