Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The one with complimentary "losing the consumption challenge round 2" pic

Had a wonderful day in the CUMH, holding the absolutely gorgeous nephew, Caelum. Will get more of an update tomorrow.

In a completely unrelated note, my recent victory, in the Victor Barry Competitive Consumption Challenge was a hard fought one. This is the cracker round where I lost! As you can see, struggling is an understatement!

The one where Im an Uncle

Got the text last night around 11.30 that I was an Uncle. Gers sister and her husband had a bouncing baby boy last night at 10.35pm. Exciting times. Guess Im gonna have to buy "The Idiots guide to being an Uncle".

Its hard to put it all into words, I was even lost for the proverbials last night making the announcement on air. A sudden rush of excitement to the head.  But Im absoultely, positively thrilled. And cant wait to see the new born later on! Excited.com!!!!!!!! Roll on the baby sitting!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The one with Little Britain USA

Late and quick today as Ive got something else happening, which I cant reveal anything about until possibly later or more than likely tomorrow!!!!

Little Britain USA started last night in the states, and If your a fan of the show and particuarly Fat Fighters, then dont miss the show tonight!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The one with the Blizzards

The Late Night interview returns tonight....

Ahead of their gig in the Savoy this Thursday (Oct 2nd) Niall Breslin from The Blizzards on the show after 10 TONIGHT!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The one with the Death Star over San Francisco

One of the finest things you'll see this month :)

Pants off, lighsaber out!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The one with my take on Righteous Kill

Got to see Righteous Kill yesterday and getting to see De Niro and Pacino on screen at the same time, on the same screen is always a good thing. Or is it??

In a nutshell, De Niro and Pacino play cops. They've been partners since  T-Rex's were thundering about the planet. The movie starts with De Niro in an interview scenario saying he killed 14 people in his 30 years as an NYPD officer. From there on in, we get a dose of flash backs of  those killings. The rest of the story sees De Niro and Pacino along with John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg bicker back and forth about whos doing the killings. And then the pressure is on, once the suddenly figure out its a cop. Throw in the occasional scene with Brian Dennehy, 50 Cent and some steamy(ish) sex with Carla Gugino and you've got a movie that was billed as something fantastic. Actually, scrap the steamy(ish) sex bit, its not even worth opening a belt for!

Is it fantastic? Its got all the right elements, but doesn't entirely live up to the hype. 2 of the greatest actors the world has ever known pull off a performance that doesn't do much really. Id imagine they can pull off this sort of performance off in their sleep, or even if they were in a coma. I'm not saying its bad, but it could have been alot better. Ive heard and read about this movie where some say the ending is quite predictable. Well, I didn't see it coming. Admittedly, my brain was switched off for the movie, so being in idiot mode probably didn't help.

All the same, I enjoyed the ending and I enjoyed the movie. Its not a big pile of steaming shite in any shape or form and if you go see it, leave part of your brain at the door. I was really looking forward to this as a fan of Pacino and De Niro, and seeing the 2 of them share a whole load of screen time together will be  a pants removing moment for a lot of people. I got the vibe from the trailer that this was gonna be a great movie. Its not, but it'll keep you off the streets! Is it worth going to see? Well De Niro and Pacino together are the big draw here and yeah, its worth going to see. Just dont expect a Taxi Driver or Scarface like performance from the lads. You wont be foaming at the mouth with excitement, but you'll enjoy it all the same.

And yes, it is great seeing De Niro and Pacino on screen together. Lets just hope they dont do a fuckin comedy together.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The one with Letterman and McCain

As any one who knows me or has read the blog for any amount of time, one of my all time heroes is David Letterman. Well he's done it again, this time with John McCain. You might well get a kick out of this...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The world must be coming to an end. 4 days of sunshine. Yeah, you read that right. 4 full days of sunshine. Is there anybody taking bets on how long this is gonna last?

Anyway, the first round of the Victor Barry Competitive Consumption challenge took place last night, with yours truly taking the win after downing a litre of water in 46 seconds. Not to be tried at home. Really and truly felt like my lungs were gonna come up as well as the chicken I had for dinner. One of the many dumb things Ive done over the years on air. And it was certainly near the top. I reckon I could have shaved 6-7 seconds off it, if I didnt stop half way through to talk shite.

Anyway, this is the way it should be done....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The one with a radio station on fire

Hats off to the jock!

The one with the Irish Web Awards nomination

Good news to end a Tuesday with. 

Redfm.ie has just got short listed for the Irish web awards.

The one with Super Langer

Really, its time to get off the couch...anyways from a few posts back. The Marvel create a superhero yoke....

The one with something about nothing!

Well, its Tuesday. I'm sure nobody needs to be reminded that it is a Tuesday, particularly on a blog. So what shall I write / blog about today?

Maybe it'll be about how I seem to be stuck to the couch with a phenomenal, unwillingness to move. Even though I should move, because Ive got shit to do!

Maybe it'll be about how I should have went to bed after I got home last night, as opposed to watching about 3 hours of Runs house.

Maybe it'll be about how I just cant seem to balance the damn laptop in a comfortable, albeit lazy position on my lap.

Maybe it'll be about how some people really havent got a clue, about anything! But think they do!

Maybe it'll be about how Ive watched far too much Terminator: Sarah Conor Chronicles

Maybe it'll be about how I should really open the blinds and bathe the room in sunlight.

Maybe it'll be about how Im running out of maybe it'll be abouts.

Maybe it'll be about nothing!!!!!

If you've read this far, you, like I have wasted some time! And thats a good thing! Possibly!

The one with Viva Obama

Monday, September 22, 2008

The one with the before 8pm WTF

The one with nominations and Polar Bear security

As Im sure many of you know by know, RedFM got 9 nominations for the Irish Radio Oscars, so fingers crossed! And speaking of awards, the Irish Web Awards shortlist is out tomorrow andRedFM.ie is longlisted already in the best radio web site category, so even more fingers crossed we'll make that shortlist as well!

On another note, Im about to launch a new product in the coming weeks. The PBHSS will be THE alarm system to own this winter. Not only is it rescuing polar bears from starvation, but it gives them a new career move as well!

Click on the pic, for all the details!!!

The one with kissing squirrels

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The one with the coolest thing your gonna see all day

Create your own comic book here!!!!


The one with my pants saber unleashed for the Force unleashed

Every now and again theres a few video games that make me want to take off my pants. To some out there, that may be a frightening thought, but don't worry about it. Go back to your mirror!

Star Wars : The Force Unleashed is out this Friday, and while I know that the lack of quality Star Wars games is far and few between, this has really got the pants saber going "Bzzzzzzzzz" and "Scccchhhhhhhh". Sure it'll probably get repetitive, but bouncing stormtroopers of walls and through windows into the vast vacuum of space will keep me well happy into the witching hours.

Speaking of witching hours, Im sitting here with the end of Platoon belting out on one of the movie channels. Anyway, some Star Wars goodness...

The Miley Cyrus 7 Things Spoof

Another dosage of lazy blogging....

At least the spoof version is good....

The one with the Hurricane Ike Bear

As mentioned on the show...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The one where Im back

Back on the air tonight after a nasty fight with my eye!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The one with my Pineapple Express take!

Seth Rogen is currently seriously hot shit in Hollywood. And just in case you didn't see Knocked Up, The 40 year old Virgin or Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express will confirm that he is one of the finest comedic actors working at the moment.

So what is the Pineapple Express all about? Is it about some new tropical fruit shaped train? Is it about some new motorway shaped like a tropical fruit? Or, is it a combination of the two? In a nutshell, the movie is about a train that....well not exactly. 

In another nutshell, Dale Denton (played by Seth Rogen) is a stoner, who works as a process server. He is witness to a murder by a big time drug lord. Big time drug dealer finds a roach that Denton drops in the panic trying to get away and figures out that theres some Pineapple Express in the roach. 2+2 are put together and Dales dealer, Saul Silver (played by James Franco) is the only guy in town selling Pineapple Express. 

The rest of the movie, sees the lads on the run, in a really, really,  clever comedy! There are some really laugh out your lungs moment. For me, the absolutely "shit, is that my lung in my popcorn" fight scene when the guys meet up with Red is a real standout moment. Through out the movie there are scenes which, I reckon are ad-libbed due to the sheer and utter lunacy of them. They work unbelievably well and this is all down to the sheer talent of Rogen and Franco.

James Franco plays the part of stoned, drug dealer Saul Silver brilliantly. Long, greasy hair, pyjama bottoms, its a far way from what alot of folks may have last seen him in. The spiderman trilogies. Danny McBride, plays Red and is absolutely outstanding! Wait for his foot shooting grand finale! Classic stuff!!!! And what cant be said about Seth Rogen. I really think he's a huge talent, and mark my words in a few years time his immense talent may see him get an Oscar nomination if decides to do another genre of movie! Mark my typed words! If I had to critical, it could have done with a bit more nudity. Rogens legs just didn't do it for me on the nudey front!

Special mention to Huey Lewis and the News who wrote the title song especially.

If you absolutely detest stoner movies, this one aint for ya. But, if you enjoy forcing your lungs out through your nostrils, this one is most definitely for you!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The one where the collider yoke kills us all!

Live webcams from the LHC. Check it out!!!!!


The one with Schwarzenegger and Bale

Previously, I've featured the T4 trailer clip and just recently the following clip appeared on the web. Its Arnie and Christian Bale on the set of T4. Wonder what the conversation is like!

AS "Yahhh, you need to emphasise the ck when you say Ill be back, Yahhh?"
CB "Oh right ya"
AS "Yahhh"
CB "Ya? maybe"
AS "Yaaaaaahhhhh"

Speculation is rife that the Goven-atah is gonna be making a cameo in some capacity. Now I know that Arnie is and always will be THE Terminator and I spent most of my child hood drooling over Predator and Terminator. The original Terminator movie was one of 2 reasons I bought a biker jacket. But cant Arnie stay out of this one?Just to see how the franchise holds up without him and Bale taking the lead role. Ah go on Arnie, just once. And if Bale is shite then the T-800 can mangle his testicles in T5.

The one with Jerry Reed

I have no idea on how I missed this, but spotted it on a few blogs this morning, including Ricks one.

The snowman is dead! Jerry Reed is gone! One of my all time heroes as a child! All I wanted to be was a truck driver after watching Smokey and the Bandit. Along with Star Wars, the Smokey and the bandit trilogy have been watched more times than Id care to admit.

A while back I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Jerry and had an absolute blast with the snowman, who couldnt have been nicer! Will see can I dig out the audio and get it on a podcast!

The more I type, the sadder Im getting!

Jerry Reed - A gentleman and a hero, now a legend! Wherever he is now, Im sure he's got the guitar out!

The one with Junior Cert night

Well another Junior cert night came to an end last night and the number of incidents of a serious nature, seemed to be less than last year, which is a good thing! One of the worrying aspects that came out of this though, is the amount of teens popping' pills. Maybe its ignorance, maybe its stupidity or a combination of both. But, can anyone explain whats going on in their little brains? How many more teenagers have to collapse and never again wake up, before the rest of them get the message! Idiots!

As usual, its the minority that get the rest a bad name when it comes to all things underage, but whats with the gangs of scobes? Groups of 20 or more wandering around, attacking innocent folk for no apparent reason. Bottles, iron bars and anything else they could get their knuckle scraping hands around, were all used. Maybe its their big man complex! Idiots!

From the fashion point of view, some girls in particular were wandering around wearing absolutely nothing. As someone pointed out via text, the less you wear the easier access it is! Easier access for who? The dope who started a fight with a random stranger for nothing? The dope puking his guts up all over the place? The dope who drags his knuckles along the ground? They want that dope to get easy access to their lady bits? Oh yeah, that's a great catch! Well done! He'll make a great dad! Idiots!

Its frustrating to hear some of the tales on air, what with teenagers thinking they're mad for drinking a few cans or knocking back pills. Idiots!

My large selection of hats are off to all the teenagers who didn't feel the need to use drink or drugs to have a great night out. LEGENDS! 

My other hats are tipped to all the emergency services who have to deal with this night every year! They might not be told it often enough, but its very much appreciated!!!!

And much hat tipping and thanks to Eimear and Kevin for putting on the bravery uniforms yet again and wading into the middle of it and bringing exclusive live coverage of the night! And thanks to Nools for holding down the fort!

All back to normal later (if ya call the show normal :) ) and I'll be following up on JC night later, Anne Sexton, Christ with a K and all the usual!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The collider thing again and junior cert action!

It happens in a few hours.......woooooooooooooo (in a spooky tone). This guy seems to have it down to a tee...cough....


Anyway, if we're not killed by a black hole or brain eating demons from another dimension, we'll be on the streets tonight as Junior Cert night 2008 unfolds!!!

And for all the JC's out there, I hope yer all happy with the results and the most important thing of all, if your celebrating later on, please think about what your doing and STAY SAFE!!!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The one with Lilly Allen and Elton John

If there were ever a need to put a pair of steel toe capped boots up someones hole, its this...

Only came across it this morning!!!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

The one with the Collider yoke

Large Hadron Collider or LHC as its known to the boffins! Maybe they've given it a nickname, like Horris or something! Is it gonna bring the end of the world? Is it gonna create a black hole? Or will it bring some bad ass dudes from the 9th dimension who will kick some serious ass? I don't think anybody knows. Apparently its safe! I'm sure that's been said about other things before! As a listener pointed out last night, the laws of normality wont allow for something as exciting as a black hole!

Im intrigued with the idea of the end of the world. For years, we've got the Hollywood version. That normally involves Bruce Willis or Will Smith saving the day with 0.000000001 seconds left on the end of the world bomb or whatever is threatening our existence. What would the LHC version be? Would shit just stop and that would be it. One minute your eating your ham sandwich and then nothing! Just darkness! Just blackness! Nothing. No speaking, talking or eating ham sandwiches! That's that! Earths gone. Disappeared. No suffering, no pain! Just gone! Like a lightbulb that just blew! And theres no one around to replace that light bulb!!!

On the other hand, and the more likely scenario is that nothing bad will happen. Theres always nay Sayers who jump on the band wagon and have got their lawsuits to stop whats going on!

Now, if shit doesn't get fecked up, then maybe we'll get flying cars from whatever they discover! And I'm talking real flying cars, not the crap that's around at the moment! I'm talking about the stuff they had in Hill Valley in Back to the Future II! Real kick ass flying cars! 

Maybe they'll discover other dimensions! Maybe some stuff will slip through? Maybe we need Hellboy to sort shit out! 

Oh yeah, almost forgot the hadron collider rap I played last night! It explains everything bar the Hellboy scenario! Or the end of the world part :)

Anyway, on a final note if the fan does start to get covered in shit, this is what I'll be listening to on Wednesday!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The one with nakedness!

Naked Listener night happens tonight!

The one with Paddys Revenge

Right, on a slightly different note a few people have been asking non stop about a particular track that I play in Club Light. Been spinning it on and off for the last month or so and tis a stormer!

Anyway, for today, well for the current moment in time, that is all!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The one with Jam Junior

Junior Cert next week! So for those of you figuring out what to do, do it in style!!!

The one with the Zack and Miri make a porno trailer!

NSFW - The trailer finally arrives! This absolutely, positively has made me take my pants off!!!! Funny with a capital fuckin F!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The one thats a small take on Google Chrome

So about 40 mins ago, Google launched Google Chrome

It downloaded and installed in seconds, and man is it fast. During random browsing it rips through pages, but at times it ground to a halt if a video made an appearance. I know its a BETA, so alls excusable, but Im lovin it so far!

The one with google, lions and salt

Fairly shortly, Google are about to jump into Internet history again, by releasing a beta web browser. Its called chrome. Its about to launch any minute now. No doubt there is a queue of geeks forming around their PCs and Macs as I type this. At some point this afternoon I'll go off and grab it, at my ease (says he who's checking the Google blog every 2 minutes) and have a nose. Maybe porn will look better on it, who knows.

The following may seem very, down the local shop conversation, but the weather is an absolute fuck up. I've got feck all opportunity to cut the grass and its so tall at this stage its probably easier to sell the house and move somewhere else, than cut the bloody thing. I'm sure I saw a lion wandering around in it yesterday. Maybe it was the lion that escaped from Belfast Zoo. But it wasn't a lion, it was a dog. That's some big feckin dog! How does one get a dog confused with a lion. Maybe it chewed on someones shoes as opposed to ripping out their stomach through their arse.

On another note, last night I made the startling announcement that there is no salt in RedFM. And duly started up the Salt Aid campaign. How this works is fairly simple. If you send me sachets of salt and include your name and address, I will send you a fantastic RedFM car sticker which is far better than putting a Nike stripe on your love wagon. So, salt sachets to

Victor Barry

And rest assured that you are helping a great cause. Think of the many members of RedFM staff that you will help! Don't leave us have chips without salt any more! Send your salt sachets!

Monday, September 01, 2008

The one with the results of where are you listening


45% HOME

55% WORK


25% CAR














The one with Star Wars V Rush Hour

Yup, tis a lazy blog post, albeit a funny one!

The one with the Rebel Riders

I promised the folks at the Rebel Riders MCC to plug their event which is happening on Saturday.

The riders are doing a charity bike run on Saturday 6th September from Dunne's stores ballyvolane at 11am to macroom.If you wanna part take be there no later than 10:45am.

That night at 9pm in the Silverkey in Ballinlough there will be a charity auction and leg wax. Great prizes include signed cork g.a.a jerseys, cork city jerseys and jimmy barry murphy sporting items. The whole event is all in aid of marymount hospital. So give generously!