Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The one with people in sheds

Morning, afternoon and all those pleasantries. A while back I came up with a simple text poll that asked the question, are you listening naked. And over 1 in 2 people, listen to Cork Talks Back with Victor Barry, nekkid. Now, that poll is coming around again in the next few days, so get stripping.

Last night, another question was posed by yours truly. "Where are you listening?". Its easier for the audience to see what I look like via the web, but its difficult for me to imagine alot of the audience, naked or otherwise. So, being a curious fella, I wondered aloud where do people actually listen to the show.

Boats, Baths, Cliffs, Mountains, Tractors, Car Boots and Sheds were just a selection of what I got back via text. In particular, sheds seemed to be the outright winner when it came to where folks listen to the show. Maybe the show is some dirty little secret for alot of people, where they have to listen in private, in a shed. Now if your shed is like mine, its a nasty place. Things like the lawnmower, screwdrivers and Hulk Spiders live there. But either way, thanks for listening and thank you very much for continuing to make us the number 1 show for under 35s in Cork. And keep listening, in sheds or otherwise.

And on a final note, for those of you that are fans of sheds, what follows is a selection of shed porn. Enjoy! If your in work, this may be NSFW!


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, put your tools in......

Oh god, a shed 3 sum...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm