Thursday, February 19, 2009

The one with Wall Street Fighter!

Very cool!

The one with Slobs

One of the topics on the show last night was, "Are all men slobs?". Plenty of ladies proclaiming that; yes, men are slobs. Plenty of men calling in saying they're not slobs, but after describing their living conditions, some sounded like they lived in slob caves. One female caller, told of a house in the midlands where a group of male slobs reside. Every Sunday, they kick out all the females they've kidnapped or convinced to come home with them, and then kick off naked Sunday! Naked Sunday, where they lie around, naked watching football. Rarrrrrr!

Are men slobs? The question that should be asked is, are slobs men? I wonder about the mindset of the men out there who go through the same pair of jocks for 4-5 days on the trot. Shit encrusted, fart stained, piss smelling jocks. Do some of these knuckle draggers actually think this is cool. It must be a great mood setter, when they manage to get find someone to yank off their jocks. Jesus, I feel sorry for the prostitutes.  We're all guilty of the pile's of clothes. At times, I wish I could ring Pat Falvey for advice on how to climb up the mountain of them that reside next to my bed.

Are the ladies slobs? Of course not! They don't fart! They change their jocks everyday And when it comes to number 2's, they shit out rose petals! If you believe that, you'll believe that some of the bankers out there are really nice, trustworthy people, who probably spend their weekends helping out the homeless and working in orphanages. On a final note, lets just say I know someone, who many, many moons ago ended up with a lady. When her underwear was removed, according to a friend, a skid mark that wouldn't look out of place in a racetrack was visible. Apparently, this skid mark was almost a foot long. But that was back in the time when Velociraptors roamed Patrick St, killing innocent revellers. Things have changed now! In particular the jocks..I hope!

Ooooppsss, I just farted. Typical man savage!

The one with Sue McGarvie

Renowned sex therapist Sue McGarvie will be back on sexually speaking tonight. Sue was on last week as well, and went down a treat (no pun intended). Check out her website.