Friday, February 27, 2009

The one with Eddie Murphy as Richard Pryor

My two, all time favourite comedians. Eddie Murphy is set to play Richard Pryor in a bio pic called Richard Pryor: Isit something I said? This one will get Eddie an Oscar! Read more @ Empire

Proof in this pudding

The one with a ?

C'mon, who spent quite some time here yesterday after searching for my name and the words offensive and offended on google? Any takers? =]

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The one with a dog

Jesus! Good boy! Dont think this one will be making any bog paper ads anytime soon!

The one with the greatest game in the history of the web...maybe

Play it here

The one with Desked!

Came across a wonderful website. Have a nose @ Desked. Basically its pics of peoples desks. Just sent in my own piece of madness. Check it out! All the voyeurs, take off your pants!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The one with the Hudson landing reconstruction

Amazing reconstruction!

The one with Gmail

Is there anybody else out there with gmail accounts that in reality probably way a tonne, if indeed they could be weighed? My inbox just hit 12073 mails, which I reckon weighs at least a million tonnes, and not any of them carbon tonnes either. Many of them are unread. Simple things like forum replies, which I'd go direct to the forum as opposed to using the gmail link. And yes it is far too much trouble to click the delete button. 

Ive thought about cleaning the thing out, but its even more trouble to start clicking all the little boxes and then clicking the delete button. But is there any point in cleaning it out? I could just click delete all, but then I'd probably delete something that I'd want to read about in 6 years time. I guess when it explodes, I'll just get a new one! 

Life is tough!

*EDIT* Just worked out if I printed out all those emails (provided each one took 1 sheet) the whole lot would weigh around 34 stone or 482lbs or even better still, 218, 631 grams. Ok so a little exaggerated with the million tonnes!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The one with Mel Gibson's new movie

F$%kin' awesome

The one with pancakes

Today is Feb 24th. The Bible; or somewhere, says we should all eat pancakes today. Pancakes for breakfast, lunch and yes, bloody dinner. What do they do in America? They eat pancakes there all the time. Even in the cinema, allegedly.

I make pancakes at home about once a month or every 6 weeks. Just for a change. Something different. And so on. Throw on some bacon and maple syrup. Drooool.And none of these bloody scrawny things. Yes, you know the ones your mother would cook. The ones that burn the skin off your lips. The ones that dont taste of anything. The ones that dont even resemble food so much that Nicole Richie would eat them. The only way to get anything out of em, is to lace them in sugar, chocolate and jam.  

But, while your sitting down to your 10th feed of sugar and lemon I'll still be belting the shit out of a few egg whites. Enjoy the pancake day, and remember it's illegal to eat them any other day of the year in Ireland.

The one with Watchmen

UK reviews are starting to trundle online. Have a peek...

A man in a beard told me it was very good and very violent. Which is always a good thing. Men with beards are great. Looking forward to the movie, but I'm wondering how many of the non-comic book fans will actually go to see the movie.

Somehow I cant imagine the local Celtic jersey wearing male and his tracksuit tucked into knock off Ugg boots oul doll, wanting to go see this. Maybe when he hears its full of violence they might, well he might. Just to get a few new moves for his own repertoire, when it comes to Saturday night on Patrick St. 

And twitter is getting Watchmen'd up as well. Check out the New Frontiersman on Twitter. 
Somehow dont think they same Celtic attire clad "lad" will be checking that out either. Unless of course he's there telling @Wossy to "Fuck off" or @Stephenfry "Fuck yourself". Then the subsequent conversations with the fake ugg boot wearer.
"So yeah, I told Stephen Fry to fuck himself"
"Yeah, and that fucker Jonathan Ross, I told him to Fuck off"
"Really, how'dcha do that babe?"
"On the Internet gurl. Ya know I'm good with the cumpooter"
"Thats amaaazzinnngg"
"Yeah, tis. How bout you get outta them Ugg boots"
"For fuck sake, they're not Uggs. They be the cheap wans, called Bluggs"
"Era whatever, let us fuck!"
"Dont fall asleep this time willaaahh"

And so on and so forth.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The one with another WTF?

2 in one day! Well here's something that wont have a happy ending. And no, it wont be the child eating the snake.

The one with human throwing

Big oul WTF?

The one with Wolverine The Musical

The one with the Oscars

Ive geeked out all over the place this weekend. First it was the blog awards with a constant does of geekness, including tweets and pics and then last night I came home, sat down with way too much lemonade and geeked the f$%k out with the Oscars. Really enjoyable time, on my own in the front room with Twitter. Sad I know. But the folks @empiremagazine, @totalfilm, @movies_ie, @rejects and @KaiMovieReviews provided some banter along the way!

Anyway, onto the Oscars, themselves. No surprises really. I'm sure plenty felt Mickey Rourke was a dead set. Given his last few acceptance speeches (particularly at the Baftas) and his want to go to WWE, I'm sure some of the Academy were saying WTF?
Its a pity though, as his performance in the Wrestler is superb. But I think Penn had a better performance as Harvey Milk. And kudos to his speech as well.

And well done to all @ Slumdog. As rightly predicted by many, unlike myself. I didn't think it would do as well as it did. Its a great flick, but the Oscars can be a little demented at times.

The Oscars this year were a little more intimate. Gone were the big sweeping stage and the 300 hundred or so tripable steps. That said, there was a little Xmen vibe about the stage at times. Wolverine kicked ass in the opening with a great song and dance number. But then it almost turned into Wolverine - The Broadway fuckin musical!

Also, I was moved, as were the whole audience when the late Heath Ledger got Best supporting actor! Wonderful speeches!

Im not a huge Ben Stiller fan, but his Joaquin Phoenix was superb and the lads from Pineapple Express were quite good as well, although hard to follow Stiller.

Anyway, heres the full list of winners.

Richard Jenkins--The Visitor
Frank Langella--Frost/Nixon
**Sean Penn--Milk**
Brad Pitt--The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Mickey Rourke--The Wrestler

Josh Brolin--Milk
Robert Downey Jr.--Tropic Thunder
Philip Seymour Hoffman--Doubt
**Heath Ledger--The Dark Knight**
Michael Shannon--Revolutionary Road

Anne Hathaway--Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie--Changeling
Melissa Leo--Frozen River
Meryl Streep--Doubt
**Kate Winslet--The Reader**

Amy Adams--Doubt
**Penelope Cruz--Vicky Cristina Barcelona**
Viola Davis--Doubt
Taraji Henson--The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Marisa Tomei--The Wrestler

David Fincher--The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Ron Howard--Frost/Nixon
Gus Van Sant--Milk
Stephen Daldry--The Reader
**Danny Boyle--Slumdog Millionaire**

In Bruges

Eric Roth--The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
John Patrick Shanley--Doubt
Peter Morgan--Frost/Nixon
David Hare--The Reader
**Simon Beaufoy--Slumdog Millionaire**

Kung Fu Panda

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
**Slumdog Millionaire**

The one with hello

Hello to whoever in UCC is did a fair whack of reading of the blog earlier!

The one with where Im Tweet'n the Oscars

Keep refreshing here and check the twitter feed or go direct to here and keep refreshing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The one with tonights Movie Bit, bits!

Howdy! As mentioned on air, view along right now! Trailers and clip(s) below





The one with congrats

Big, huge congrats to Stevie G and his wife Lisa, on their new arrival, Lola :) Happy times!

The one with the blog awards winners


Best Popculture Blog

* rapture ponies

Best Blog from a Journalist - Sponsored by Mamut

* Markham Nolan -

Best Food/Drink Blog - Sponsored by Bord Bia

* the daily spud

Best Fashion Blog - Sponsored by Spinnakerpro

Best Arts and Culture Blog - Sponsored by Poetry Ireland

* pursued by a bear

Best Political Blog - Sponsored by Digital Revolutionaries

* cedar lounge

Best Group Blog - Sponsored by

Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog - Sponsored by Edgecast Media

* igaeilge

Best Technology Blog/Blogger - Sponsored by Bitbuzz

* Justin Mason -

Best Sport and Recreation Blog - Sponsored by

* The kop blog

Best News/Current Affairs Blog - Sponsored by IGO People

* Suzy Byrne mamanpoulet

Best Specialist Blog - Sponsored by iQ Content


Best Newcomer - Sponsored by

* Trust Tommy

Best Blog of a Business - Sponsored by

* The blacknight blog

Best Music Blog - Sponsored by

* nialler9

Best Personal Blog - Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

* annie rhiannon.

Best Humour Blog - Sponsored by Beecher Networks

* The Swearing Lady

Best Photo Blog - Sponsored by

* Ryan Whalley

Best Blog Post - Sponsored by KRO IT Solutions

* K8 the GR8: “The Secret Fire”

Grand Prix Prize - Best Blog sponsored by McConnells

Suzy Byrne -

The one with pics from the Blog Awards 09!

Hats off to Damien Mulley for a great Blog awards! He does some great work! Myself and Ger really enjoyed the night! Great to meet so many fellow bloggers, although I was a little on the shy side. 

Myself and the Sexy Pedestrian

Theres always one fella that ruins a photo. Thanks Rick :P!!

Donncha in action

Husband and Wife to be's

Mulley and meself

And now for a selection of the pics from my cam phone, which were all tweet'd throughout the night

Feel free to rob pics!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The one with the blog awards night

Righto, gonna be off to the Irish Blog Awards later. Keep an eye on the twitter feed for pics and results. The twitter feed is also on the right hand side of the screen. Hope to christ there's wifi, otherwise will be relegated to txt'in!

See ya there (whoever is going) :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

The one with Halo Wars

I love the Halo series! And Halo 3 was a pants removing moment. Even my Dad is a fan of the Halo series and is pretty decent on Halo 2. And now we have Halo wars. I hate the RTS style of game. I hate Command and Conquer and all those similar to it. I just never liked the genre. Too awkward for my liking. Too many controls, too many options. Build this to get that and then build an extension to get a level 93 power up or some shit. 

Personally, I wasn't holding up much hope for Halo Wars, given I'm not a fan of that style of game. I popped it into the 360 and had a lash of the tutorials, which are very straight forward. Within in 10 minutes I was calling in Spartans to thunder around the place and kick Covenant ass! I was building bases. Driving warthogs over the enemies skulls. The game doesn't feel cumbersome to an RTS hater like me. Its instant pick up and kick ass. Coupled with great cut scenes and some great levels which have a vast array of things going on. Vast battlefields, from cities to snowy mountains, theres a lot in here. In particular I really loved one of the earlier levels where its set in a city and you have to escort civilians to waiting shuttles. And done even get my going on the multiplayer, its pure madness. Brilliant in every sense of the word!

I guess, for me its like how much I hate gherkins. But put some gherkins on a Big Mac and I'll eat em with much love and attention. So; for me Halo Wars is like a Big Mac, and I seriously enjoy a Big Mac! Check this out!!! 9/10

The one with a star

People were wondering about a star in the sky last night. Cheers to Colin for the pic and in the info.

Venus is unusually bright last (and this) year. Venus is also called Evening Star and Morning Star, because for part of the night it disappears behind the horizon, and then reappears before dawn.
You see it way better in the country side.

hope this helps,

The one with......mmmmmmmmmmm

Hold down the breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The one with Wall Street Fighter!

Very cool!

The one with Slobs

One of the topics on the show last night was, "Are all men slobs?". Plenty of ladies proclaiming that; yes, men are slobs. Plenty of men calling in saying they're not slobs, but after describing their living conditions, some sounded like they lived in slob caves. One female caller, told of a house in the midlands where a group of male slobs reside. Every Sunday, they kick out all the females they've kidnapped or convinced to come home with them, and then kick off naked Sunday! Naked Sunday, where they lie around, naked watching football. Rarrrrrr!

Are men slobs? The question that should be asked is, are slobs men? I wonder about the mindset of the men out there who go through the same pair of jocks for 4-5 days on the trot. Shit encrusted, fart stained, piss smelling jocks. Do some of these knuckle draggers actually think this is cool. It must be a great mood setter, when they manage to get find someone to yank off their jocks. Jesus, I feel sorry for the prostitutes.  We're all guilty of the pile's of clothes. At times, I wish I could ring Pat Falvey for advice on how to climb up the mountain of them that reside next to my bed.

Are the ladies slobs? Of course not! They don't fart! They change their jocks everyday And when it comes to number 2's, they shit out rose petals! If you believe that, you'll believe that some of the bankers out there are really nice, trustworthy people, who probably spend their weekends helping out the homeless and working in orphanages. On a final note, lets just say I know someone, who many, many moons ago ended up with a lady. When her underwear was removed, according to a friend, a skid mark that wouldn't look out of place in a racetrack was visible. Apparently, this skid mark was almost a foot long. But that was back in the time when Velociraptors roamed Patrick St, killing innocent revellers. Things have changed now! In particular the jocks..I hope!

Ooooppsss, I just farted. Typical man savage!

The one with Sue McGarvie

Renowned sex therapist Sue McGarvie will be back on sexually speaking tonight. Sue was on last week as well, and went down a treat (no pun intended). Check out her website.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The one with Shayne Ward

Just got it on very good authority that Shane Ward will be at the launch of Live at the Marquee at the Boardwalk tomorrow morning @ 11

The one with Wolverine

Lookin' good! 

The one with Paris Hilton "Freestylin"

I like Snoop! Ive been listening to him for donkey's years. I like the DoggFather. Its one of the few bits of reality TV muck that I can actually tolerate.  But what in the name of shizzle 
is the D-O-Gx2 doing with Paris Hilton. Surely the producers aint that stuck for a guest. Its major cringeness when she goes "Aight".

Is there anything Paris Hilton is good for.....No. Not that either. Ive seen the video.

The one with the Lost and the Damned

Just got to spend some time with the new DLC for GTA IV on the Xbox 360. Wow! Wow! and yes you guessed it Wow!
In a nutshell, you play Johnny Klebitz (who had a briefish role in GTA IV) and thunder around with a motorbike gang! With all the usual GTA IV style madness! Personally, it almost feels like a totally different game and not a piece of DLC at all. Its the same graphics engine, the same city, but feels very, very different! One of the most substansial pieces of Downloadable Content in quite some time! The download comes in at just under 2GB and is ready to go once you pop in your original GTA IV disc. Theres a whole load of new multiplayer modes over Xbox Live in there as well, which are off the charts!

This DLC had been delayed time and time again, but was it worth the wait? Damn f%&kin right it was!

And at only 1600 MS Points on Xbox Live, its a bargain!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The one with Jim Carrey kickin hole!

I used to cycle my hole off every Thursday night to see In Living Color on Sky! One of the reasons is below...

The one with a little history

Getting a bit nostalgic on the blog today, so here's a few of the graphics Ive used since 2004, when kicked off.

This is the most recent splash page.

This is from Feb 05. Not sure how long it was used for. The faint image of me, was taken at our house warming attempting to do some Karaoke.

And the original one! 
Going back to the original site, here's a few bits.....(click to enlarge)

Then I discovered blogger and it was far easier to make stuff more streamlined. Top 5's, downloads and so on! Ahhh nostalgia!

The one with the overhaul!

The blog has finally gotten its first graphical overhaul in quite some time!
Links to the Twitter, Facebook and Bebo are now all on the main splash page here

The one with Peter Griffin vs Christian Bale

Much love to McFarlane

Monday, February 16, 2009

The one with the new Simpsons intro

Rather sweet!

The one with the VD aftermath!

Well Valentines Day is over and done with. Thankfully! I don't hate the day as such, but the tonnes of cheese that go with it are vomit inducing at times. We took a stroll around the city on Saturday afternoon and the amount of shams thundering around with manky, crinkled, bate up looking bunches of flowers was comical. We passed one couple outside the Opera house, with the girl dragging a teddy bear the size of a grizzly bear behind her. "Morto" would have most definitely be used in conversations with the gurls afterward.

Truck loads of people were buying chocolates around, and we were the same. Granted, I was a bit disappointed that Butlers didn't do the chili chocolates in their "pick n mix" selections anymore.  I think there was disappointment in my house that a bunch of flowers didn't arrive, but we stuck to the pre arranged "No presents charter" like the U.N. We went to Hardwood for dinner that night and as usual had a great feed. 

I had to laugh at one couple who came in. They were 16-17 I'd imagine. Don't quote me on that, they could have been 45, but I'm useless with ages. The look on the guys face when he read the menu, was priceless. No Mammy's beans 'n chips! I'm sure they had a great night as well. Gotta say, I'm a big fan of Hardwood!

So that was Valentines done and dusted for another year. I wonder how many got pregnant? Did the teddy bear purchases pay off! Or was it just a thigh rubbing exercise! Y'all have a nice Monday now!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The one with the Movie Bit, Bits!!!! Viral Site for Terminator Salvation Viral Site for 2012. Check the simulation part! Uwe Boll wants your money

Inglorious Bastards - Lookin fairly savage

Anvil - Awesome!

Gran Torino - Clint being Clint! Greatness!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The one with Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

Dear Jesus! WTF. LOL LOL

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The one with Salma feeding the world

The one with a $%^$% and a £%£%$"%

Love the Onion!

The one with Vics Valentine Vouchers - 2009 Edition - NSFW

Its that time of the year again! So download the vouchers (click on each one and then save or print) and use them wisely. Not for those who are easily offended! Dear God, just noticed a MAJOR TYPO. Hold on! No refunds! Just redownload! Right, fixed!