Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Failure to Launch screening

Who ever said camera phones handle the light well should be shot. Anyway, here is 1 pic from the Failure to Launch screening tonight. If you look carefully (and I mean carefully) you should be able to pick out at least 2 RedFM staff. It was very busy with people still spilling in as I was leaving. The Haribo made a welcome return and as of this moment, no one lost an eye...hang on the phone is ringing...maybe I spoke too soon!

Gemma from the Red Patrollers took some more pics with a decent camera, that handle the light so Ill stick em up as I get them!


More from my bebo whiteboard

Brand new "harder" Cork Talks Back quiz on my bebo page. Click View All on the quizzes section
Again, the hour nailed me this morning. Im really feeling it, for the first time ever! Im getting up at the same "old time" but at the new time. Either way its annoying me! I had a free gaf last night as Ger went off to see I-Keano and stayed in her parents place. So after a few hours of hookers and binge drinking myself and the dog hit the hay. Well the hookers and binge drinking maybe a lie. But the dog stayed in the bed last night, and I didnt roll over and kill him, nor did he piss on top of my head!

I got home for around 1 and settled down for an American Chopper double onslaught. Its the end of the fan bike series, thankfully. Some of these people were a bit annoying to be honest. They win there dream bike and its like "Oh yeah, sound" I want tears and jumping for joy and swearing and smashing things up..not "Oh yeah, sound" I take that in for an hour, and fire up the Xbox 360 to take on Far Cry Insticts Predator. Mess around for about an hour and look on in awe at the wonderful water effects. Other than that, Im not too impressed...just yet. Myself and Bilbo hop into the bed and settle down for the second episode of American Chopper. The dog falls asleep within minutes, and Im just waiting for it to be over!

Last night on the show, one caller claimed that she was fed up of looking for part time work because loads of foreign nationals are taking the jobs. She had been trying for nearly a year, and no joy. Alot of foreign nationals called into the show to give their views, which was great. Its brilliant to see we have such a wide and diverese audience. More people called in to tell me I was too hard on the girl because I said maybe she wasnt good enough to get hired. Lets face it, and I know from being in management, you dont hire somebody thats not good enough for the job. I do accept that some employers are exploiting foreign nationals over here. Some callers related tales of going into shops where the staff havent a word of English. Heres my question...If they dont have a word of English, how the f£$% did they do an interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also spoke to Pat O Shea (he was one of the cork legends on Des Bishops Joy in the Hood) about Corks newest comedy night that hes setting up. The popping of their cherry takes place in Qubiclo on Drawbridge St on Thursday night. €5 admission, €3 for a Student and €4 if you know a good Gynecologist!

Our Vogue Beauty Clinc (On Princess St) promotion continues tonight and this time theres some pretty cool prizes for the men. So ladies, you can be in with the chance of winning a back / chest wax for the love of your life! Some other cool prizes to go with this as well, but Ill keep them under my belt for the moment!

The Failure to Launch screening is on tonight at 7pm so make sure, if your going, you get there early. Im announcing as usual and tonight the Haribo are back. For anyone thats never been to a RedFM screening before where Im announcing, Ill be making it rain sweets. Not as impressive as it sounds, particualry if you get a packet into the eye! Again, we're not liable!

A few people were looking for me to set up a Cork Talks Back quiz on my bebo page
and so I did. Its the most simple quiz ever, yet people are getting poor results. One thing I was surprised by the number some people thought they used to ring into the show. I hammer the arse outta the numbers every night and again here they are...

To CALL in 1850 704 106
To TEXT in 086 8273336

Keeping with all things bebo, hopefully by the end of the week Ill be able to offer some small Cork Talks Back prize pack for the best whiteboard on me bebo page. Other than that, I have to go. See ya at the screening and talk to you on air from 9pm!

Oh yeah, brand new Cork Talks Back quiz 2 on the bebo page NOW!!!!