Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just a real quickie. Just came across the latest trailer for the Da Vinci Code. Check it out here
Not being a good 12 hours technically. More PC issues and this morning, the phone lines were dead. Fair enough, problems happen. Ireland would be regarded has having one of the finer telecommunications systems in the world, but there is an exception. When you ring Eircom you get to talk to a machine, and it reads out a list of options, followed by more options, followed by even more options...slight pause...and then even more options! All the time your roaring Yes, No and the odd Feck sake like. Its really a clever system, it even asked me for my phone number and then went off and done a line test. During the line test, it spoke again and I got more options. At this stage, I was actually mildly excited in anticipation of the line test results. Then, I get put through to an operator, who explains the network in the area is shot and that was the end of the conversation! Im still waiting for the machine to tell me the results of the line test! Maybe they'll come with the next bill!

Failure to Launch is the latest rom com to hit these shores when it opens Nationwide on Friday week! Every night this week on the show we have some pairs of tickets up for grabs for our special preview screening next Tuesday night at the Gate cinema.
The Inside Man screening is happening tonight as well. Yours truly will be there roraring and shouting. I also do believe that the Haribo are back!!!!! Ill take a few pics for the blog as well!Speaking of giveaways Ive just got an email about another giveaway for the remainder of the week. Lets just say we might have the best ever Mothers day present ever!

One of the topics on the show last night was creches in the city and county. A report in the Examiner yesterday didnt instill any confidence in me and after hearing what some callers had to say last night I dont think Id be landing a child in a creche anytime soon..thats if I had a child of course! 4 year olds with black eyes, no hygene, slaps. This is a creche, not a prisoner of war camp. Thats the impression I got of at least one creche last night. You would think for paying some serious bobs for childcare that you would actually get value for money, not your 4 year old coming home with a shiner. One caller told how her daughter hated going, and would cry at the thought of going in! Its a creche, not a school. I think we all bawled at the thought of going into school at some stage, feck it, some of us were still crying in sixth year!

On a different note, for any of you Xbox 360 owners theres a demo of the latest Burnout game on Xbox Live. I was a big fan of the original games, but this is no more next generation than bird growing robotic wings. If you've absolutely nothing else to do have a nose off it, but to be honest its much the same as before. By the end of the week I should also have put Ghost Recon 3 Advanced War Fighter through its paces on the 360, so keep your eyes open for a review on here and the show!

Thats about it for now, Im a bit behind due to the phone line problem. Check the show out later on from 9pm on Corks RedFM 104-106, or click the listen to live button! See ya at the sreening!!!