Monday, August 10, 2009

The one with "And I'm back" and wedding report

Well, honeymoon / holidays officially over and back on air tonight from 9pm.

Tis funny, you talk to thousands of people on a nightly basis and when you stand at the top of an altar waiting for the women you love and know for years, it all goes pear shaped. I'm not somebody that gets nervous easily, but just after the rehearsal the nerves kicked in a little. On the morning of the wedding, all was fine. As soon as I got to the church, the nerves kicked in big time. And they got progressively worse as I waited for the Bride. For me anyway, it was a very emotional time and this was the result of 9 years of a relationship. So every so often, I would wander off down a little alcove in the church, attempt to compose myself and walk back to the altar. Failing all that, I eventually decided to get my best man to tell me the dirtiest jokes he could think of. The jokes and their momentary success was short lived as I kept my eyes forward while Ger walked down the aisle (accompanied by the Glasgow love theme from Love Actually) with her Dad. In fairness, our priest, Fr. Kevin Kiernan (who incidentally was my old dean of discipline in Roco) was also doing his best to keep me composed. The occasional "Breathe" had little effect, but the attempt at calmness was appreciated.

As soon as Ger arrived at my side, all nerves left the building and we had a very chilled out time at the ceremony, which was lightened even more by my mother removing my flower during a big hug. We both wrote our own vows and from their on in, we were husband and wife. To be honest, the whole thing went in a blur! We exited the church with the throne room music from Star Wars Episode IV blaring, much the the delight and surprise of our guests. Being a Star Wars geek, much negotiates took place before we decided on an exit theme, but it could have been worse. I could have been dressed in a Darth Vader outfit.

The reception was fantastic. Ironically enough, my speech started at 21:01, which is normally the time I have a microphone in front of me anyway. And 24 minutes later my speech came to an end! George and the Roaring Forties put on a fantastic show and Phil tore it up afterwards! I'm not sure what time it all finished up, but we ended up in a hot tub around 3, with things still going on a few floors underneath us! Oh and before I forget to type it, and to answer the few emails I got about it, Frank and Nancy Sinatra - Something Stupid was our first dance song!

I'll belt in some honeymoon report over the next day or so, but before anything else I want to extend a few thanks on here!

Jessica Kohler at the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Little Island - Absolutely fantastic. The whole wedding was glitch free and Jessica was one of the reasons! Couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful!!!! Outstanding in every sense of the word!

Mark & Bart and all the staff at the Radisson - Again, absolutely fantastic. Could not have been more helpful and efficient. And to the Chefs, thank you for putting on an amazing dinner! People are still talking about the food!

Con Scanlon - Our photographer. Being an oul photo geek myself, we took a seriously long time to decide on someone to capture our day in photos and we are absolutely thrilled with the 1100+ shots Con took. Again, Con was absolutely fantastic as was his other half Barbara. From start to finish, I cant compliment them enough.

Shane Ryan (previously Jeff Devine's) @ Shanes, Carrig na Bhfear - My wife has found a hair dresser for life! Thank you for everything!

Christ this is like an Oscar speech...I can hear the Orchestra starting up!

Ali@Milis - For our amazing cake! The light is still blinking!!!!!!! So accommodating, with my analness of a design for the cake

Adriane for your makeup skills

Fr. Kevin Kieran - For being the coolest, most chilled out priest I know. When it came to selecting a priest, there was only going to be one !

Niamh Varian Barry - For amazing music in the church!

Stalks and Stems (Togher) for their stunning flowers on the day!

The Roaring Forties - George and the rest of the band were simply put, just amazing. Special thanks as well for learning off our first dance song!

Philip Bourke - Phil was outstanding from the church to rockin' the afters, thank you very, very much!

Damien - For filming the whole thing and running around with more cameras and precision than a Spielberg production!

Vince (My Best man) - Thanks for everything, you were a rock on the day and it is greatly appreciated! Georgina - (Maid of Honor) Again, the same. Thanks for everything!

All the parents - Thank you for your generosity, help, advice and understanding!

Thanks to everyone for coming

And lastly and more importantly, my wife! Thank you for being you!!!!!!

A huge thanks to all of the above for making our special day, amazing! Thank you!

Well that's it, that thanks list went on longer than a Tom Hanks speech!