Friday, June 27, 2008

The one with the Wanted Movie

I've been shouting, ranting and raving about this movie for quite some time. The comic book by Mark Millar and JG Jones is absolutely amazing, so I felt if the movie was anywhere close to that, it'd be a winner. The movie isn't entirely faithful to the comic book, theres no real mention of the super villains and super heroes (or lack of em) and I'm sure many would have loved to see Shithead and Fuckwit come to the big screen, but alas no go.

Basically, young guy (played by James McEvoy) gets recruited into a team of Assassins and goes off and tries to kill the bloke that killed his dad. Angelina Jolie trains him and Morgan Freeman offers the occasional piece of advice. And that's essentially the story with 1 or 2 little predictable twists. The movie, slows down in the middle for a while but before that, the director, Timur Bekmambetov; is busy ripping your ass out through your ears with never before seen stunts and amazing action. By the time your ass is out through your ear hole you'll be gasping for breath. Its really over the top and so head splatteringly brilliant.

There really is amazing set pieces. Any of the Assassinations are beautifully done. The camera twists and turns as it follows the bullet to its intended target. Who thought violence could be so beautiful. The scene with the Dodge Viper is absolutely mind blowing. And a stand out scene for me was in the office with the keyboard. Wait for that one!!

The special effects are outstanding, the Danny Elfman score is great and the whole movie, rips along at a great pace. My love affair with the Dodge Viper has been reignited and Angelina Jolie is gone to the top of my "list".

Cast your mind back to Peter Jacksons King Kong. Remember where the monkey kicks the balls off the T-Rex and snaps his head and then starts roaring at the top of his monkey lungs. Multiply that by 100 and that's how loud Angelina Jolie screams sexy in this movie.

As a movie based on a comic book, its not entirely loyal and I'm sure plenty of comic fans will be disappointed, but as a no brain, popcorn action flick, this is the best you will see this year, if not for the last few years. The first real summer movie that doesn't disappoint. One of my favourite movies of the year. 9/10

Oh yeah, watch out for the rats!!!!