Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As some of you might be aware; from listening to the show, Ive caught the flu. Im presuming its just the normal everyday flu, and not the bird flu. Thankfully I havent been feeling too cuckoo with it. Christ, sorry, that was absolutely terrible.

But yes, Ive got the flu and Im supping down the Beechams like it was in short supply. I thought this morning it was clearing, but as I type my nose is dribbling and my head feels like it could well fall off and crash onto the keyboard. The updates have been slow coming, primarily flu related, so thats my excuse.

Christmas and the feelings that go with it are finally over, and the show is back into full swing. I was quite suprised with the results of The "Should Eddie Hobbs get the freedom of the city" poll last night. 56% YES 44% NO if I recall correctly. It was quite nice for some people to say last night that I deserve the freedom of the city for some of the things Ive done on air over the last 3 years. Well its almost 3 years, 3 I believe in April. Its interesting to look back and whats been done over the last 2.9 years. In particular we're doing a very different show for since the middle of August 05. Hopefully I still be here in another 3 years!

Sunday wasnt a great day, the NY Giants got their hole kicked. I lost a good few euro on that one. Why do I feel like this is one long moan today!

I Sky+'d Des Bishops Joy in the Hood last night, and while I havent spoken to Des in quite some time, I have to say it was pretty good. Not mind blowingly good, but none the less, enjoyable. It will be interesting to see the reviews and indeed the next episode in Knocknaheeny. Fair play to ya Dessie boy!

One of the links on this blog, the vman in japan one is run by a good mate of mine whos teaching english in Japan for the last 2 odd years. He was home for Xmas but I didnt see him until he rang me last night and called out to the station! Twas good to catch up!

Shit, another fit of sneezing and dribbling and the outside Xmas lights still have to be taken down. Well they can stay there for another day or 2. The last thing I need is to be dangling off a ladder sneezing and spluttering. Ive absolutely nothing left to say, and I want to conserve my energy (More bullshit!!!!). So Im going off to do some more sneezing and get together some stuff for the show tonight!