Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last night heard the world premiere of the trailer, Snakes on a Bus. I had the following email from the film company this morning!!!!

Dear Mr.Barry
Thank you for your promotion of Snakes on a Bus. We would like to point out, that this was a teaser trailer, and the full length advert for our forthcoming movie. As a matter of fact, we would also like to point out that, its not just the number 2 bus, but all buses in Cork, even the ones that venture to Crosshaven and Fountainstown. Over the next while, please expect a copy of the full length trailer, and some Snakes on a Bus promotional items!
Thanking you kindly
All @ Langdan Pictures

So there you have it. Something definitely worth looking forward to. In all sssssssssseriousnessssssssssssssssss (sorry) Snakes on a plane is well worth a look. Its the first Summer blockbuster (ok I know its one of the last of the summer season) that hasnt disappointed.

Over the last couple of nights, it has amazed me that teenagers are ending up in hospital on a regular basis just because they have a skateboard or a nirvana tshirt on. In particular the peace park seems to be the place to go, if you want a spin the back of an ambulance. For years, I never understood the Nirvana clad 14 year olds wandering around that area, and indeed the Paul Street area. I still dont to be honest, but if truth be told they seem to be doing no harm to anyone. Some of them even look like they could be living in the Webster household in Coronation Street. For some reason, quite possibly the dutch gold voices in their heads, the Celtic jersey wearing, skinheaded, I love me mam tatoo wearing fraternity seem to have taken it upon themselves to sort it out. Sort what out? If this crowd are so concerned about other teenagers wearing Nirvana t-shirts and balancing on skateboards, maybe they should arrive, tribe like, in the shops that sell the said items. A few choice words, provided by 4 cans of Dutch Gold would surely encourage shops to stop selling Nirvana shirts and skateboards, and replace them with Celtic Jerseys, head shavers and removable tatoos!