Thursday, June 30, 2005


Just got to see War of the Worlds this morning. Without going into detail, great movie. Go see it. Lack of updates continues until monday. Im playing the good boyfriend now so off I go. Im back on the air on Monday night. Talk to ya then. I should be posting here throughout the weekend from my camera phone, I will blog it on Sunday!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

B 2 N

Week of hell over, another one not to far away from beginning. We had a week of minding the inlaws puppy. Jesus Christ, never and I mean never have I heard anything whinge and bark so fucking much. To be honest, one of the few things I cant tolerate is a dog, puppy or otherwise, barking non stop until its hoarse. Who knows what the neighbours think, fuck em, I dont. Ill regret saying that I know. The pup came with a little dog house and now hes locked up in the thing. I couldnt take no more. He goes home tomorrow, yeah Ill miss him, but not the barking. My head is wrecked. Weekends are supposed to be full of relaxation and drinking and so on and so forth.

Been a solid week on the show and one lucky listener won himself a few days aboard one of the tall ships. He sets sail on the 9th of July from Waterford to France. Nice little break. Not sure how he gets back though :). I cant help but wonder what happens aboard these mammoth vessels each night. Are the crews sex starved maniacs going from cabin to cabin, in search of an open hole, glory or otherwise. Maybe they just sit down and play cards and drink rum all night. Either way its an amazing prize.

Ive had Hotel Rwanda on DVD for about a month now, and we finally got around to watching it. Fantastic movie, really makes you think. As I keep saying to the missus, theres alot lot more to film than big budgets and special effects.

So thats it, Im sitting here alone of a Saturday night. Herself is gone out to a girlie night, with only one other girl. Not sure what thats about. Im debating in my mind whether or not to go watch the Asasination of Richard Nixon or just surf the net aimlessly for hours. At the moment neither is appealing. Maybe I should finish off the bottle of Tia Maria.....................or maybe not...........or maybe..................

For those of you that are reading this on a Saturday night, rejoice we're as sad as each other :)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Apologies to all of my 2 readers. Im very short on time this week, too much to do and too little time and all that bullshit. Should be back to normal by the weekend or Monday at the latest!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Still alive

Still alive, but up the walls @ the minute. Will be back later on

Friday, June 17, 2005

See, I told you Id be back when I got bored. And Im bored already..............

This is what happens when things don't go my way. I bought one of them indestructible keyboards, maybe I should have bought an indestructible desk as well (Oh for Christs sake, humor). Came across this after hauling me arse outta bed this morning....On the internet. The earlier part of this text was a joke people....a joke. Although many moons ago I put my fist through a window playing Kick Off on the Amiga. I've broken countless joypads and joysticks (Them Cheetah 125+'s were never made of anything decent, and always exploded off the wall) and lets not forget when I first made shit of a tape recorder for the Spectrum 48K.

Yeah the rubber keyed one. If I recall correctly I was playing something called Wheelie (Cmon I was about 8 at the time) and thing was incredibly difficult for a child. So after hours of frustration I gave the tape recorder a thump.........and broke the fecking play button. So after being roared at by everyone, I had to load up the games by holding down the play button. For those of you that had speccies this could haven't taken 3 days. I eventually discovered a better way by jamming a knife into the tape recorder.

Tabby made an appearance on the show last night. Sound as a trout. I'm always a bit dubious of these people who appear, in particular, on musical reality TV shows. But going back in time, Mickey Harte, Chris Doran and George Murphy were all well up for the crack and we're decent folk. Tabby is no different. The conversation went from 3 sums with the Osbournes to shagging sheep and something about putting the hooves into the wellies! Great crack. There was a Red FM screening earlier in the week called Headrush and Wuzza Conlon from the movie also was on. Yet another sound bloke with no pretensions, that can sometimes be associated with certain celebs. Come to think of it, all the celebs that have joined me over the years were great with one exception. Brian McFadden. Just completely not interested. But who gives a shit now, well maybe his bank manager does! God I'm bitter this morning. Feck, its afternoon now.

Most Thursday nights I had out for a drink to wind down after the show. Normally as I'm driving its the soft stuff. Most Thursday nights after socializing with a few mates I grab a bit of breast and some buns, with a nice oul curried chips. Take it home, veg it in front of shit TV and promise myself to get up extremely late on Friday morning. Never happens. Tried it today, what happened, same ol shit. Cant sleep anything after 10. The house is like a furnace

I'm attempting to sleep in a puddle of sweat (not quite, but!!!!) so I have no choice but to get up!

Just looking at some stats for the blog, and its been read everywhere from the US to Taiwan. There's even a country "Unknown" there, which is worrying...almost. Granted these countries aren't coming back every 2 seconds, but its nice to know. So if you are reading this thing, go leave me a comment. I'm starved for love, affection and feck knows what leave me a comment..................................

Go on so, Ill go. Everyone have a great weekend, and Ill be back on here during the weekend when I get bored.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Batman Begins


Right, not much time on my hands. Just in the door from seeing Batman Begins. First Great flick. Dare I say Christian Bale comes close to, if not outdoing Michael Keaton in the Bat suit. At times the movie moves a bit slower than you would like it to, but it does a good job of piecing together a back story to the whole Batman character. Again though, I wish it moved a little quicker. Gotham looks amazing and driving home, I was convinced I was in a Batmobile (couldnt be further from the truth), which is one kick ass motor. Katy Holmes, well; she does her part but doesnt stand out at all. Morgan Freeman solid as usual and Michael Caine (whom Im not a big fan of) is exceptional as Alfred. Special kudos goes to Cillian Murphy as The Scarecrow. No doubt he will be in the sequel. He plays the part of a lunatic brilliantly. The movie follows the birth of batman right through to his incarnation of the dark knight as we know him today. I wont give away the ending, but theres a neat touch. Seriously Im not being a JOKER or anything...Shit sorry!

There are some great set pieces and fight scenes. Overall this is probably the best comic book adap. since Hellboy or Xmen, its solid, extremely solid but I felt it never really hit the high notes. Looking at the last Batman movie, you'd never think this was from the same studio. Big up to Mr.Nolan


I know this is extremely brief, but Im running out the door to do the show!
I get up later than usual. 45 minutes later than usual. I go down feed the fish, choke down some toast and bust out the Word. For the best part Im finished writing for the show, there are a few touch ups to do but its the last day of the week. They can wait. Well until this blog is updated anyway. I should have been staggering out of Batman Begins by now but I just couldnt get out of bed, even though I did open my eyes briefly at 10am. Im still toying with the idea of going to see it @ 2pm.

Joe Rooney was on last night. Joe is one of my favourite guests, even though this was only his second appearance. Hes @ the Comedy club this weekend and hes incredibly funny. Granted I had to hit the delay last night once or twice. Otherwise the parish priest would be knocking at my door by now. Im sure most of you will be wise to who Joe is, but for those of you that arent...1 word Kilnaskully..well 2 words so...shit...Timmy (word 1)....Kilnaskully (Word 2, for those of you that are counting, bastards)

And as usual we had a bit of agro last night on air regarding the availabilty of condoms for teenagers. I think they should be freely avaiable, or even at least in schools. Anyway Im not getting onto my soapbox here, I tried that last night. Good radio though, as alot of people thought. Speaking of good radio, some guy called in to let us know that the best piece of radio he ever heard was...when I called Cedars Cini and asked the speak to Michael Jackson, where I was told he had checked out. This was the big hullabaloo when he went into hospital during the trial. So thanks for that, whoever you were. God Bless yer memory.

Its great hearing some of the most memorable holiday experiences for our WKD Beach party giveaway. In particular, last night where a woman (in her mid 40s maybe) rang in to tell me about her "carry on" on a beach in Spain or somewhere. The words big white arse were mentioned. Maybe Im wrong, but I could swear I was remotely excited about this. If my better half is reading this, its not true...Im only writing it to make me sound like a big man to the other 2 readers of this thing.

I think Im going to see the Bat now, so laters

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

And we open today with a website that caught my eye, no doubt it will drive the PETA crowd up Patricks Hill blindfolded. Its called

In the name of Christ. Would you be really bothered to set up a website and post pictures of your pussy with various shit on top of it. You can tell its American by the food in the plate. Its almost as bad as people who write meaningless shit in an online diary everyday, convinced that the world is reading it........Ahem!!

What a day. I crawl out of bed at 10 which is about 45 minutes to early for me. I start off with a trip to the shop up the road and get some rashers in a roll. Im sure my blood has turned to grease at this stage. I have to take a break from shit food.

The missus is convinced that the Tiger Barbs are kicking the shit out of the Neons (sounds like something you hear from those Magic the Gathering people). So I ring the fish shop and he agrees to take them back and exchange them. I spend the next hour with a net trying to catch these six bastards. After uprooting the tank and creating aload of stress for me and the fish I finally get the sixth one in the bag. Here they are on their way back to the fish shop

Compliments of my mobile phone blog capability. The joys of being a talk show host. Its not all glitz and glamour ya know.
Uri Gellar made a welcome return to the show last night and had some interesting comments about Michael Jackson. And by popular demand (well not really, but I said Id get them up here anyway) here are some of my Michael Jackson liners from last night.

You would have heard it here last night as it happened. Michael Jackson has got off with the 10 counts against him. I don’t know who the counts were but they’re all aged between 9 and 12

You would have witnessed it on the tv today with footage from the jackson trial,Miserable, dishelved, sick looking and completely broke..hang on im getting confused with gavin arvizos mother

The scene in the courtroom yesterday as Michael jacksons defense was being read out was so intense that the last time Jackson had to go through something so difficult was when he ran out of cans of jesus juice

Some of the jurors have been speaking out about the case. They said that the prosecutors case was as see through as jacksons oxygen bubble.

Good news for Michael Jackson yesterday, he plans to celebrate with an extended trip to Disneyland

A great legal team but a very hard thing for Michael Jackson to get through. In fact the last time Jackson experienced something so hard it cost him 3 cans of jesus juice.

Legal experts are calling the Michael Jackson trial the biggest example of the justice system working since OJ Simpsons case

The Michael Jackson trial was full of bizarre incidents, particulary when Jackson would arrive at court everyday. At one stage Jackon came in his pajama bottoms. He also arrived at the court in a pair of pajama bottoms

Now that you've pissed yourself laughing, take a mintue or 2 to dry off.

That was some minute or 2. In other news, Bruce Campbell (Ash from the Evil Dead) and a host of other great movies is after writing a book called Make Love The Bruce Campbell way. Hes going to be on the show Monday night. If anyone knows how to attach a chainsaw to yourself its Bruce.
We were hoping on Cillian Murphy to make an appearance as well but due to work commitments he cant. As opposed to moaning and groaning we understand. His performance in Batman Begins looks really good. Ive been invited to a screening of it in the morning @ 10.30 but I dont think Ill make it till the afternoon or Friday. Herself actually wants to see it as well, and its difficult enough to get her to the flicks so I might wait till shes available. Just means my batdrool will be longer than ever. So thats it. Keep it Real


Tuesday, June 14, 2005


One of the most anticipated things in recent history, bar the forthcoming Crazy Frog Album. Jackson is innocent and that's that. Mixed reaction last night on the show, but I think there were slightly more thinking he is actually guilty. Yet again though, he has proven his innocence. The jury was out for me (Ohhhhh) through out this case. I wouldn't be classed as a huge MJ fan, but you cannot take away the legend of one of the worlds biggest entertainers.

Just before I went to air last night, I discovered what was going on with the verdict. Just as the verdict was announced we went live to Santa Maria to Mike Walker from the National Enquirer. Mike is a fantastic guest and we've built a great repore and I was indebted to Mike for coming on. You could hear the shock in peoples voices on his phone. Truly history in the making. I felt the show was swerving all over the place as we had to do a lot of juggling when this thing broke. Its a pity Jackson did speak to the crowds when he came out of the courthouse. Maybe he could have been lifted onto some SUV again and gave a little speech. Who knows how it would have gone...

"Yo,Yo Whos Bad now muthafuckers. Whos da man in the fuckin mirror now. Im gonna moonwalk up and down the media's ass with this shit, cuz I is the smooth criminal yo!" Or........................maybe not!

I came home, had a drink and watched a few of the news networks going balluba about the whole thing. Some of them fans are really frightening! Maybe Jackson is a nice guy, lets face it, we only know him through the media! Either way now its going to be a case of we told you so. Hopefully for Michael he'll calm his ass down and quit the madness.....that of course we only know from the media organisations. No one will give a shit in a week. Me, I stopped giving a shit this morning. Its a great news story and as I said last night before I played the show out with Billie Jean, the legend lives on.

Had my first 2 deaths in the fish tank yesterday. Not sure what happened, but methinks that some of the bigger ass shit are getting their freak on with the smaller ones and Im in 2 minds as to whether to take them back to the shop and give the smallies a bit of peace and quiet. We'll see. I have Hitch and Alexander to watch but herself is looking to see them as well and for the life of me I wont be able to sit through them again.

Now lets see what else is going on in my head.....nothing but a couple of voices telling me to burn things. I have to leave it there as my intestines are about to fall out at the rate of knots from so dodgy breakfast roll I had earlier. Check the show later for some very funny MJ stuff.

Monday, June 13, 2005

I get up earlier than usual to take care of some business. On the way home I manage to choke down some rashers, egg and some weird form of tomato relish as breakfast. Who ever heard of tomato relish. My first thought was this is sauce like, but god only knows. Its stayed down for the last few hours and shortly I will be out of the food poisoning zone.

So another week begins. We're looking at some serious movie folk for the show later on in the week, but nothing concrete yet. My Star Wars special is still getting some attention as well. Comes to light that BBC Scotland were asking about it. So thats a big compliment. Keeping with movies I download some new trailers, namely The Chronicles of Narnia. Not my thing at all, but it looks good in a sort of Lord of the Rings way. Land of the dead is also viewed and its another zombie flick from George Romero. Im a big fan, but the trailer just shows more of the same. The zombie genre, while on a comeback of recent years, is almost out of steam methinks. Although if anyone can kick the shite back into it, its Romero. Colin Farrells The New World is also after coming down the line and it looks shit hot. Im sure most people (myself included) will be a bit cagey for another epic style film, especially after Alexander. Or so the critcs would have it. My copy of Alexander arrived today on DVD, so Ill have to take it in soon as I have not seen the flick yet.

Yet another celebrity sex tape is on the cards by all accounts. No I havent seen it, but its Tom Sizemore and Liz Hurley...again by all acoounts. Do we even care that Liz is getting laid anymore. Lets see Britney and her yeeehhhaaawww go at it. Can you picture it. Hed probably have a beer resting on her back as shes bent over polishing his collection of shotguns. Raccoon season is here yall.

Anyway, I have to get outta here and cook some thing that will resemble a dinner.
Oh yeah, Im sure you've noticed a slight change in how things look now, and also check out the link on the right called Vman in Japan. Its a mate of mine from Dingle who scuttered off the Japan a few years back and there are some really cool photos.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another Few Days Bite The Dust

Its nearly 2 o clock and another Sunday is rushing by, like the traffic on the south link @ 3 in the morning. With the good weather we've been having over the last few days we decided to buy a big bastard of a parasol. 3m's to be percise. Throw in some garden furniture and a cheapo BBQ and you've got the making for a potential outbreak of food poisoning. Well its safe to say that everyone has survived. I had to BBQs yesterday, granted the later one was a bit worse for wear. Between cider and chicken wings getting burnt to a crisp, it was all good. The only thing is that theres so much BBQ food in the freezer that we have to have another one today.

Got to see the MTV movie awards last night (thank you Sky +) and I was pretty impressed with the intro. Jimmy Fallon never looked so cool in the Batmobile. The editing and compositing was first class. The awards themselves were pretty ok, Eminems performance was great as was the Foo Fighters. With Katy Holmes presenting Tom Cruise with the Generation award it must have been a bit of a kick in the tits for Nicole Kidman watching the carry on. Granted, Tom was having none of this smoochy shit on stage. The highlight of the show had to be Jimmy Fallon grabbing Sandra Bullocks breasts. Very funny, a bit predictable but very bold.

God only know what else has gone on over the weekend, I cant remember. Not alcohol induced but I just cant remember. The weather is great, but the bastard has woken me up at 6am every morning this weekend. I watched a program called the Real Di Vinci Code Friday night. I must be one of the only people in the world NOT to read the book. Yeah I bought it but just couldnt get into. My Dad finished it in about 2 days. The program was interesting though, definitely a thought provoker. Im sure there are plenty of people running around saying "Ya know Im related to Jesus". Come Sunday afternoon they're going UP to visit the cousins.

"How ya cousin Jesus?"

I need a haircut and a shave and the sun is out (again). So tis time to depart and sort out another BBQ. All I know is the shop near here better have them fuckin self lighting charcoal bags.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Vics fone.jpg
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This is the bad boy I was on about earlier!
It was a long night last night. Bank Holidays can be dodgy on the radio particualry for the monday night pshychic segment. But thankfully we were rockin as usual last night. I got home for around 1ish following an almost tearful farewell with my other producer Michelle. Thank God for Sky+, plenty doses of the Simpons and even Coronation Street. Mixed in with a few bottles of beer and 2 damn pot noodles, I had an early excursion to the jacks this morning...twice. Of course what did I have for lunch...another pot noddle. Im addicted to the mexican ones at the moment. Its tough going though. Speaking of spicy things I picked up some extra hot sauce during a midnight shop on Friday. Well turn me sideways and beat me with a hurley. It blew the head clean off me, never had anything like it. Ill look at the label later and put it up here...just in case your interested! Im a big fan of all things spicy, but this sauce will rarely get used.

Given the papers for a bank holiday are written a week before almost, Im not entirely sure whats going to be on the cards tonight. But I know I will be doing a suvivial guide, like Ive done every year at this time, for the exam students. It was great being in 2nd and 5th was like "Ha look at those fuckin fools and there exams" and then in what felt like a week I was the fool doin the exams. Theres nothing worse than doing the Leaving Cert. Im a big believer of dont believe the hype and all, but it just gets a taste in your mouth and gives you a bit of a downer each morning you have to get up. Theres too much pressure on kids these days, more of a pressure created or should I say manufactured by society. If your reading this (I know theres at least 2) and your doing exams, take it pressure. I remember doing my leaving the first time round ( I repeated cos I fucked it up first time) a select few of us were racing each other to see who could finish first. Hence there was a tear or 2 the second time round and it was all good!

I read this morning that the first trailer for King Kong will be attached with War of the Worlds and will be online around June 28th. Looking ahead its not a bad summer for movies. Roll on Batman Begins next week and of course War of the Worlds. I must say Im just slightly interested in Mr and Mrs Smith. No its not Silent Bob and his missus but the Pitt and the Jolie kicking the shit out of each other. Should be good, at least it looks good. Even from the warddrobe perspective. The uniforms look pretty cool.

Theres now 19 fish in the tank and all are doing well. I bought 13 more on Friday and will be doing one or 2 more stock ups before the week is out. More than likely on Friday. Im telling ya, this is the best hobby Ive had in quite a while. It keeps me quiet for a few minutes a day, which is great news if your trying to put up with me.

A few people have asked me to do some more rappin' since I busted out some rhymes from the website during the show last week. Dont hold your breath it wont be happening.

Theres nothing else of note here today so thatll be all

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Theres a 18" version of "Marv" from Sin City. Great movie, saw it on a special screening this morning @ 10.30. Super violent, Super Sexy and just plain Super. I havent been around the last few days due to some bad news that I wont get into here. Im absolutely shattered, its been a long couple of days so far but Ill pull through. Thats it really, nothing else I want to be rabbiting on about, just not in the mood.

New fish tomorrow though.

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg