Monday, June 02, 2008

The one with the summer movie preview!

Yes, its a bank holiday!!!! Yes, the weather is good. And believe it or not, there is a blog update. She who must be obeyed is still in bed and the weather is too good for me to surpress my sudden love of the back garden. Anyways, to follow up from last show, heres a selection of the trailers that were played during the Summer movie preview!

Superhero Movie [ June 6th ] - From the same shower that brought you Scary Movie and the Naked Gun. Im not a big fan of spoof movies, but I can imagine audiences in Cork laughing out loud at this one. The parody of the spiderman man scene, did crack a smile on my face though.

Gone Baby Gone [ June 6th ] - Child abduction from the brothers Affleck. This is good!!!!

The Happening [ June 13th ] - Yet another movie surround the end of the world or something. From the guy that saw dead people and had Mel Gibson kicking alien ass in Signs. More of the same by all accounts. On the other hand, I enjoy my better half clawing chunks of flesh out of my arm.....during a tense movie of course

The Incredible Hulk [ June 13th ] - Does anyone want another big green bloke movie. When it looks like this and Ed Norton is in it, chalk it fuckin down! Possibly will get lost in the mix between Hellboy and the Bat.

Teeth [ June 20th ] - A Vagina full of teeth? Of course it'll be good. Instant cult classic..maybe. Or else straight to Betamax. Again, I say a vagina full of teeth. Im thinking the thing that comes out of the Alien's mouth.

The Edge of Love [ June 20th ] - Knightley, Miller and our own Cillian Murphy.
Probably not be suitable for men who go around calling everything "fuckin gay". But could make a good one for the rest of us normal folk....or Dylan Thomas fans.

Wanted [ June 27th] - Based on the comic book by Mark Millar. This looks off the charts. Jolie, legs spread, hanging out of a car, shooting shit up. Where do I hang my pants?

Hancock [ July 4th ] - Unless the trailer is better thant the movie, this one is gonna remove alot of pants. Mine is already off.

Wall-E [ July 18th ] - Pixar are back at it again, with what sounds and looks to be their biggest movie to be date. Instant classic I reckon. And yes, thats the wizard from Lord of the Rings!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars [ August 15th ] - Its Star Wars for fuck sake. Animated.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army [ August 22nd ] - The first one was fantastic, and big red is back kicking some more holes. And of course he loves little pussies.......(kittens for crying out loud)

Now those of you reading this will no doubt be wondering about something. The same something that people were wondering about last night. Well, I havent forgotten the Dark Knight, because I reckon this will be the biggest movie this Summer. I cant remember the last time I saw an actor be so consumed by a character. As far as Im concerned, there is no Heath Ledger is the new Dark Knight move [ July 25th ] . Just some bloke called the Joker!!!! And that is testament to the late Mr. Ledger!!!!!!!

So now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats it for the summer movie preview with a selection of the trailers from last nights Summer Movie preview show. Which was a once off, due to the bank holiday. I do think there is room for a mini version of that show, somewhere embedded in CTB. Watch this space.