Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Man Im not feeling the best today, late last night my nose started running. Im battling it off at the moment so if Im not on the air tonight Im dead. Speaking of dead did you know that today in 1989 David Letterman bate up the energizer bunny with a baseball bat. No sign of my broadband yet, maybe tomorrow. Anyways just dropping in, nothing else of interest to say.
Now and again we find a different Psychic and tonight we tried out a new one called Betsy, forgive me its late but I forgot her last name. Monday night psychic is one of the most popular features on the show and we never have enough time for every body. Not a bad start for a newbie psychic bar the "Thank you spirit", but it floats the boat. Every psychic that has ever been on the show have all said, "Vic your going to tv". Even a certain white witch has told my g/f the same thing.

Late N Live Top 5 reasons you know the weekend is over (15/11/04)

5 – Ahhhhhh….its Monday

4 – Picture of the bosses ass stuck in the photocopier at work

3 – The girl you picked up on Saturday night has finally moved out..with half your stuff

2 – Your taking a trip to the STi clinic

1 – You ring in sick with a “headache”

Cork Talks Movies is a new segment which got its first mention this evening on the show. Basically we send 2 listeners off to review a movie free of charge and they come into the show the following week. I will also have seen the movie as other listeners as well. Then we have an ol chat about the whole thing. We'll see how it works. First Cork Talks Movies Movie will be The Incredibles. Check it from next Tuesday. If you interested in a movie review email me today at

Im still waiting on my broadband connection which im assured should arrive soon enough. Its been processed....apparently. God help me when it arrives.
Ive been lashing into Halo 2 and Im making a dent in it, so no doubt more early morning playing with it....the game that is.
No doubt Ill pop back here later on, in the afternoon so you stay classy san diego..........or wherever you are.