Monday, September 08, 2008

The one with the Collider yoke

Large Hadron Collider or LHC as its known to the boffins! Maybe they've given it a nickname, like Horris or something! Is it gonna bring the end of the world? Is it gonna create a black hole? Or will it bring some bad ass dudes from the 9th dimension who will kick some serious ass? I don't think anybody knows. Apparently its safe! I'm sure that's been said about other things before! As a listener pointed out last night, the laws of normality wont allow for something as exciting as a black hole!

Im intrigued with the idea of the end of the world. For years, we've got the Hollywood version. That normally involves Bruce Willis or Will Smith saving the day with 0.000000001 seconds left on the end of the world bomb or whatever is threatening our existence. What would the LHC version be? Would shit just stop and that would be it. One minute your eating your ham sandwich and then nothing! Just darkness! Just blackness! Nothing. No speaking, talking or eating ham sandwiches! That's that! Earths gone. Disappeared. No suffering, no pain! Just gone! Like a lightbulb that just blew! And theres no one around to replace that light bulb!!!

On the other hand, and the more likely scenario is that nothing bad will happen. Theres always nay Sayers who jump on the band wagon and have got their lawsuits to stop whats going on!

Now, if shit doesn't get fecked up, then maybe we'll get flying cars from whatever they discover! And I'm talking real flying cars, not the crap that's around at the moment! I'm talking about the stuff they had in Hill Valley in Back to the Future II! Real kick ass flying cars! 

Maybe they'll discover other dimensions! Maybe some stuff will slip through? Maybe we need Hellboy to sort shit out! 

Oh yeah, almost forgot the hadron collider rap I played last night! It explains everything bar the Hellboy scenario! Or the end of the world part :)

Anyway, on a final note if the fan does start to get covered in shit, this is what I'll be listening to on Wednesday!