Friday, February 20, 2009

The one with Halo Wars

I love the Halo series! And Halo 3 was a pants removing moment. Even my Dad is a fan of the Halo series and is pretty decent on Halo 2. And now we have Halo wars. I hate the RTS style of game. I hate Command and Conquer and all those similar to it. I just never liked the genre. Too awkward for my liking. Too many controls, too many options. Build this to get that and then build an extension to get a level 93 power up or some shit. 

Personally, I wasn't holding up much hope for Halo Wars, given I'm not a fan of that style of game. I popped it into the 360 and had a lash of the tutorials, which are very straight forward. Within in 10 minutes I was calling in Spartans to thunder around the place and kick Covenant ass! I was building bases. Driving warthogs over the enemies skulls. The game doesn't feel cumbersome to an RTS hater like me. Its instant pick up and kick ass. Coupled with great cut scenes and some great levels which have a vast array of things going on. Vast battlefields, from cities to snowy mountains, theres a lot in here. In particular I really loved one of the earlier levels where its set in a city and you have to escort civilians to waiting shuttles. And done even get my going on the multiplayer, its pure madness. Brilliant in every sense of the word!

I guess, for me its like how much I hate gherkins. But put some gherkins on a Big Mac and I'll eat em with much love and attention. So; for me Halo Wars is like a Big Mac, and I seriously enjoy a Big Mac! Check this out!!! 9/10

The one with a star

People were wondering about a star in the sky last night. Cheers to Colin for the pic and in the info.

Venus is unusually bright last (and this) year. Venus is also called Evening Star and Morning Star, because for part of the night it disappears behind the horizon, and then reappears before dawn.
You see it way better in the country side.

hope this helps,

The one with......mmmmmmmmmmm

Hold down the breakfast, lunch and dinner!