Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another week is here, hip hip hor-feckin-ray. Not much going on today to be honest, feeling a bit groggy for some reason. Must have been that pot noodle at 2 this morning. For the wrestling fans out there, I hope you didnt miss King Harley Race last night. It was a real last minute booking (see keeping with the rasslin lingo) and at times he was playing the heel card (even more rasslin speak). I was honored though to talk to such a legend as Harley. Harley is old school, and things got off to a rollickin shit start when his actual WWE bio that I had was wrong. Yeah, I picked up his bio on wwe.com and some of the stats were incorrect on it. So Harley took great pleasure in pointing out the correct version.

Tis nice to see the ould sunshine make an appearance again today. Im so thrilled Ive picked the scab off me leg and donned a pair of shorts. Thank christ the neighbours are on holidays. Danny The Dog (Or Unleashed as its called here) arrived yesterday, and being a big Jet Li fan I was not disappointed. Jet actually acts at times in this flick, but the fight scenes. Christ almighty are they brutal. The last time I saw fights so violent was the time I saw a fella go head first through the window of Burgerland on Oliver Plunkett St, back in the day. So check it out, its released this week I do believe.

So thats it, but keep in mind a certain Playboy may be on with us in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot (Sorry I know most of you were happy to coming to the end of todays bullshit). Era feck it, Ill do it tomorrow!!