Saturday, July 30, 2005


Before I get going, Ive noticed a few comments or 3 on the blog. If enough of you let me know that you want a forum then Ill get on the case. If not, feck it!

Anyways, holiday time is here again. No sunshine trips for me. Nah, just going to take it easy and to be honest Im only using up holiday time anyway. After endless of hours of fucking around I finally updated my PSP and as you've seen from a previous post, its online. As of tonight, Ive finished Ridge Racers. Break out the bloody champagne! Summer, well its officially Autumn in a few hours, always brings out the crazyiness in drinks companies. Fanta Green? 7-UP Ice, I shit you not. The 7-UP Ice wasnt bad, but as for the concoction that made up Fanta Green (Lemon, Apple and Lime) that run through me faster than Ben Johnsons steriod breaking world record. Im a sucker for trying these new things...and sure what!

Im going to head off the see Charlie and The Chocoalte factory later on and then home to bed....possibly. Ill begin the rock n roll holiday lifestyle on Monday. Hang on, thats a bank holiday. Best wait till Tuesday then.

Although I will have to hit the work place tomorrow for a weeeeeee while to get some bits done. Other than that its plain sailing of doing absolutely nothing.

I arrived in the Brog Thursday night post show, and for the first time ever I was absolutely shattered and more or less went in to turn. Post Brog visit called for a breast in a bun and to be honest it tasted like some body blew their load in it, or maybe twas the mircowaving when I came home.

I dont know if there were any of the readers there, but I announced the screening of The Perfect Catch on Thursday @ Mahon Point. All went well, not as full as I thought it would be. It rained packets of sweets for a good 4 minutes, Im sure I took someones eye out. So thats it, time to put on my cinema going clothes!!!!!!!!!