Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All week we have some pretty cool prizes from Bartizan game world in Midleton. They consist of tickets for you and some mates to an exclusive Bartizan event @ The Raddison and a YEARS membership to Bartizan Game World in Midleton. As I was talking about the giveaway last night I started listing out all the computers and consoles Ive owned over the years, and giving it even more thought I left a few out. So heres the full list....I hope...in pictures...And its in order too. The most recent first!

Most of them at this stage, have been sold, given away or smashed up with a hammer. The Speccy 48K is still at home in my Mums place, as is the Amiga! All I have @ the moment is the Xbox 360 and a PC obviously! Anyways, thats my super nerd moment outta the way!

I was only off 2 nights, but it felt like alot longer last night, coming back on air. Slightly slow start but once we got going, we got going! Jill Dahne was our Psychic last night, and she hasnt been on since last December! Jill is as good as it gets in my opinion. Last night she knew things about people before they even opened their mouth, and she was dead on accurate! One caller knew the previous caller and Jill knew this before the caller opened her mouth! There was a good couple of jaws hitting the floor in the studio with this one!

I never understood the whole obsessions with Lo-Fat, Diet, Zero, No Carb and christ knows what other monikers have been put on products over the years! Lots of calls on it last night, and some callers told how they suffered with anorexia! I know alot of chefs will say "Keep away from the lo-fat stuff". I think at this stage, if it tastes good, then its "technically bad for you". Salads are supposed to be good for ya, right? So why do they taste so much better with a dressing! As most people will agree Salad dressings are bad for ya because of what they contain. Bit of regular exercise and everything in moderation, while wont turn you into a Mr.Muscle, wont kill you. Theoretically anyway!