Thursday, January 05, 2006

1st one of the year

The dust has settled, the wrapping paper recycled (of course you recycle!!), the turkey carcass dumped and the only alcohol thats left is a stain on the couch. Xmas and the whole New Year thing is finally over. Thank feck!

Its always a funny week, this first week in Januray. People are still not back into the normal swing of things. Even though its a short week for the show, it feels like a really long one. Thankfully it comes to an end in a few hours, for me anyway and then from Sunday night on things should be hopefully back to normal. Well as normal as normal gets on Cork Talks Back.

This weekend will hopefully see me finish The Sopranos season 5. As a matter of fact I have only 2 episodes left to watch, so tomorrow will no doubt see me suffering cold turkey till season 6 comes along. For the Xbox 360 people, make sure you check out the Fight Night round 3 demo, which has just gone up on Xbox Live. Downloaded earlier today and the thing looks savage all together! Speaking of all things Xbox Ive made it into the playoffs in Madden 06. Ive always been an NFL fan, since way back, in the days of Network 2. Im also a Giants fan so roll on the playoff game on Sunday night. The odds are pretty shit, so I dont think Ill be having a flutter!

Thats about if for now kids, I have to saddle up the pony and get into the station!