Thursday, August 24, 2006

One listener was put through more pain and suffering than usual on last nights show. We took a break from the usual format for about 20 odd minutes as Daniel Long from Tele-Joyce cabs came in to get his legs waxed, in preperation for the Ladies Mini Marathon. As you can see from the videos down below, there was plenty of pain to be had. Obviously this kind of thing doesnt work as well on the radio, as it would on TV, but there were plenty of people feeling his pain. One poor soul was making a cup of coffee and ended up putting a tea bag into the cup, instead of sugar!!!!! Julie, the waxer was waxing at a waxtastic rate, but she had only done the entire right leg, and we had to pull the segment due to time contraints. For the next 40 minutes, Daniel was lying on the floor, near our kitchen, getting waxed. Hopefully no-one drops a sandwich there today! He also decided to get waxed up to his bikini line, and if truth be told there were times in that hot studio that we all saw things that only Daniels girlfriend had seen. The more I think about it, it looked like some bizarre fetish movie. All was needed was a Donkey and a few Gilette Mach 3's.

The lapdancing debate raged on last night, when we had a lapdancer, by the name of Mercedes on the phone. Cue the ride jokes! Im sure theres still alot more to come on the debate, but I would think no more shall be done for a few weeks. We have organised for a listener to go a lapdancing club, as she hasnt been there before, and is completely opposed to the whole idea of what the ladies do.

Other than all of the above and indeed whats down below, today is JNLR day. In a nutshell, radio ratings. So its a case of a P45 or "Well done, but your still not getting a raise" I should know more later on this afternoon. Given the last JNLR book was extremely good for Cork Talks Back, this should, technically be one to look forward to. Thats my lot for today!

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