Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Check down below for a wonderful piece of satire. Should religion be removed from our classrooms, was a topic that came up on the show last night. Our text poll said NO it shouldnt, which was suprising. I have to admit that I didnt think teenagers were as holy as some came across last night. Relfection, Meditation and discussion were some of the items that came up again and again with callers. Its a far flung yell from religion when I was in school, which isnt that long ago. All it took was for some fella to ask the priest teaching it "Father, Who made God?". That was it, class over. I dont think its fair to have it as an exam subject, but thats my opinion! If anything, the perception that adults have of teenagers as been mad, drunk and wild all the time was definitely changed with what alot of teen callers said last night! Which is great!

I havent bought a few DVDs online in a while, mainly to keep the credit card down but I gave in this morning and picked up The Grizzly Man, Broken Flowers and Jarhead. The joys of Region 1 and Region 3. Speaking of movies, I beleive theres a civic reception tonight for Golden Globe local hero Jonathan Rhys Myers, which is nice. Why dont they give me a civic reception. To be honest I dont know if I could stand all the prancing around with a glass of champagne, at least thats my idea of what goes on. Oh well, bang guys my nomination after that comment. Well twas a jest, oh person from the city council thats probably not reading!

Over the next few days, we should hopefully have alot more audio to download on redfm.ie so keep checking. Also if theres anything YOU think we should be doing on the show, drop me a comment here and email me corktalksback@redfm.ie

The Superbowl is coming up on Sunday, and we have yet to get our Psychic bet as to who will win. Personally Ill throw a tenner on the seahawks!
So people are betting I cant update this thing every day till Friday. Well there, its updated for today

Monday, January 30, 2006

7.20am Im up playing Doctor and giving the better half some eye drops. I wake up and feel like Ive been in a car crash. Im aching from head to toe, and for some reason my ass is numb. I go back to sleep till around 11 and it finally hits me. I put together a big chest of drawers from scratch yesterday in a flurry and its taking its toll. Sad isnt it. Here I am on a health kick...supposedly.

The weekend just gone was the first one in a while that we had a bit of time to ourselves, bar that chest of drawers. Managed to take in Redeye and Breakfast on Plutos over the weekend. Both very good shows.

Thats about it for now! I promise to do a daily update this week, or Ill eat my pants. When I say daily, Mon-Fri!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Before I start rambling, I want to address some of the comments that appeared on the blog!

AHHHH VIC seattle havent won the a superbowl ever. the steelers have soooofeck off from seattle, thats my team....if they lose i'm coming after you....
Well If Im backing them at this late stage, then start putting the rusty nails in the plank of wood!!!!!

Vic, who was the tool on last night, about hash. I was working the late shift last night nad we couldnt stop breaking our ass laffing when he started insulting you when his argument was going nowhere. None of us could understand why he went nuts, probably the drugs, but you asked him a simple question to make his point that he didnt make in the first place because yer one was talking. What a fucking ghoul. Well done bud, great show!

Hash fries brains, that was evident last night!Question for ya Vic, how do you keep your head in a situation like that? He was completley out of line. He sounded like a fool when he just hung up!
Thanks! Ill talk about the last 2 comments down below

Last nights show was good, but where the insults and bedlam came from I really have no idea! Luke is always a good guest and gets quite argumentitive and he has a strong passion about his beliefs. But last night, as alot of people said, he let the side down. From time to time when someone on the other of the phone hangs up its usually for one reason and one reason only. Im sure you can put 2 and 2 together! For the record last night was not an interview, but a debate. So if people want to get involved in the debate and call in, then there more than welcome to. Thats why the show is called Cork Talks Back. How do I keep my head? Id like to say Im a true professional! But Im not really, as I can get a bit too excited from time to time. Shouting down to someone on the phone never works, and as the insults starting coming it was quite obvious to me he was going to hang up! So thanks for all the support with the texts, calls and emails last night :)

Moving onto other things, the joys of the Sky+ series link. I forgot to tape Des Bishops Joy in the Hood last night, but the wonderful series link kicked in. Another good show, but for some reason it didnt get me laughing as much as the other 2, and in particular the ballymun episode! Either way, Des is doing great and fair play to him, like! The Orange County Choppers boys arrived in Cork on last nights episode of American Chopper. Very funny to see the lads sucking up the Blarney Stone!

The health kick is lasting. Its into its third week now, although last night I crashed and burned again when I came home. Seems to be about once a week I feck it up! Overall its going well enough.

Theres been a great response to our Walk the Line screening giveaway, which Ill also be announcing on Feb 1st. More tickets tonight I do believe. We doubled up last night, on the tickets due to been let down by our Monday night Psychic. Its rare it happens, but its the same people have left us down in the past, and last night was the last straw. Psychics are in big demand, apparently and its nigh on impossible to have a back up plan. Tonight though, we should have one, as loads of people were a bit pissed off last night. I apologise, but it was out of our control!

Also, to just give all the Xbox 360 owners out there a heads up, I think we will be giving away one of the most awaited fighting games on the 360 really soon. So stay tuned, and yes your right, its the one with the bouncing tits!

Monday, January 23, 2006

12 pounds of Spaghetti Bolognese

Well, ok maybe not 12 pounds, maybe 5 or 7. My chefs hat came out on Saturday night and the cookfest began. To be honest I left things go to the last minute for alot of it. Her goodself went off to clonmel and I stayed glued to Project Gotham Racing 3 on the 360 for the entire afternoon. Sad! It could have been worse, I could have been wandering the streets looking for trouble. When all was said and done, half a bin liner of food was thrown out. It was quite upsetting, but "Uncle Jack" was there to comfort me.

I +d some thing called Superhomes last night and some guy is flogging the worlds most expensive house. 70 mill, STERLING!. Reminds me, I must ask about a payrise! Bonkers. Im sure some person will buy it and probably make a killing on it. After the NY Giants lost I decided to try and support some other team. So who do I pick, none other than the Carolina Panthers, who got smashed off the field last night! Oh well, go Seahawks for the Superbowl. So with me now supporting them, take it that the Steelers will win. Speaking of winning, the oul Euro Million lotto yoke is heading for big money at the weekend. Its nice to dream, although knowing my luck (as is evident from the NFL) thered me some fecker from every country win the thing.

As its Monday, the Psychic that will be in the hotseat this evening will be Cork psychic Caroline Griffin. I might be wrong, but as far as I know its gonna be her. Shes extremely popular, so book your spot early!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Well, the posts are getting more regular. It most be them bran flakes! Its been a really busy week on the show. Lots of positive reaction to Des Bishops Joy in da Hood! Lots of emails, calls and texts are of the opinion that Cork Talks Back had an accurate potrayal of it. I did talk to Des off the air on one of the nights, hadnt talked to him in a good while but he was in good form!

Thats it really, I have to don the chefs hat over the weekend for a few mates coming around and other than that, I plan to take it easy as feck.

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I know this has started becoming a weekly update of late, I do apologise to all of you reading it...3 at least! I promise to do a bit more!

Firstly congratulations to Jonathan Rhys Myers on picking up a golden globe!

Comiserations to Cillian Murphy, who I really feel should have picked up a GG for Breakfast on Pluto. Roll on the Oscar nomination, for both of them!

Before we rolled onto the Monday night Psychic last night, texts and calls started trickling in regarding Des Bishops Joy in the Hood and about the portrayal of the Northside. I know other talk shows have covered this to death this morning, but we cant ignore it. As Ive said the show is called Cork Talks Back! I Sky +d it and when I finally got home, I took a gary at it. I think the Ballymun version was better, and I found it hard going after the girl pulled out! No disrepect to any of the performers they did a good job, and it takes alot to get up in front of a microphone especially with a TV crew in front of you. The burnt out cars scenario is a bit out of date at this stage though. I know Des since the Triskel days (I even filmed an entire Des gig there at one stage )and he was a regular on the show. Then we started losing touch and I havent talked to him in quite some time, but I really dont think hes trying to cash in on the under priviledged areas. I feel in his heart, hes trying to do the right thing. Whether or not its working is another thing! So, we'll see what happens tonight.

My new healthy outlook (cough cough) is going good. Not great, but good. No shit food, no fizzy drinks until last night. I fell at the Hillbillies hurdle, after a mate rang after the show wondering was I hungry. So in I went and the vision of Karl Spain came into my head. "3 meals a day and either the chips or the breast n a bun". A full meal deal later I felt guilty as hell, which suprised me to be honest. No breakfast this morning as punishment! The dog doesnt know what the fecks going on, as Im walkng his hole every day now. Well for the last 2 days anyway. Going to try and keep it up! Ill have to buy an mp3 player or something for musical motivation!

***UPDATE*** Just for the crack I decided to register with Irish Bloggers. At the right hand side by some of the links youll see one for IrishBloggers. If you want, click there and vote for the blog. Sound!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As some of you might be aware; from listening to the show, Ive caught the flu. Im presuming its just the normal everyday flu, and not the bird flu. Thankfully I havent been feeling too cuckoo with it. Christ, sorry, that was absolutely terrible.

But yes, Ive got the flu and Im supping down the Beechams like it was in short supply. I thought this morning it was clearing, but as I type my nose is dribbling and my head feels like it could well fall off and crash onto the keyboard. The updates have been slow coming, primarily flu related, so thats my excuse.

Christmas and the feelings that go with it are finally over, and the show is back into full swing. I was quite suprised with the results of The "Should Eddie Hobbs get the freedom of the city" poll last night. 56% YES 44% NO if I recall correctly. It was quite nice for some people to say last night that I deserve the freedom of the city for some of the things Ive done on air over the last 3 years. Well its almost 3 years, 3 I believe in April. Its interesting to look back and whats been done over the last 2.9 years. In particular we're doing a very different show for since the middle of August 05. Hopefully I still be here in another 3 years!

Sunday wasnt a great day, the NY Giants got their hole kicked. I lost a good few euro on that one. Why do I feel like this is one long moan today!

I Sky+'d Des Bishops Joy in the Hood last night, and while I havent spoken to Des in quite some time, I have to say it was pretty good. Not mind blowingly good, but none the less, enjoyable. It will be interesting to see the reviews and indeed the next episode in Knocknaheeny. Fair play to ya Dessie boy!

One of the links on this blog, the vman in japan one is run by a good mate of mine whos teaching english in Japan for the last 2 odd years. He was home for Xmas but I didnt see him until he rang me last night and called out to the station! Twas good to catch up!

Shit, another fit of sneezing and dribbling and the outside Xmas lights still have to be taken down. Well they can stay there for another day or 2. The last thing I need is to be dangling off a ladder sneezing and spluttering. Ive absolutely nothing left to say, and I want to conserve my energy (More bullshit!!!!). So Im going off to do some more sneezing and get together some stuff for the show tonight!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

1st one of the year

The dust has settled, the wrapping paper recycled (of course you recycle!!), the turkey carcass dumped and the only alcohol thats left is a stain on the couch. Xmas and the whole New Year thing is finally over. Thank feck!

Its always a funny week, this first week in Januray. People are still not back into the normal swing of things. Even though its a short week for the show, it feels like a really long one. Thankfully it comes to an end in a few hours, for me anyway and then from Sunday night on things should be hopefully back to normal. Well as normal as normal gets on Cork Talks Back.

This weekend will hopefully see me finish The Sopranos season 5. As a matter of fact I have only 2 episodes left to watch, so tomorrow will no doubt see me suffering cold turkey till season 6 comes along. For the Xbox 360 people, make sure you check out the Fight Night round 3 demo, which has just gone up on Xbox Live. Downloaded earlier today and the thing looks savage all together! Speaking of all things Xbox Ive made it into the playoffs in Madden 06. Ive always been an NFL fan, since way back, in the days of Network 2. Im also a Giants fan so roll on the playoff game on Sunday night. The odds are pretty shit, so I dont think Ill be having a flutter!

Thats about if for now kids, I have to saddle up the pony and get into the station!