Thursday, August 21, 2008

The one about web addiction

Theres nothing but talk of wedding dresses in the house of late. I just cant seem to decide on what I like. Vera Wang my arse. But that's something for another blog, or maybe a doctors office.

First week back and with God as my witness (granted a wet witness) its flown. I feel as if ol Doc Brown abducted me in a DeLorean on Monday evening, and dropped me off today. Might explain why I've got a funny walk.

One of the topics last night, was web addiction. No doubt, like many people reading this, you, like I, have a problem. Unlike one of the callers who explained his record was 60 hours straight, I'm not that much of an addict. That caller is like the Michael Phelps of net usage. If I were to speak of records, it probably goes back to when I first got the net, way back in dial up days, 1997 or there abouts.

A good 12 hours were spent; bare in mind that this was dial up, so that probably equated into 2 pages, melting my eyes onto the keyboard. And if memory serves me correctly, I fecked off into work with about one hour of sleep and broken wrists....from typing...of course....cough.

So whats it like now, my web addiction. Well lets put it like this. Last year I spent a good 15 minutes checking emails and credit card balances in the Dell Lounge on the top floor of Macy's, in NYC. A few weeks ago I was up in the North, with the Ipod touch and its wifi capabilities been used non stop. Came back down south, stayed in Athlone, and within 30 seconds of getting to the hotel room, I was on the phone looking for the wifi login. I cant sleep at night without having a nose at the web on the Ipod. I cant get up without checking what gone down in the few hours that I'm asleep. I cant even take shit with out holding the Ipod in one hand. Sometimes I thank Jesus for Google Reader. It makes having a dump so much easier.