Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good turn out at the Shes The Man screening last night! Crowd were well up for it, and loads of texts after it to say it was a really good, funny flick! Im off tonight and Sunday night so the blog might slow down until Monday. It probably wont, but just in case!!!!!! Just 2 bits from last night

FILMMAKERS have shortlisted Paris Hilton to play Mother Teresa in a new movie. Personally I can see how they would go for Paris. ! Paris and Mother Theresa are quite alike though..they both spent a lot of time on their knees

A 23-YEAR-OLD man will appear in a Dublin court on Monday to face two charges in connection with the one-man pitch invasion at Lansdowne Road last Saturday.. One the charges is something to do with his tackle!!!!!

Lots of calls on these ringtone subscrition services. People are getting ripped off left, right and you've guessed! We will do some more on this next week when we can do some more investigating. Again, the website that was mentioned last night, for helping people if you are getting ripped if is
Sure, theres genuine companies out there, but the ones I looked at, and in particular there terms and conditions didnt strike me as all that convincing! You've been they say!

For any of you Xbox360 people, in case you didnt know, Tomb Raider Legends is now available to download as a demo on Xbox Live. Lara Croft kept me up till 4 this morning and as for the demo..its shortish and sweet. Again nothing mind blowingly next gen, but nice all the same!

Thats my lot for today, Im off planting bushes for the next hour or 2!