Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally a few moments to blog! Where do I begin, well my Xbox360 decided to die the other day, must say Im not impressed at all. Tried all the cures around the net, but none work. So Im without that, and if truth be told, Ill always squeeze in a round of something on it at least a few times a week. Im looking at 10 days at least for it to be fixed, but there may be another solution...we'll see what happens!!!!

Ive always been a motorsport fan and the whole mod car scene has always caught my eye. Its only recently I bought a decent car, and have the car buzz more than ever. Last Saturday, herself was gone off to Ennis and I had a whole day and night to scratch me arse. Through the wonderful people at A&E up the country, I swung 2 tickets and packed a buddy into the car and headed off for Slam 06, in Punchestown. Bar the AA route planner advising to exit at Junction 7 on the M7, which didnt exist, either that or Im blind all went well and I got to that famous racecourse after about 3 hours of driving! It was the first time I was at a show like this, so I dont know how good or bad it was, as I have nothing to compare it against! Whatever the case I really enjoyed it, plenty of good looking cars and the chance to rub myself off a Hummer and a few Ferrari's. The latest round of the ProDrift IRL was going on as well. I never saw drifting in my life, and I know there were an awful lot of listeners talking about it in the past. It totally blew me away, and I have to say Im now addicted. Roll on the next rounds!!! No scobes or their mobiles, a few half naked women and decent chips, what more could I have asked for!

Thats about my lot for now, Ive been extremely busy organising my entires for the PPI Radio awards, which is one of the main reasons Ive not been blogging away. Anyways, this is my stand in producer, Don



Anonymous said...

Oh my god,i thought Don was about 19-20ish,6ft 5inches and weighed only about 100lbs,oh and had spots,that is the way he sounds,sooooooooooooooooooo sorry Don from the look of you i am glad i didnt tell you that[to your face anyway].Very afraid now,but what a great job he does nearly as good as Dave!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the show Vic, but whats happened it recently!? Constant blanket coverage on road tax and boy racer arguments, constant topics that are getting repetive. Last night's EXCELLENT discussion on Violence in Cork was amazing to say the least hpefully people will stand up and listen.

But the show needs more topics like last nights, I and others I know who listen are a bit fed up of the same discussions, you should tackle, Depression in youths, 9-11 discussions etc, hopfully the winter shows will pick up and not have the same 6 callers, love the show ya legend, good to have ya back and hope the health is improving! LOYAL LISTENER

kat said...

don, you're a cute youngin'! (so r u vic)

Anonymous said...

For such a loyal listener above, you seem to have ur facts up your hole. Maybe you dont do enough listening to the show to realise the wide variety of topics that are covered on the show. The boyracer debate is an ongoing thing, and if people in Cork want to talk about it, then thats what the show is all about. A friend of mine was doing work experience out there a while back and he said the call logs are pretty jammed every night, so I dont know where your goin with your same 6 callers. A real Loyal Listener!!! Thanks for a great show Vic

Anonymous said...

Your both right, good range of topics are aired but the boy racer is getting mind numbingly boring, I know someone who did work experience there and said the phone lines are jammed but in fairness you can bet your right arm that

all will be on a few times in a week, think I understand the points both posts were making.

Anonymous said...

Well the only person I heard on out of that list in the last few weeks was John. I mean at the end of the day theres more than one person in Cork with those names. I heard a few Pats on during the week, all different. Maybe you should email the show and tell them not to let these people on, if there on so much. Given the amount of callers that they have on, I think it would be poor "customer service" for them to turn away regular callers. It'd be like a publican telling his regulars that they come in too often.

Anonymous said...

Im the original poster who complained on the boy racing, same callers issue, Im not the type to get into arguments on a blog, but Il keep it short, the regular callers are stale, and the car/road stuff is on too much.

how many young peoples bodies are being pulled out of rivers each weekend? Maybe the show can do something on the suicide epedemic in Cork among young people, ask The Samaratins how many calls they get, or ring the divers and ask how many bodies they pull out in a month, Far more impporant than some fools moaning about taking their body kits of there cars. Sit down and think which is a more serious, touching and relevant topic. Anyone who says the boyracer topic is an idiot.

My last words on it. Il be tuning in Sunday Vic, love 'Get it off your chest sundays'!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont wish to enter into an argument full stop, but your facts are up your hole. Im the same poster from earlier. Do you not remember the listener that came on close to death, crying and screaming a few months back and Vic organised a charity donation scheme for her! As for the fools moaning about their cars, well wake up and read the papers. There are more people being killed on the roads every weekend, than people killing themselves.Maybe thats why the motoring thing comes up quite a bit.
Do you not remember the girl who came on and Vic discovered she had an eating disorder on the air, and told her about his ordeal in hospital. My g/f was close to tears listening to all this, as we were stuck in the drive glued to the show.

To be honest, the whole suicide thing is boring and depressing, but when it HAS been DONE on the show (cant remember when), and its been presented in an interesting light!
Alot of radio talk shows always seem to cover a niche, take yer man on 96, his was wheelybins and travellers, Vics seems to be motoring, underage drink/sex/drugs. Given RedFM is a youth station, hes right on the money!

Vic Barry said...

Jaysus folks, can you not just all hug and makeup!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, the whole suicide thing is boring and depressing,

Well I hope you dont lose anyone close to you, maybe then you'l realise it needs to be given mass coverage for a while. Plus I didnt say anythin about road deaths I said muppets on moaning bout tax prices, body kits etc.

This is my last word on the topic,I will not even be checking back for your reply, but do some research and find out how many suicides on average there is in a year in Cork, find the age group, ring the Samaritans and ask them how overun they are with calls from youth's, Drink and Drugs in youths is leading to a lot of suicides.

Have you heard of physical and verbal abuse being dished out in public pysch wards in Cork by STAFF. Trust me it's happening. depression, all sorts of related illnesses are killling as many people most likely more in Ireland than road deaths every year only it's still stigmatised and not talked about in this great country of ours.

also on road deaths do some research you might find out about the term 'suicide by car' ie young men alone or with a friend who seem easy going, full of life etc, a lot of road deaths are not down to the easy speeding at night excuse, these people are killing themselves on purpose so family think it was an accident. I personally know of one case of it when a note was found months later after a road 'Accident' Still boring?

Now I will not be coming back to red your reply, we are both adults with opinions, but do the research and you will not find it boring.

hope you have some good freebies during the week Vic!!

Anonymous said...

Well, and Im not being smart, maybe you should ring them up and suggest it as a topic, or go on yourself!

Anonymous said...

ive listened to plenty of radio stations in my time! red fm is by far the best yet! on the issue of the boy racers so what if we've heard it a few times its a major problem vics trying to sort it out and give everyone their chance to air their opinon.. and yes some nites you'd b in tears over stuff on the show..only for victor saying the stuff on the show sum of us wud have never known about it take the "skateboarders" beining beaten up i wudnt have known only that it was on the show. these lads never do anything to anybody and its not fair that they cant even enjoy what they love with out being attacked.. remember they said that roy keane is corks legend i think u'll find corks legend is victor barry

Anonymous said...

god don looks the spitting image of my uncle