Monday, November 29, 2004

Late N' Live Top 5 Updates

Late N Live Top 5 TV show warnings (22/11/04)

5 – Friends ReRuns “Chances are you’ve seen this one already.

4 – The Late Late “Warning the program you are about to watch features a cardboard host. Please do not change the channel, hes been like that for years

3 – Tubridy Tonight “If you want real guests we suggest you do not watch this program”

2 – Im a celbrity get me out of here “Warning these are not real celebritys”

1 – Coverage from the Dail “What you are about to see are not actors, but real life cowboys!

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard waiting for a taxi on Patrick street (23/11/04)

5 – The last time I waited this long for anything was to buy one of them dam tamagotchis

4 – I hope that back seat is washable love

3 – Do I get sick now or do I get sick in the taxi

2 – I could have swore I saw elvis drive by in a taxi

1 – You pull it and Ill sit on it

Late N Live Top 5 good things about being in the navy (24/11/04)

5 – Free hats

4 – If you get in a fight you just eat a can of spinach and start kickin ass

3 – Seasickness is a great way to keep off the weight

2 – When you sail out of cork harbour you can feel like the people on the Titanic

1 – Exotic Ports, Exotic Women, Exotic Rashes

Late N Live Top 5 things cork people might not have known about Thanksgiving (25/11/04)

5 – Americans have an excuse to stuff themselves stupid

4 - Its not about giving and saying thanks

3 – Do we actually care about Thanks giving

2 – Cmon, screw thanksgiving its almost the weekend anyway

1 – Theres a Turkey in the whitehouse

Well, I finally gave in and got one of them damn robots. Its already terrorised our dog, broke a glass and wet itself in the middle of the night. Im bored with the thing now and Ive been asking myself all weekend "How many DVDs could you have bought instead of a stupid robot". At least it'll look good on the shelf. Granted in about 10 minutes time Ill be terrorising the dog with it again.