Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The one with some fire alarm action!

Dont worry about the fire, grab yer drums and geetar and lets tear it up

The onion hits Star Trek out of the park

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable'

The one with the real Wolverine

Well, it had to happen didnt it! FFS

The one after a bank holiday!

Bank Holidays are great (cue flashback to the Fast show)
I get a night off and as I'm watching the holiday count for the year, it doesn't detract from my annual leave. The only problem with Bank Holidays is as follows!

As soon as you wake up on the Monday morning, its over! Be it 7am or 2pm, the bank holiday is over! Well it is in my mind anyway. Sunday, is the real bank holiday, not the Monday! There should be a bank holiday every month! I’m sure it would put us all in a better mood…possibly.

My Monday was spent doing the following….

Read about Harry Knowles buying a Pacman potholder in Urban Outfitters. Subsequently went on Ebay and bought one as well. Awesomeness
Assisted the in-laws to be with an electronic issue
Debated buying an iMac for video work, knocked that on the head after looking at prices and reading articles about which is better
Wandering around Mahon Point after 5pm completely and utterly aimlessly.
Bought the paperback version of Jonathon Ross’s book.
Went into Tesco, and turned around 2ft into the store stating I couldn't be bothered, much to the delight of the wife to be
Bought €5 of pick n mix
Came home, suffered from internet withdrawal and read over 50 pages of Wossy’s book in a titanic toilet reading session
Struggled with pins and needles
Half fell down the stairs due to pins and needles
Went to shop, filled the fridge
Convinced wife to be that tonight should kick off the film history night
Ironically, Close Encounters of the third kind was on Sky+ Anytime in HD
Lit fire, dimmed lights, hit play on Close Encounters, ate dinner
Ate too much shit food after dinner, in turn demolishing any good work that was achieved on the health kick in the last few weeks
Kept pointing out epic shots that are engraved on popular culture when it came to Encounters
Wife to be didn't seem overly blown away with Encounters
Went to bed when it was over
Decided to go to bed as well
Wife to be reading, me reading
Me kept reading to constant turn off the light I have work in the morning
Eventually turned off the light, reached for iPod to go surfing and remembered it was charging
Went to sleep

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