Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The one with sausage snobbery amongst other things

Like many things in this blog, this post may seem a bit "out there". But it makes sense, like every other post!

Its been suggested that I explain my sausage snobbery at length on the blog. An elaboration of sorts. Over the last few years, Ive had a great love affair with cooking, and I still do. And when you start removing your pants to cook books and frying pans, you pay a bit more attention to the actual food you buy and cook with. So a while back I started paying attention to the pork content in sausages. For as long as I can remember, any oul pack of sausages would have been horsed into the shopping trolley. Then, when I started the love affair with spatulas and the likes, we started getting sausages that had 80% pork content. How can I describe the difference?

Well, take the movie I am Legend. NYC was a desolate, barren but relatively safeish place by day. Wander around at night and shit would pull your brains out through you belly button and eat them. Its that much of a difference. Night and day literally. In the taste, in the texture and so on. While the 80% pork content sausages may cost a few cent more, you should never buy anything less. If you cant get 80% pork content ones, then 75% is all you should settle for. Otherwise, forget it! So hopefully that explains my sausage snobbery! 80% or bust! Read the back of the feckin packets! So anyway, and I'm in no way associated with them, much love goes to the Princes St. butchers, O Donovans!

So what else is going on? Not much really, bar the painting fiasco. Painter organised for Saturday, fucker never turns up. No phone calls, nothing! Maybe his horse broke down. So I painted the damn room myself, which completely defeated the purpose of paying someone to do it. Either way, I wasnt tackling the stairs, hall and landing, as Im too lazy, once was enough. So a far more reliable painter was organised and he done a good job yesterday. Only thing is, I had to get the paint made up for the size of the stairs etc. and when you get it made up, its never, ever exactly the same. 2 hours were spent until 3 am debating whether there was a tint of yellow in the damn thing, and yes there is. So

And on a final note, my producer, Eimear bought herself a nice, new 450D Canon in Merica, and took this rather good shot. I normally dont look as happy :) And yes, that is one of the cooler t-shirts around!

Rock on...or something!