Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The one with my best of 2007

Well, its over. Too much of everything as usual :) Im gonna be in Light tonight with Phil. 2 Rooms, 2 DJS, Doors 11pm! And as it tradition on the blog around this time of the year, here ya go!!!!!

Movies I fancied this year:

Bourne Ultimatium - Im slowly but surely becoming a Matt Damon fan

Transformers - The trailer led me to believe that there would be mass slaying of the human race, but that aside, a big ass popcorn flick. Trucks that turn into robots, what more do you want

Simpsons Movie - I know plenty of you hated it, but from someone who now enjoys Family guy more than Homer and Co, this was a bit of a trip down memory boreen, when the Simpsons was great

Superbad - What can be said! McLoving all the way!!!!

This is England - Enjoyable

The Departed - It took a second watch of this in HD for me to lovingly want to bend it over! Great flick!!!

300 - Gore, gore and rippling torsos. And the whole thing looked amazing as well!

Live Free or Die Hard - John McClane doing what he does best. Blowing up helicopters with cars. No brainer, enjoyable!

Ratatouille - Superb!! Pixar does it again!

Grindhouse - That Tarantino and Rodriguez flick. Sure alot of people didnt get the 2 flicks back to back, but I enjoyed it!

Music I fancied this year:
Too many to mention to be honest, but anything with Dave Grohl attached seemed to go down well! It might not be recent, but the Dropkick Murphys with Im shipping up to Boston has been on constant repeat on the Ipod

Video games I fancied this year:

Halo 3 - Great single player campaign and the multiplayer was like some real cheap, hot ass, suck a golf ball through a hose hooker. Ya just kept coming back for more

PGR4 - I loved PGR3 and this tickled the cockels of my feet as well.

Assasins Creed - Love it or Loathe it, this is one video game I nearly did take to bed. A bit easy, but savage none the less

Zelda on the DS

Track and Field on Xbox Live Arcade

Uncharted on PS3 - Drop dead gorgeous!

Moments of the year on a personal level:
Well its gotta be the moment I got down on one knee in Central Park and proposed to my soulmate!
As cheesy as it may sound, dining at Gordon Ramsays in NYC. Im still looking at the $500 odd bill!
I really enjoyed the the first ever Cork Talks Back with Victor Barry Too Close and Personal. The listener Q&A that we held in the Crane Lane.

Highlights of the year from Cork Talks Back
Way too many to mention! On a lighter note, my battle of the local politicians during Xmas week was definitely something worth mentioning and of course my interview with Kevin Smith!

TV I fancied this year:
Family Guy, Rescue Me, The very last episode of the Sopranos, Top Gear, The Long way Down and most things on Sky HD