Monday, July 06, 2009

The one with Michael Jackson's arcade


The one with the killer snot

Over the weekend, the remains of the gunk stuck in my head started to come out, finally! Either way, at one point a snot climbed out of my right nostril and attached itself to my right cheek. As you do, I toyed with the idea of not legging it to the jacks and instead, removing it by hand. But, the decision to get some bog roll was quickly taken. So upon removing it, it stretched for at least 2 feet. No big deal there really, well actually there is. Fuck it! Its a 2 foot snot.

Upon dragging it out, it felt like it was attached to my brain and eye ball as I felt all funny and could literally feel it dragging around my skull! I hope your day is going well! As for my day, well mine snot so bad! Sorry couldn't resist!